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FPA members from across the United States, 

traveled to Louisville, Ky to celebrate 75 years of 

premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education, r 






FFA advisors eagerly wait in line to register their members for the convention. 


The 2003 National FFA Convention Proceedings is 
published by the National FFA Organization as a record 
of its annual convention held in Louisville, Ky., October 
29-November 1, 2003. 


Nicole Bishop, Indiana 

Associate Editors 
Marie Franko, Montana 
Chad McLeod, Florida 

Photo Editor 

Nicole Bishop, Indiana 

Art Director 

Cindy Kelley, Indiana 

Photo Processors 

Emily Rhoades, Florida 
Kelley Yates, Kentucky 


Sam Harrel, Alaska 
Wales Hunter, Kentucky 
Kelly Rogers, Minnesota 
Ed Zurga, Kansas 

Cover photo by Kelly 


2003-2004 National Officers 80 

Agri-Entrepreneurship Awards 10 

Agriscience Fair 15 

Agriscience Student Recognition Program ....14 

Agriscience Teacher of the Year 15 

Alumni Convention 58-59 

American FFA Degrees 28-37 

Band 21 

Career Development Events 18-19 

Career Show & Hall of States 62 

Exhibitors 63 

Chorus 22 

Committee Reports 68-75 

Convention Overview 1-5 

Convention Speakers 40-41 

Courtesy Corps 64 

Creed Speaking CDE 12 

Distinguished Service Citations 60 

Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE 13 

Foundation Sponsors 60-61 

Honorary American FFA Degrees 56-57 

H.O. Sargent Awards 16 

Membership Recognition 54 

National Chapter Awards 52-53 

National Officer Candidates 20 

Official Delegates 65-67 

Prepared Public Speaking CDE 11 

Proficiency Awards 24-27 

Reliving the FFA Legacy 17 

Retiring Addresses 

Tim Hammerich 38-39 

Seth Heinert 42-43 

J.J. Jones 44-45 

Julie Tyson 46-47 

Joel McKie 48-49 

Dustin A.G. Clark 50-51 

Stars Over America 6-9 

Talent 23 

VIP Citations 55 

Living the Legacy 

An all-time record 
51,338 teachers, students 
and guests poured into 
Freedom Hall in Louisville, 
Ky., Oct. 29-Nov. 1, to take 
part in the 75 th 
anniversary celebration of 
the nation's premier youth 
leadership organization. 
FFA members from all 50 
states, Puerto Rico and the 
Virgin Islands attended the 
2003 National FFA 
Convention to celebrate 
the FFA legacy of student 

"It's absolutely awesome 
to see the tens of thousands 
of FFA members here," said 
Audra Usdowski of the 
Lake Hamilton FFA 
Chapter in Arkansas. 

FFA members attended 
convention sessions, 
listened to motivational 
speakers, participated in 
career development events 
(CDEs) and toured the 
career show. Through 
different activities and 
events, members were 
constantly challenged to 
draw on past FFA successes 
while building a legacy of 
their own. 

Before the convention 
began, 37 national officer 
candidates arrived in 
Louisville to start the long- 
awaited screening process 
that would determine the 
next six national officers 
who would lead the FFA. 
Along with the officer 
candidates, 475 delegates 

Patriotism was strong at this year's convention, as members made new 
friends from all regions of the country. 




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embers were entertame 

d and inspired at each convention session. 

Living the Legacy 


Roller coasters, music, food and fun awaited those who took advantage of the FFA at Six Flags event. 

Hey, batter, batter! Louisville offers many exciting attractions to tour during 
convention, one of which is the famous Louisville Slugger Museum. 

representing all 52 associations were on the 
scene early to discuss possible changes to 
the FFA constitution. 

In celebration of 75 years of success, FFA 
released a book at convention called Blue 
Jackets, Gold Standards - 75 years of living the 
FFA legacy. The book, written by Paul 
Miner, outlines FFA origins and history and 
explains the programs that have enabled 
FFA to build such a strong heritage. 

National convention officially kicked off 
Wednesday afternoon with two Reflections 
sessions, emphasizing the FFA legacies of 
the past and hopes for the future. National 
FFA Advisor Larry Case told students that 
FFA principles — premier leadership, 
personal growth and career success — are 
timeless and will always be part of the lives 
of FFA members. "It is time to live the 
legacy that has been handed down to us," 
Case said. 

Living the Legacy 

FFA members embraced that 
legacy as they competed in a 
vast field of CDEs. Public 
speaking, parliamentary 
procedure, judging 
competitions and many other 
events gave students the 
opportunity to display skills 
and knowledge gained from the 
agriculture classroom. 

Convention sessions were full 
of action and excitement as 
FFA members packed the seats 
of Freedom Hall. Session 
themes revolved around 
specific legacies that are 
integral to the past and future 
of FFA, including progress, 
innovation, partnership, 
service, leadership and career 
success. The opening laser 
show, accompanied by a video 
highlighting FFA legacies, was 
a hit with members and 
pumped them up for each 

Top FFA members were 
recognized onstage for their 
achievements, honoring the 
rich tradition of FFA leadership 
and accomplishments. The 
Stars Over America Pageant 
featured this year's American 
Star Farmer, American Star in 
Agribusiness, American Star in 
Agricultural Placement and 
American Star in Agriscience. 
National award winners for 
each of the 48 proficiency areas 
were presented with plaques 
and scholarships, and winners 
of the 23 individual and team 
CDEs were recognized. 

FFA members also took part 
in a variety of leadership and 

A year of preparation and hard work came to fruition for members participating 
in career development events. 

One of the best things about convention, are the shared memories. 

Living the Legacy 

Convention-goers found some great gifts and souvenirs at the 
Shopping Mall. 

These FFA members are aiming to become great leaders at an 
experiential training session sponsored by Cargill as a special 
project of the National FFA Foundation. 

personal development workshops. Hosted 
by former national officers, FFA members 
and other presenters, the workshops gave 
attendees the chance to build leadership 
skills and take new ideas back to their 

During the week, guest speakers 
provided students with thought-provoking 
words of encouragement and motivation. 

"Listening to the motivational speakers 
is what I look forward to the most at 
national convention," said Jed Michal of 
the Flagler FFA Chapter in Colorado. 
"The speakers offer great advice, tell 
funny stories and relate their experience 
to FFA." 

Lowell Catlett, a professor at New 
Mexico State University, entertained 
students with a message on how 

technology is changing the way society 
lives and works. Former basketball player 
Chad Varga shared details of his troubled 
past and encouraged FFA members to 
overcome obstacles. Robin Roberts, an 
anchor for ABC's "Good Morning 
America," reflected on her experiences as 
an athlete and reporter and how she was 
able to rise to success. National Guard 
Staff Sergeant Christopher Stone inspired 
students with a story of survival and 
patriotism as he recounted the days he 
spent as a prisoner of war in the Former 
Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. 

Outside the sessions, one of the most 
popular convention spots was the career 
show. With more than 340 organizations 
represented, the South Wing of Freedom 
Hall was packed with displays from 

Living the Legacy 

businesses, universities and other 
organizations. FFA members filled 
the building as they mingled in 
the aisles, talking to 
representatives and participating 
in different games and activities. 

Students once again proved 
that talent runs deep in the FFA. 
The National FFA Band and 
Chorus entertained members 
during sessions and presented a 
special concert Friday night. The 
band opened several sessions with 
a powerful rendition of the 
national anthem, and the chorus 
enthusiastically sang new songs 
and old favorites such as "Bridge 
Over Troubled Water." At the 
talent show, members showcased 
individual talents with acts that 
included piano tunes, country 
music songs and dances. 

After 75 years of establishing 
legacies, FFA members showed 
they still know how to have fun. 
Looking to add adventure to the 
national convention experience, 
some students headed over to Six 
Flags Kentucky Kingdom to enjoy 
roller coasters and other thrill 
rides, while others had a ball at 
dances on Thursday and Friday 

To conclude convention, FFA 
repeated a time-honored tradition 
by selecting a new national 
officer team to lead the 
organization in the coming year. 
From start to finish, the 2003 
National FFA Convention 
reminded members of past FFA 
achievements and challenged 
them to embrace opportunities of 
the future — truly living the 


Jimmie Lea Black accompanied the National FFA Band with a beautiful 
sign language interpretation of the "Star Spangled Banner. " 

Members cheered the daring feats of the bull riders at the Bidl Bash , one 
of convention's most popular attractions . 

Stars Over America 


On Friday evening, 16 members were recognized as finalists for 
the Stars Over America awards for outstanding achievements int 
their respective supervised agricultural experience programs (SAEs). 
The Star awards recognize students who have developed outstanding 
agricultural competencies, demonstrated remarkable management 
skills, earned the American FFA Degree and met other academic 
and leadership requirements. 

Each finalist receives $1000 from the National FFA 
Foundation and has the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica. Only 
one in each of the four areas emerges from the interviews as a Star: 
Star Farmer, Star in Agribusiness, Star in Agricultural Placement 
and Star in Agriscience. 

Orrin Holle 
Atwood FFA 
Oberlin, Kansas 

It may sound strange, but the winner of the 2003 American Star Farmer 
award has never purchased a cow. Rather, Holle has found it cheaper to pur- 
chase and breed yearling heifers, watching a cow's value increase to $1,100, 
with the cost of raising the cow totaling only $650. Holle's operation now con- 
sists of more than 100 feeder calves and 900 acres of farm ground, an outstand- 
ing growth from only two calves he purchased when he was 12. 

Chad V. Ledbetter 
Morris FFA 
Okmulgee, Oklahoma 

Instead of the traditional birthday 
presents, Ledbetter's grandfather 
gave him cows and cow-calf pairs. By 
the time Ledbetter entered high 
school, his herd numbered more 
than 60 head. Today, he operates a 
diversified farm with more than 
1 ,000 cattle and thousands of acres 
of cropland. 

In a farming partnership with his 
father, he retains his own trucks, 
trailers, combine, tractor and grain 
equipment. The farm yields 105,000 
bushels of corn, 35,000 bushels of 
soybeans and 42,000 bushels of 
wheat yearly. 


Michael N. Brooks 
Woodstown FFA 
Elmer, New Jersey 

As an eighth-generation farmer, 
Brooks is able to draw experience 
from his family farming operation 
and membership in FFA to turn an 
ordinary job into an entrepreneurial 

Brooks' skills and knowledge have 
given him the ability to raise veg- 
etable crops for a profit while 
expanding his acreage in an area of 
the country known for urban 
encroachment and high land values. 
He used the proceeds from his veg- 
etable operation to establish an agri- 
cultural trucking company to trans- 
port farm products. 

Michael Wellens 
Chaska FFA 
Carver, Minnesota 

Wellens quickly learned that 
education plays a large role in the 
success of a farming operation after 
he watched his own enterprise grow 
from seven soybean acres at the time 
he entered high school to more than 
600 acres last year. Not only did his 
acreage increase, but Wellens' 
agricultural efficiencies grew as well. 
He has learned to market 
commodities and recognize the 
importance of analyzing records to 
make future decisions. 

Stars Over America 

Star in Agribusiness 

Members receiving their American FFA Degree may he eligible to 
compete for the American Star in Agribusiness award. The award 
winner should posess a successful agribusiness career and outstanding 
leadership skills. 

Joshua Alan Zeithamer of Alexandria, Minn, was recognized as this 
year's American Star in Agribusiness. 

'~~3 j 

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1 3- ^TEj 


Joshua Alan Zeithamer 
Alexandria FFA 
Alexandria, Minnesota 

Because a large number of communities have banned fertilizers containing 
phosphorus, Zeithamer found a niche market in Minnesota. Today, Bio Builder 
Inc. manufactures and distributes specialty phosphorus-free fertilizers and per- 
forms other agronomic services. 

In 2001, he used his fertilizer concept to begin creating mixtures that pro- 
vide outstanding growing results for his professional customers. Zeithamer took 
the fertilizer concept one step further by formulating the mixture completely 
out of renewable resources from Minnesota. His company also offers wholesale 
grass seed and erosion control products to complement its fertilizer sales. 

Jay Henricks 
Laverne FFA 
Laverne, Oklahoma 

Travis E. Wolf 
Spencer FFA 
Marshfield, Wisconsin 

Mark Haseley 
Bremen FFA 
Bremen, Indiana 

Henricks has made great achieve- 
ments as a custom cattle buyer and 
the operator of a fence building and 
farm services business. As a cattle 
buyer for numerous clients, Henricks 
has watched his volume grow from 
$100,000 to nearly $2 million. His 
2002 volume reached almost 14,000 
head of cattle purchased tor his 
clients and 2,800 hours processing 
the animals. Henricks has learned 
that reputation is the best advertise- 
ment, and he helieves that his foun- 
dation of reputation and trust stems 
from his involvement in FFA. 

As the co-owner of T&T Quality 
Cutting, a sawmill partnership with 
his brother, Wolf is living his dream 
of running a business taught to him 
hy his father. 

He has seen his clientele grow 
from just 10 in the first year to more 
than 35 today. In addition, his pro- 
ductivity has increased from 4,000 
cut board feet the first year to more 
than 20,000 board feet annually. 

"I know that in the future, all my 
hard work and dedication will pay 
off and help me in life," Wolf said. 

When Haseley hegan researching 
sales and service opportunities in his 
community, he had to look no fur- 
ther than skills he learned on his 
own farm. After recognizing a need, 
he formed a partnership to provide 
ditching and drainage services. 

The business has steadily grown 
with 60 jobs completed last year, and 
the success of the partnership has led 
him to make plans to buy out his 
partners' shares so he can operate 
the business full-time. 

Stars Over America 


Star in Agricultural Placement 

The Star in Agricultural Placement award recognizes a student who 
has an outstanding SAE in placement in the agricultural industry and 
is active in FFA. 

This year's Star in Agricultural Placement winner is Erik Blaser of 
Gillett, Wis. 

Erik Blaser 
Oconto Falls FFA 
Gillett, Wisconsin 

Blaser knows that life as a dairy farmer is hard work — he's been 
performing those responsibilities since he was a young boy. Today, the 22-year- 
old has logged more than 10,000 hours of career placement work since he 
£ began keeping FFA records four years ago. Blaser works side by side with dairy 
| industry professionals such as the farm's veterinarian to increase productivity 
jjj on the family farm. 

| "Having the opportunity to work with them to help our farm 
| succeed allowed me to question them on what dairy farming and agriculture 
were beyond the boundaries of our farm," Blaser commented. 

Chelsea Daniel 

Tolles Technical Center FFA 

Hillard, Ohio 

Jordan Parsons 
Porterville FFA 
Ducor, California 

'3» ^ 


Josh St. Peters 
Greenville FFA 
Greenville, Illinois 

A passing interest in pet care soon 
turned into a career track for Daniel, 
who has logged thousands of hours 
in her experience program since 
beginning her work in pet styling. 
Her skills and knowledge have given 
her the ability to build a base of 
clients and manage their expecta- 
tions. With 90 percent of Daniels' 
clients being repeat business, she has 
surpassed her growth goal of 50 regu- 
lar clients with more than 130 
clients, a 260 percent growth. 

Upon entering high school, 
Parsons met with his father and agri- 
science instructor to draw up formal 
plans that laid the groundwork tor his 
project of managing the harvesting 
operations and client interaction for 
Parsons Farm Service, which harvests 
nearly 15,000 acres of grain and seed 
crops each year, and Knuckles Ranch. 

During peak harvesting season, 
Parsons works up to 100 hours per 
week and can be found on harvesting 
equipment or routinely performing 
maintenance in the field. He is also 
sprayer certified after completing 
required pesticide applicator courses. 

A college junior, St. Peters has 
already begun to make a name for 
himself by logging hundreds of hours 
as a communications professional for 
prestigious outlets such as WGN of 
Chicago, through which his voice 
has been broadcast to thousands of 
listeners across the United States. 
St. Peters used his work experience 
to build media contacts in the indus- 
try. "These people aided me in pursu- 
ing bigger opportunities that led to 
my college education in agricultural 
communications and my decision to 
make this agricultural experience 
into a professional career," he said. 

Stars Over America 

Star in Agriscience 

An outstanding agriscience-hased SAE, relating to natural resources, 
research/experimentation or science-hased directed lahs, is essential for 
the Star in Agriscience award winner. The recipient should also have 
an active FFA career. 

This year's Star in Agriscience award went to Amanda Beyer of 
Waupaca, Wis. 


Amanda Beyer 
Waupaca FFA 
Waupaca, Wisconsin 

Alarmed by the decline of many animal species, Beyer was motivated to 
research and educate others about animal conservation. Her desire to protect 
native habitats has taken her across the globe, with trips to Central America 
and New Zealand. 

The University of Wisconsin student currently serves as county coordinator 
for the Waupaca County Bluebird Restoration Association. Beyer's skills and 
knowledge have given her the ability to read the signs that aid in scientific 
research as she observes animals in their natural environment. 

-* -'■ 


Alison Wohlgemuth 
Kingsburg FFA 
Kingsburg, California 

While most undergraduate 
research positions are reserved for 
students in their junior and senior 
years, that didn't deter underclass- 
man Wohlgemuth from applying and 
being accepted for a job at the 
University of California, where she is 
majoring in agricultural education. 

Her skills and knowledge have 
given her the ability to perform 
genetic transfers with a variety of 
citrus fruits. She is responsible for 
entire experiment sections at the 
UC- Davis Pomology Lab and has 
seen accountability grow in her job. 

Melinda K. Swanson 
Stillwater FFA 
Stillwater, Minnesota 

A high school agriscience project 
and a volunteer study program were 
all that Swanson needed to prompt 
her to enter natural resources as a 
career path. 

Although many students at her 
high school had tried to repair a dys- 
functional 500-gallon aquatic tank 
system, only Swanson overcame the 
challenge. The endeavor lit a fire 
that led her to major in biology and 
chemistry in college. 

Swanson now performs university 
research at the Lake Superior 
Research Institute and the Caribbean 
Coral Reef Studies program spon- 
sored by the government of Belize. 

f it ^ ™ 

Ryan Brunner 

Newell FFA 

Nisland, North Dakota 

During four years of high school, 
Brunner logged nearly 600 hours of 
directed laboratory experiments on 
plant growth and health projects on 
global positioning system (GPS) 

Growing up on his family farm 
also gave him the background to 
determine the effects of fertilizer 
leaching on soil, and he has incorpo- 
rated correct handling of agricultural 
chemicals, which aids in accurate 
experimental measurements. 
Brunner also mastered operation of 
GPS equipment and created a class- 
room curriculum for his agriscience 

Agri-Entrepreneurship Awards 

Sponsored by and in partnership 
with the Kauffman Center for 
Entrepreneurial Leadership at 
the Ewing Marion Kauffman 
Foundation as a special project 
of the National FFA Foundation. 

National Agri-Entrepreneurship finalist Lindsey 
Towson was honored with a $1000 scholarship. 

The Agri-Entrepreneurship Award Program 
gives FFA members a head start in developing 
business skills as they create their own agricultural 
enterprises involving production agriculture, food, 
fiber, the environment and natural resources. The 
program emphasizes innovation and encourages 
members to be creative in their business endeav- 
ors. From the state finalists, 10 national finalists 
are selected, and each receives a $1,000 scholar- 
ship. Recipients of the award either have started 
their own business or have plans to start one soon. 
The enterprises of this year's award recipients, 
ranging from a corn maze to an exotic petting zoo, 
are excellent examples of diversity and creativity 
in the agricultural industry. The program is a joint 
project between the National FFA Organization 
and the U.S Department of Education. 

Michael Biel of Randolph, Wis., owns 
and operates Bid's Trapping and Wildlife 
Service. Biel decided to build a business 
on activities that he had always enjoyed 
- hunting and trapping. Biel offers his 
services to local landowners. These serv- 
ices include removing muskrats, rac- 
coons, squirrels and other wildlife from 
private property. In addition to the 
income generated from the landowners, 
Biel has developed a second income 
stream by processing and selling the pelts 
of the animals he traps. 

Kelsey Deaton of Troy, Ohio, owns and 
operates Deaton's Corn Maze. Deaton 
launched the business after visiting a 
maze in the fall of 2001. She researched 
the possibilities and rented land from her 
parents to start her project. In addition to 
the eight-acre maze, Deaton's customers 
are also offered tractor-pulled hayrides 
and a visit to a farmer's market, which 
offers pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn and 
fall flowers. Deaton also provides a camp- 
fire for guests to relax around, adding fur- 
ther enjoyment to their evenings. In her 
first season, Deaton hosted approximately 
1,200 guests. 

Travis Gottschalk of Kimball, Minn., 
owns and operates TNT Restoration in 
partnership with his brother, Trevor. 
Together, the brothers restore antique 
tractors. Both have exceptional 
mechanical and restoration skills that 
have allowed them to be successful in 
their partnership. Gottschalk completed 
his first tractor restoration at the tender 
age of 11. By the time he was 14, he and 
his brother were in business. Because of 
his skills and knowledge base, Travis has 
been invited to speak at tractor restora- 
tion seminars throughout the country. 

Tyler Holder of Childress, Texas, owns 
and operates Holder Wildlife 
Management Services, a business that 
removes wild hogs and other pests from 
farmers' and ranchers' fields. The idea for 
developing this business came when wild 
hogs rooting around in the soil and 
uprooting the plants damaged a neigh- 
bor's crop. Holder devised a live trap and 
launched the business. He charges prop- 
erty owners for wildlife removal, and 
then markets the animals through a local 

Megan McElfresh of Sutton, Neb., owns 
and manages McElfresh Weimaraners. 
After brainstorming ways to pay for col- 
lege, McElfresh settled on producing and 
marketing purebred puppies. She pur- 
chased two females and began a breeding 
program. Initially, she advertised her 
puppies locally and by taking them to 
area ball games. With the help of the 
Internet and regional newspaper adver- 
tising, McElfresh has expanded her busi- 
ness and now sells to customers through- 
out the United States. 

Wravenna Phipps of Kearney, Neb., 
owns and operates Shear Madness, a 
business that specializes in grooming 
exotic animals such as llamas and 
alpacas. Prior to launching this business, 
Phipps worked for a similar business to 
develop her skills and understanding of 
the industry. Phipps concentrates her 
marketing efforts at exotic animal sales, 
shows and fairs. She takes great pride in 
grooming an animal before a show or sale 
and helping its owners show each animal 
to its greatest advantage. 

Cole Reeves of Salado, Texas, owns and 
manages Noah's Way Exotic Petting Zoo. 
When Reeves entered the agriculture 
program, he had a few exotic animals 
along with some goats and sheep. Reeves' 
operation began when his father was 
asked to provide some animals for a Texas 
theme day at a local school. Within a 
week, Reeves had received numerous 
requests and decided to develop a mobile 
petting zoo. Over time, Reeves has grown 
his business by marketing the services he 
provides to fairs and shows as well as 
other event organizers. He is a member of 
the Louisiana and Texas Fairs and 
Festivals Association and attends their 
annual trade shows. In addition, he sends 
information to area chambers of com- 
merce, schools and churches offering his 
mobile petting zoo service. 

Eric Schroeder of Cambridge, Wis., owns 
and operates Schroeder Fur Processing. 
Prior to starting this business, Schroeder 
worked for North American Fur Auctions 
(NAFA), one of the largest fur auction 
houses in the world. Schroeder recog- 
nized an opportunity when he became 
aware of individuals who had pelts in 
need of processing. Since NAFA only 
accepted processed furs, Schroeder took 
on the challenge of providing fur-process- 
ing services. Schroeder removes the hides 
from the carcasses, and then combs them 
out to remove any foreign material that 
might be present in the fur. Once this is 
accomplished, each pelt is stretched and 
dried. Schroeder prices his services by 
species and whether or not the hide has 
been removed from the animal prior to 

Matthew Sloan of Mabel, Minn., owns 
and manages Carpo Diem Fitting, a busi- 
ness that provides fitting and grooming 
services for the dairy cattle industry. 
Sloan works with cattle at a variety of 
different levels, varying from county fairs 
to national and world shows. His primary 
task is clipping the animals to camou- 
flage any flaws and present the animal in 
its most ideal state. Sloan also serves as a 
herdsman while traveling with the cattle 
and is responsible for their nutritional 
needs, comfort, handling, milking, med- 
ical concerns, hygiene and exercise. 

Lindsey Towson of Titton, Ga., owns and 
operates Musings and Things, a business 
focused on providing educational games 
to teachers. Her first product is an agricul- 
tural education game called Wordbinder. 
Based on the game Taboo, Wordbinder is 
designed for use in conjunction with the 
Georgia Agricultural Education 
Curriculum. The words used in the game 
have been taken from the curriculum as 
well as textbooks used to support the cur- 
riculum. Teachers can use the game as a 
whole-class activity to reinforce a lesson, 
unit or a series of units. Towson markets 
her games by attending and exhibiting at 
teacher conferences. 


Prepared Public Speaking CDE 

Sponsored by Rosen's Diversified 
Inc. and the National FFA 

The poised and polished group 
of speakers who compete in the 
National FFA Prepared Public 
Speaking CDE spend countless 
hours researching, writing and 
memorizing. To these FFA 
members, such efforts are an 
opportunity to develop strong 
written and oral communication 
skills that will be used through- 
out the rest of their lives. 
Contestants begin honing their 
abilities almost a year before 
national convention, as they 
advance through local, regional 
and state competitions. 

After much preparation and 
rehearsal, finalists arrive ready 
to present their speeches, struc- 
tured according to guidelines set 
by the National FFA 
Organization. All contestants 
are required to speak on agricul- 
ture-related topics and present a 
six- to eight-minute speech 
before a panel of judges. Along 
with scoring the actual manu- 
scripts, judges grade the speakers 
on factors such as voice quality, 
articulation and confidence. At 
the end, each speaker has five 
minutes to respond to questions 
from the judges. 

Abby Kirkbride was named the national prepared public 
speaking winner on stage during the seventh general session. 

Abby Kirkbride 
Chugwater High School FFA 

Abby Kirkbride won the 2003 
National FFA Prepared Public 
Speaking CDE. Kirkbride com- 
peted against four finalists for 
the title. Her speech, "A 
Paradise Desert — The Challenge 
of Water in the West" describes 
the role agriculture plays in con- 
serving water and the environ- 
ment. Below is an excerpt of her 

"Pristine, Untouched, life giv- 
ing and stunning are all words 
that come to my mind when I 
think of our family hike to the 
headwaters of the Green River 
several years ago on vacation in 
Wyoming's Wind River moun- 
tain range. Never in my life 
have I seen an area of such natu- 
ral beauty and riches. Yet almost 
200 years ago, Major Stephen H. 
Long described the same area of 
the country as, "almost wholly 
unfit for cultivation, and of 

course uninhabitable by a people 
depending on agriculture for sub- 
sistence." So, whose perception 
is correct? Are we living in a 
paradise or a desert? The answer 
is both. Although the West is an 
area of unsurpassed uniqueness, 
we are beginning to realize that 
we are at the mercy of the one 
substance that allows us to 
thrive in this part of the coun- 
try: water. In a changing world 
we are faced with some serious 
questions about the future of 
water in the west, and how agri- 
culture fits into this altering pic- 
ture — " 

"With such adverse conditions 
facing water in the west, what 
can be done to achieve stability? 
I see there being three steps to 
begin correcting our situa- 
tion " " None of these steps, 

however, need to be taken at the 
expense of agriculture. The gen- 


eral public often forgets the 
genuine claim agriculture has 
on water, and instead see the 
industry as water-greedy and 
conservation-shy. As agricultur- 
alists, it is up to us to change 
this perception, and ensure we 
have water in the years to 

A full copy of Kirkhride's 
speech will be available through 
the Agricultural Education 
Resources Catalog after 
February 1 , 2004- 


Creed Speaking CDE 

Sponsored by CHS and Papa John's International Inc. 
as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. 

"I believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith 
born not of words but of deeds. 

This powerful phrase begins the FFA Creed, which 
has been read and recited by countless FFA members 
spanning generations since its adoption 73 years ago. 
The creed speaking CDE provides new members in 
grades seven through nine with the opportunity to 
gain experience in public speaking, as well as develop 
a richer understanding of the creed itself and its 
importance to the organization. 

This year's winner was Emily Eddy of Tulare, Calif. 
She was one of 46 members who competed in the 

Emily Eddy won the National FFA Creed Speaking CDE 
for her presentation and knowledge of the FFA Creed. 

Emily Eddy 

Tulare Western High School FFA 



Extemporaneous Public 
Speaking CDE 

Sponsored by American Farm 
Bureau Federation as a special 
project of the National FFA 

In the extemporaneous public speaking competition, students are 
given 30 minutes to prepare a four- to six-minute speech on an agricul- 
tural topic and then are asked to answer a series of questions from 
judges. The 2003 National FFA Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE 
winner was Hailey Wilmer, of the Park FFA Chapter in Livingston, 
Mont., whose topic was, "Designer Crops: Sowing Seeds for Specific 
End Uses." 

In her speech, Wilmer stated, "As we plant the seeds of the future — 
these soybeans, which have been modified, and other crops, such as 
golden rice — we are planting the seeds of change. We are changing our 
minds. We are using our imagination to improve our existence. We are 
stepping into the future with optimism." 

Hailey Wilmer's knowledge of the agricultural 

industry and her presentation skills earned her the 
title of national extemporaneous public speaking 

Hailey Wilmer 
Park FFA Chapter 

Through FFA, students have the opportunity to 
strengthen their communication skills and present 
themselves in a professional manner. FFA provides 
a variety of career development events (CDEs) that 
offer members this experience. 

In the extemporaneous public speaking CDE, 
members select a speech topic from three randomly 
picked topics. These topics are selected from 12 pos- 
sible issues in the areas of agriscience and technology; 
agrimarketing and international agricultural rela- 
tions; food and fiber systems; and urban agriculture. 
Members are then given 30 minutes to prepare a 
four- to six-minute speech. A panel of judges asks 
them a series of questions related to the topic as well. 

Through this speaking event, students are chal- 
lenged to demonstrate their knowledge on a given 
topic with little preparation or practice. Members 
show their ability to persuasively, efficiently and 
effectively present their message. 

The 2003 National FFA Extemporaneous Public 
Speaking CDE winner was Hailey Wilmer, of the 
Park FFA Chapter in Livingston, Mont., whose 
topic was, "Designer Crops: Sowing Seeds for 
Specific End Uses." 

In her speech, Wilmer stated, "As we plant the 
seeds of the future — these soybeans, which have 
been modified, and other crops, such as golden 
rice — we are planting the seeds of change. We are 
changing our minds. We are using our imagination 
to improve our existence. We are stepping into the 
future with optimism." 


Agriscience Student 
Recognition Program 

Grant Lewis was thrilled when he was named the 2003 
Agriscience Student of the Year. 

Sponsored by Monsanto as a special project of the National FFA 

Grant A. Lewis' interest in alternative fossil fuels paid off at 
national convention. Lewis, from the Delavan FFA Chapter in 
Illinois, was named the 2003 Agriscience Student of the Year. This 
award goes to students who demonstrate exceptional research skills 
through projects involving agriscience and the application of 
knowledge gained from agriculture classes. 

Lewis focused his project on the effect of ethanol in small engines 
and the most efficient way to use the substance. He found that using 
ethanol in small engines improves their efficiency. Lewis has 
presented his findings to many organizations. 

This research is just one example of how FFA members practice 
real-world career skills through integrated agricultural education. 
Students are also evaluated on academic achievement and 
involvement in school and community activities. 

National Winner 

Grant Lewis 

Delavan FFA Chapter 


Advisor: Richard Lessen 


Megan Robblee 

Mt. Vernon FFA Chapter 


Advisors: Tim Knue, Randy 

Brown, Rick Kannely & Ricky 


National Finalists 

Laura Ayala 

Gait FFA Chapter 


Advisors: Hugh Mooney, Cheryl 
Reese, Chantell Alhiani, Carl 
Wright & Mark Feurhach 

Whitney Beck 

Pettisville FFA Chapter 


Advisor: John Poulson 

Julie Chelewski 

Rifle FFA Chapter 


Advisor: Leon Hanhardt 

Amy Garrison 

Lenawee Vo-Tech FFA Chapter 


Advisor: Ken Bollinger 

Mateusz Tomkowiak 

Chicago High School for 
Agricultural Sciences FFA 


Advisors: Lucille Shaw, Cynthia 
Sajid 6k Julie Reynolds 

Shalyne Van Worth 

North High Bakersfield FFA 

Advisor: Chris Dickson 


Agriscience Teacher of the Year 

Sponsored by Potash 
Corporation of Saskatchewan 
Inc. as a special project of the 
National FFA Foundation. 

Owen Mark Thomason, advi- 
sor of the Franklin County FFA 
Chapter in Carnesville, Ga., was 
named the 2003 Agriscience 
Teacher of the Year. This award 
was designed to recognize teach- 
ers who integrate applied science 
into their curriculum with excit- 
ing approaches. Finalists have 
developed innovative programs 
in food, environmental, animal, 
plant, soil and mechanical and 
engineering sciences. 

When Thomason noticed that 
the local community was chang- 
ing from traditional production 
agriculture to hobby farms, he 
looked for a new way to attract 
students to agricultural educa- 
tion. As part of his aquaculture 
program and with funding from a 
school-to-work grant, he now 
maintains a 30x60-foot green- 
house that can handle 12,000 
fish. This opportunity attracts 
nontraditional students with 
diverse perspectives to his class- 

"Students enter my class 
expecting the traditional cow, 
pig and crops curriculum," 
Thomason stated. "They leave 
knowing that experimentation, 
current events and analytical 
thinking are part of our progres- 
sive agricultural department." 

Thomason's dedication and 
teaching initiative earned him 
this honor, which was 
announced during an onstage 
presentation at convention. 

National Winner 

Owen Thomason 

Franklin County High School 
Carnesville, Georgia 
Administrator: William Howe 

National Finalists 

Carl Aakre 

Agricultural and Food Sciences Academy 

Little Canada, Minnesota 

Administrator: Becky Meyer 
Russell Graves 

Childress High School 

Childress, Texas 

Administrator: John Wilson 
Alan Taylor 

Owsley County High School 

Booneville, Kentucky 

Administrator: Earl Shuler 

The commitment, dedication and 
ingenuity Owen Thomason 
displayed while teaching in an 
agriscience classroom earned him 
recognition as the 2003 
Agriscience Teacher of the Year. 

Agriscience Fair 

Sponsored by Ford Motor Company Fund. 

Scholarships sponsored by Ford Motor Company Fund as a special project of the 
National FFA Foundation. 

New ideas, modern technology and agriculture abounded at the agriscience fair. FFA 
members put their minds in gear to develop agtiscience projects and experiments in 
one of five categories: botany, engineering, environmental sciences, zoology or bio- 
chemistry/microbiology/food science. Projects focused on scientific ptinciples and 
emerging technologies in agricultural enterprises. 

Members began working on their projects many months befote convention and won 
their respective state competitions. Through the fait, students often take theit under- 
standing and experience of agriscience to a highet level. With a mix of excitement and 
nerves, contestants responded to questions from judges who circled the room. 

"The agriscience fair gives you more opportunities to expand your knowledge," said 
Laura Hulman of the Navasota FFA Chapter in Texas. "It gives you problem-solving 
skills, too." 

Winners in each division received plaques and are eligible for scholarships. 

Category: Biochemistry/Microbiology/Food Science 
Division 1: Adam Judy - Moorfield Middle, WV 
Division 2: Nikki Schneider - West Central, 1A 
Division 3: Weston Meeter and Tyler Babbs - Taylorville, I 
Division 4: Lindsey Doyle and Tiffany Herrera - Samuel 
Clemens, TX 

Category: Botany 

Division 1: Rachel Sutter - Plymouth, OH 
Division 2: Janellc Williams - Bakersfield, CA 
Division 3: Amanda Browning and Alayna Siehman - 

Childress, TX 
Division 4: Krista Brown and Bridget Sloan - Delavan, 1L 

Category: Engineering 

Division 1 : Tyler Treptow - Weimar, TX 

Division 2: Grant Lewis - Delavan, IL 

Division 3: Jenna Davis and Samantha Gteathouse - Judson, TX 

Division 4: Dustin Crittenden and Kyle Baket - Winfield, KS 

Category: Environmental Sciences 

Division 1: Erin McFarland - Sumner, WA 

Division 2: Cortney Timmons - Byng, OK 

Division 3: Andrew McNair and Marisa Zozaya - Judson, TX 

Division 4: Rocky Latham and Heather Gardner - Gilmer, TX 

Category: Zoology 

Division 1 : Catherine Kuber - Clovis East, CA 

Division 2: Drew Sanning - Eldon, MO 

Division 3: Bethany Baitd and Branen Weade - Miami Trace, 

Division 4: Christina Bernal-Rigoli and Ed Carr - 

Amphitheater, AZ 


H.O. Sargent Awards 


^ Sponsored by Monsanto as a 
special project of the National 
FFA Foundation. 

As the National FFA 
Organization continues into the 
next 75 years, the H.O. Sargent 
Award is given to individuals 
who are "living the legacy" by 
developing ways to reach 
underrepresented groups who 
have not yet been able to 
experience agricultural education 
or the FFA. 

The award was reestablished in 
1995 to recognize the New 

Jamie Cano was one of two adults recogi\ized with the H.O. 
Sargent award for their active support and recognition of 
cultural diversity within their communities and agricultural 
education . 

Farmers of America (NFA) and 
their place in FFA history. The 
NFA was founded in 1928 by Dr. 
H.O. Sargent, who believed the 
time was right for an organization 
for African- American agriculture 

Jennifer Ann Woodward, of 
the South Rowan FFA Chapter 
in China Grove, N.C., was this 
year's member award winner. 
Woodward took action after 
discovering a group of students in 
her high school was being left 

out. Adjacent to an agriculture 
classroom was a room for 
mentally and physically disabled 
students. Wanting to get these 
students more involved, 
Woodward recruited fellow FFA 
members to serve as tutors and 
shared weekly agriculture lessons 
with them. Her commitment to 
include other FFA members in 
these efforts is breaking down 
barriers and misconceptions 
among her peers. 

Nonmembers who work to 
promote the ideals Sargent 
believed in are also eligible for 
recognition. Nonmember awards 
this year went to Jamie Cano, 
Russell Graves and Donald Lewis 

Cano, of Hillard, Ohio, was 
denied the opportunity to enroll 
in agricultural education in high 
school due to his ethnic 
background, but that didn't 
diminish his love for the subject 
or his belief in the importance of 
inclusion. Through his 
dedication, the associate professor 
at The Ohio State University 
began the Hispanic Action Plan. 

While teaching agricultural 
education at Childress High 
School in Texas, Graves revised 
the curriculum to center around 
communication and leadership 
skills. As a result, the program has 
grown from having only one 
female enrolled in 1993 to having 
full gender equity in the program 
today. The ethnic composition of 
the program has also grown, and 
now the diversity of the 
agriscience program mirrors that 
of the general school population. 

Reid, of Louisville, Ky., wanted 
to develop strategies to improve 
academic achievement of 
minorities. Agricultural 
education gave him the tools he 
needed to make this goal a 
reality. He designed a hands-on 
learning program to introduce 
students to agricultural education 
and agricultural careers. 

Jenifer Ann Woodward's service to 
others and commitment to diversity 
were recogriized when she was named 
2003 H.O. Sargent Award winner. 

H.O. Sargent 
Member Winner 

Jennifer Ann Woodward 

South Rowan FFA Chapter 
North Carolina 

National Finalists 

Amber Adams 

Tri-County FFA Chapter 

Cierra C. Alexander 

Coral Reef Senior FFA Chapter 

Brantrell Pastor 

Lincoln Secondary Alternative 

FFA Chapter 

National Recipients 

Jamie Cano 


Russell Graves 


Donald L. Reid 



Reliving the FFA Legacy 

Upon hearing the theme of 
the 2003 National FFA 
Convention, "Living the 
Legacy," many students may 
think of their parents or some 
other former member who has a 
faded blue corduroy jacket 
adorned with an emblem bear- 
ing the words "Vocational 
Agriculture" gently curving 
around its perimeter, rather than 
"Agricultural Education" as they 
read today. In fact, the FFA 

Blue Jackets 1 Gold Standards 


,, S29.95 

Ifelfve, refresh And « 
through hundreds 




FFA introduced a new commemorative 
book at this year's convention , Blue 
Jackets Gold Standards 

legacy incorporates both phrases, 
the old and the new. 
The National FFA 
Organization is constantly 
changing to reflect develop- 
ments in the agricultural indus- 
try, which has grown to encom- 
pass all aspects of agriculture, 
from production farming, 
agribusiness and forestry to 
biotechnology, marketing and 
food processing. As the field of 
agriculture continues to thrive, 
those who wear the blue jacket 
have a strong sense of what FFA 
is and where it is going, but 
many others have not been 
exposed to the organization's 
rich history. A new book will 
help tell the FFA story. 
As FFA celebrates its 75th 

anniversary, the organization has 
released the book Blue Jackets, 
Gold Standards, a chronicle of 
the FFA legacy. Author Paul 
Miner writes, "Blue Jackets , Gold 
Standards is not a history of the 
FFA; rather, it attempts to cap- 
ture the organization's spirit 
through remarks from the past, 
and through photos." 

Miner was never an FFA mem- 
ber; his first experience with FFA 
came while publicizing the 

Indiana State Fair. Later, when 
covering agricultural events for a 
farm paper, Miner and the FFA 
again crossed paths. On each 
occasion, he was impressed by 
the poise and confidence of the 
young leaders he met. 

The book was available for 
sale during convention in the 
shopping mall. Download an 
order form at www.mtpublish- or call 1-888-263-4702 
to purchase copies. 


Members explore the organization's history at the FFA museum, located in the Agricultural Career Show. 


Career Development Events 

Career development events (CDEs) provide FFA 
members with an opportunity to apply knowledge 
acquired in the classroom to real-life scenarios. 

CDEs help members 
develop critical think- 
ing, clear communica- 
tion and effective per- 
formance, and are one 
of the best ways for stu- 
dents to build leader- 
ship skills while learn- 
ing about the agricul- 
tural industry. 
Throughout the week, 
FFA members partici- 
pated in a wide variety 
of events, ranging from 
public speaking to poul- 
try evaluation. Results 
were announced at the 
end of the week and 
members were honored 
at award banquets. 
During the Saturday 
session, winning teams 
and individuals were 
recognized on stage for 
their efforts and accom- 

The environmental and natural resources CDE 
asks members to tackle national and international 
environmental issues. 

Agricultural Communications 

Sponsored by Successful Farming 
Winning Team: James Madison HS FFA, Texas — 
Joshua Anderson (advisor), Lauren Brown, Adam 
Wetz, Noelle Parris and Gina Munch 
High Individual: Fairbury Jr/Sr. HS FFA, 
Nebraska — Jennafer Glaesemann 

Agricultural issues Forum 

Sponsored by Elanco Animal Health , A Division of Eli 

Lilly & Co . 

Winning Team: James Madison HS FFA, Texas — 
Doak Stewart (advisor), Keri Bagley, Megan 
Walsh, Ashley Green, Erica Hawks, Joy Holland 
and Deanne Weinheimer 

Agricultural Mechanics 

Sponsored by Firestone Agricultural Tire 
Company /Bridgestone Firestone Trust Fund 
Winning Team: North Shelby HS FFA, Missouri — 

Harold Eckler (advisor), Gina Eckler, Andrew 

Mann and Jordan Yoder 
High Individual: Russell-Tyler-Ruthton HS FFA, 

Minnesota — Cody Nelson 

Agricultural Sales 

Sponsored by Monsanto Company 

Winning Team: Troy HS FFA, Missouri — Doyle 

Justus (advisor), Megan Fox, Jenna Van Beek, 

Michelle Schisler and Jamie Nichols 
High Individual: Branch Area Career Ctr FFA, 

Michigan — Doug Albright 


Sponsored by Bayer CropScience 
Winning Team: Pleasant Hope HS FFA, 
Missouri — Jeff Voris (advisor), Joey Stokes, 
Jordan Richner, Brad Young and Dustin Cox 
High Individual: Pleasant Hope HS FFA, 
Missouri — Joey Stokes 

Creed Speaking 

Sponsored by CHS and Papa John's International Inc. 
High Individual: Western HS FFA, California — 
Emily Eddy 

Dairy Cattle Evaluation 

Sponsored by Associated Milk Producers 
Inc. ,Westf alia* Surge 

Winning Team: Owatonna HS FFA, Minnesota — 
Liz Tinaglia (advisor), Bridgette Hemmesch, Liz 
Kern, Brian Paulson and Melissa Mussman 
High Individual: Southern Door HS FFA, 
Wisconsin — Tony Brey 

Dairy Foods 

Sponsored by National FFA Foundation 
Winning Team: Milbank Sr. HS FFA, South 

Dakota — Jerry Janisch (advisor), Tana Bonnet, 

Kyra Tietjen, Amber VanHout and Andrea 

High Individual: Milbank Sr. HS FFA, South 

Dakota — Amber VanHout 

Environmental/Natural Resources 

Sponsored by Ford Division, Michelin Ag Tires, 
National FFA Foiuuiation 

Winning Team: Junction City HS FFA, Oregon — 
Reynold Gardner (advisor), Chauncey Freeman, 
Emily Wintch, Collin Kayser and Ryan Burks 
High Individual: Junction City HS FFA, Oregon — 
Chauncey Freeman 

Extemporaneous Public Speaking 

Sponsored fry American Farm Bureau Federation 
High Individual: Park HS-Park FFA, Montana — 
Hailey Wilmer 

Farm Business Management 

Sponsored by John Deere 


Winning Team: North Callaway R-I HS FFA, Missouri — 
Jim Graham (advisor), Rehecca Railton, Brian Wenzel, 
Abhy Ladlie and Sally Casteel 

High Individual: North Callaway Rd HS FFA, Missouri- 
Rebecca Railton 


Sponsored by American Floral Endowment, Ball Horticultural 

Company, Uniroyal Chemical Company, National FFA 


Winning Team: Franklin Co. HS FFA, Georgia — Gary 

Minyard (advisor), Jessica Harper, Taylor Ginn, Camilla 

Beasley and Joanne Bennett 
High Individual: Christiana HS FFA, Delaware — Jennifer 


Food Science And Technology 

Sponsored by ConAgra Foods Inc., Dairy Farmers of America, 

The Coca-Cola Company, Ventura Foods LLC 

Winning Team: DasseLCokato HS FFA, Minnesota — 
Seena Larson (advisor), Maggie Hedlund, Amanda 
Carlson, Amanda Evenski and Brittany Bayuk 

High Individual: Dassel-Cokato HS FFA, Minnesota — 
Maggie Hedlund 


Sponsored by BASF, Husqvarna Forest and Garden Company, 

International Paper Inc. 

Winning Team: Brantley Co HS FFA, Georgia — Richard 

Gill (advisor), Erin Vickers, Hampton Amnions, Buck 

Taylor, Jerrin Flowers and Michael Gilbert 
High Indivudual: Brantley Co HS FFA, Georgia — Michael 


Horse Evaluation 

Sponsored by Dodge Division DaimlerChrysler Corporation, 

Evergreen Mills Inc. , KENT Feeds Inc. , Roper Apparel and 


Winning Team: Arroyo Grande HS FFA, California — Pete 

Agalos (advisor), Chelsey Miles, Jessica Darway, Jessie 

Gilbert and Jenna Mann 
High Individual: Winfield HS FFA, Kansas — Katlyn Crow 

Job interview 

Sponsored by Tractor Supply Company 

High Individual: Moses Lake HS FFA, Washington — Julie 

Livestock Evaluation 

Sponsored by Akey/Sunglo, Alpharma, Merial Ltd., 

Performance Awards Center 

Winning Team: Crater HS FFA, Oregon — Jeremy Kennedy 

(advisor), Amanda Criswell, Lacie Hoffman, Jennifer Lyle 

and Sarah North 
High Individual: Crater HS FFA, Oregon — Jennifer Lyle 

Marketing Plan 

Sponsored by Data Transmission Network, DeBruce Grain Inc., 

DuPont Company 

Winning Team: Walla Walla HS FFA, Washington— Mike 

Martin (advisor), Danielle Gray, Kyle Williams and Mitch 


Meats Evaluation And Technology 

Sponsored by Excel Corporation , Fiormel Foods Corporation, 

Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation, Premium Standard Farms, 

Tyson Foods Inc. 

Winning Team: East Central HS FFA, Texas — Ray 
Pieniazek (advisor), Jessica Doege, Brandon Strey, 
Nichole Sullivan, Jennifer Tuttle and Jon Miller 

High Individual: East Central HS FFA, Texas — Jon Miller 

Nursery And Landscape 

Sponsored by Arvesta Corporation, Kubota Tractor 

Corporation, Stihl Inc. 

Winning Team: Southwest Star Concept FFA, 

Minnesota — Louise Worm (advisor), Whitney Place, 

Jenna Pomerenke and Susan Volk 
High Individual: Southwest Star Concept FFA, 

Minnesota Jenna Pomerenke 

Members demonstrated their reporting and broadcasting skills during 
the agricultural communications CDE. 

Parliamentary Procedure 

Sponsored by S^ngenta 

Winning Team: Bear River HS FFA, California — Steve 
Paasch (advisor), Ron Angold, Elisabeth Guerra, 
Taraleigh Hoer, Nicole Kelly, David Payne and April 

Poultry Evaluation 

Sponsored by Adisseo and Tyson Foods Inc. 

Winning Team: Springdale HS FFA, Arkansas — Dennis 

Mason (advisor), Samantha Blair, Eric Bakker, Heather 

Artripe and Dale Downum 
High Individual: Springdale HS FFA, Arkansas — Dale 


Prepared Public Speaking 

Sponsored by FMC Corporation, Agricultural Products Group 
High Individual: Chugwater HS FFA, Wyoming — Abby 


National Officer Candidates 

II ^ National Officer Candidates reception sponsored by Agri Business Group Inc. as a special 
r^ project of the National FFA Foundation. 

The talents of 37 national officer candidates shone through 
during intense interviews , small group situations and a written 
exam. Only six would be elected to the 2003-2004 team, but 
each displayed the making of a true leader. 

On Saturday afternoon, a lifetime of preparation 
and study reached its culmination for 37 members, 
each hoping to hear their name called as a member 
of the 2003-2004 National FFA Officer Team. 

Throughout the week, nine delegates from across 
the country evaluated the candidates as they made 
their way through a written test, a demonstration of 
writing skill and a rigorous series of interviews. The 
long hours of intense discussion and deliberation 
resulted in the nominating committee report. 

Upon election, the national officers take a leave 
of absence from their university studies so they may 
fully dedicate themselves to their role as ambassa- 
dors for agricultural education and FFA. During 
their year of service, each national officer travels 
more than 300 days and a distance of over 100,000 
miles, both in the United States and abroad. 

While only six would make up this team of presi- 
dent, secretary and four vice presidents from their 
respective regions, each candidate left Louisville 
with a sense of pride in representing their state asso- 
ciation for one of the greatest responsibilities the 
National FFA Organization can bestow upon a 

Alabama: Devin Dotson, Red Bay 

Arizona: Brian Hogue, Willcox 

Arkansas: Tory Hodges, Alpena 

California: Jeff Alves, Gait 

Colorado: Kaki Little, Weld Central 

Florida: Emily Hand, Blountstown 

Georgia: Bo Dotson, Stephens County 

Idaho: Angeana Little, Sugar-Salem 

Indiana: Amanda Vore, Hamilton Southeastern 

Iowa: Stefan Knudsen, Harlan 

Kansas: Michael Burns, Jetmore 

Kentucky: Lindsey Mayse, Henry County 

Louisiana: Leanna Becnel, Thibodaux 

Michigan: Scott Smalley, Ubly 

Minnesota: Beth Lauwagie, GFW Pioneer Express 

Mississippi: Christy Windham, Northeast Jones 

Missouri: Crystal Mathews, Carthage 

Montana: Austin Mapston, Denton 

Nebraska: Amy Rasmussen, Mead 

Nevada: Cassie Wyllie, Silver Sage 

New Mexico: Quentin Ray, Grady 

New York: Victor Rodriguez, John Bowne 

North Carolina: Tasha Schmidt, South Rowan 

Ohio: Anne Knapke, Talawanda-Butler Tech 

Oklahoma: Tracy Smith, Guthrie 

Oregon: Mike Folin, Crater 

Pennsylvania: David Bittner, Brothersvalley 

Puerto Rico: Javier Moreno, S.U. Antonia Serrano 

South Carolina: Ashley Granata, BJ Skelton 

Career Center 
South Dakota: Micah Hansen, Philip 
Tennessee: Melissa Burniston, Johnson County 
Texas: Casey Hogan, Arlington-Martin 
Virginia: Abram McConnell, Holston 
Washington: Marissa Wilkie, Medical Lake 
West Virginia: Nathan Taylor, Ravenswood 
Wisconsin: Beth Porior, Oconto Falls 
Wyoming: Stacia Berry, Cheyenne 


National FFA Band 

Sponsored by the National FFA Foundation. 

Arizona: Christina Turk, 

Arkansas: Joshua Kuykendall, 
Prairie Grove; Jared Sparks, 

California: Michael Croxen, 
Madera; Becky Pfannmuller, 
Kelseyville; Courtney Stevens, 
Sutter Creek; Samantha 
Verdegall, LodiM.l 

Connecticut: Tiana Holder, 

Illinois: Angela Dudley, 
Pleasant Plains; Jessica 
Hanson, Williamsville; left 
Potthoff', Williamsville 

Iowa: Mark Boatvvright, 
Southeast Polk; Ann Gevock, 
Fairfield; Ryan Koch, Akron- 
Westfield; Kaylin Schuetz, 
Sheldon Golden Corn 

Kansas: KaCee Thompson, 
Central Heights 

Kentucky: John Bell, LaRue 
County; Tia Chamhers, 
Christian County; Stephanie 
Fraley, Montgomery; Kristen 
Goodin, Adair County 

Maryland: Catherine Dietz, 

Michigan: Paul Mellgren, 

Minnesota: Jenna Portner, 
GFW Pioneer Express; Kellie 
Pulford, Perham 

Mississippi: Leslie Edwards, 

Missouri: Joshua Brookhart, 
Clark County; Gregory 
Gholson, Jackson; Lindsay 
Grorjan, Keytesville; Amie 
Harris, Belle; Thomas Higgins, 
Linn; Jacob Kallash, Bowling 
Green; Kristen Kallash, 
Bowling Green; Derek 
Lorence, Green City; Brian 
Martin, Centralia; Scott Ray, 
Paris; Hannah Rohinson, 
Carthage; Sean Silkwood, 
Trenton; James Trvrdy, 
Cameron; Megan Wyant, 

Montana: Sara Begger, 
Wibaux; Cassie Keogh, 
Stillwater; Anne Marek, 

Nebraska: Jeana Bulling, 
Waverly; Savannah Dorn, 
Franklin; Alicia Dreyer, 
Rushville; Melissa Dreyer, 
Rushville; Rebecca Dreyer, 
Rushville; Sarah Hoffman, 
Bayard; Ahby Knobhe, West 
Point; Jennifer Meter, Bayard; 

Timothy Nieveen, Freeman; 
Brent Nollette, Cody-Kilgore; 
Kim Snyder, Bayard; 
Cassandra Thomas, Lyons- 
Decatur; Jill Witkowski, 

New Mexico: Valerie 
Onsurez, Loving 

New York: Laura Walter, 

North Dakota: Elisa Buehler, 
MaddockA. S. Gibbensjill 
Peterson, Berthold 

Ohio: David King, 
Blanchester; Kelly Litzenherg, 
Kenton; Emily Lockwood, 
Benjamin Logan; Justin Nau, 
Caldwell; Michael Pizzino, 
Riverview; Jason Shreyer, 
Liberty Union; Nicholas 
Waggamon, Elida 

Oklahoma: Sara Smallwood, 
Clayton; Sarah Smith, 

Oregon: Sarah Roth, Scio 

South Dakota: Jenna Carlson, 
Milhank; Megan Whitney, 

Texas: Whitney Allen, 
Coronado-El Paso; Lauren 
Gillespie, Liberty Hill; Caleb 
Higgins, Weatherford; Lindsey 
Lott, Coronado-El Paso; 
Katherine Wohl, James 

Utah: Benjamin Smith, Box 

Washington: Amy Clark, 
Mount Vernon; Justin 
Garrison, Cathlamet; Angela 
Jeffries, St. John; Graham 
Logen, Stanwood; Andrew 
Stevens, Stanwood 

Wisconsin: Christopher 
Alderman, Kickapoo; 
Michaela Deno, Oconto Falls; 
Timothy Ecklor, Elkhart Lake- 
Glenbeulah; Jaimi Garner, 
Cadott; Katie Gerlach, 
Marshfield; Christina Huth, 
Johnson Creek; Anthony 
Janicki, Oilman; Brian Rieth, 
Oconto Falls; Nichole Skroch, 
Whitehall; Craig Stiemke, 
DeForest; Cheree Webster, 
Oilman; Meagan Weed, 
Kickapoo; Chad Wozniak, 

Long before members gathered from across the 
country to celebrate the 75th anniversary of FFA, 
music echoed through the convention halls as 96 
students representing 26 states came together to 
celebrate their musical talents. Under the direction 
of Joe Lajoye, the National FFA Band performed at 
general sessions and entertained delegates at the 
National FFA Band and Chorus concert Friday night. 

Part of the selection process for this honor includes 
the submission of an audition tape, which 
demonstrates the musician's level of talent and 
ability. To ensure the highest possible number of FFA 
members can take part in this opportunity, students 
may only participate in the band at two conventions. 
In addition to entertaining the thousands who come 
to Louisville, the new friendships and treasured 
memories stay with members ot the National FFA 
Band long after convention. 


Above: Though they only came 
together a few days before 
convention to practice, the FFA 
Band hit all the right notes. 

Left: joe La]oye led the band as 
it entertained members and 
guests during convention 
sessions, lunch functions and at 
various events in and around 


National FFA Chorus 


Sponsored by the National FFA Foundation. 

While students who attend national convention 
as members of competing career development event 
teams certainly put in a great deal of practice and 
preparation, members of the National FFA Chorus 
should not be overlooked. 

After arriving Saturday, 97 students from 28 states 
began a series of long rehearsals under the direction 
of Patti Lajoye to prepare them for the week ahead. 
Their hard work was evident, as they delighted lis- 
teners with an array of songs during sessions, as well 
as at the band and chorus concert Friday night. 

Coltan Bohman of the Alaska FFA Association 
was a member of the chorus this year. He comment- 
ed, "It was so cool to meet people from other states! 
This week was such a great experience, as everyone 
was so accepting of each other and excited to make 
new friends. Singing music brings people together 
and creates such a bond — it's like we've become a 
whole new family." 

Alaska: Coltan Bohman, 
Palmer; Fredrick Kenley, Palmer 

California: Felicia Flud, Grass 
Valley; Alyssa Thornton, 
Visalia-Golden West; Shane 
Tinker, Kelseyville 

Colorado: Ceri Parker, Limon; 
Morgan Parker, Limon 

Delaware: Mackenzie 
Phinnessee, Dover; Jessica 
Wilkerson Caesar, Rodney 

Florida: Jeremy Hatcher, 
Umatilla; Amher Jackson, 

Georgia: Brandi Saxon, Elhert 
County; Kristi Sommer Vanoy, 
Clinch County 

Illinois: Timothy Basham, 
Central of Clifton; Thaddeus 
Tharp, Roseville 

Indiana: Jessica Pursell, Owen 
Valley; Rachel Rea, Scottshurg; 
Troy Walker, Clinton Central 

Iowa: Jordanne Blair, Lake City; 
Chazse Goddard, Central 
DeWitt; Afton Holt, Jewell; 
Karissa Muller, Monticello; 
Heidi Parsons, Fairfield 

Kansas: Thomas Kimbrel, 
Hillsboro; Kurt Krupp, 

Kentucky: Megan Elizabeth 
Stout, Spencer County 

Maine: Brittany McLaughlin, 
Fort Fairfield; Stephen Smith, 
Mars Hill 

Minnesota: Karin Haase, 
AFSA; Christian Lilienthal, 

Sibley East; Brenna Price, 

Missouri: Joanna Bellis, Mount 
Vernon; Logan Campbell, 
Trenton; Todd Davis, Kahoka; 
Whitney Mudd, Monroe City; 
Meagan Perry, Bowling Green; 
Laura Puchbauer, Jackson; 
William Sundwall, Urbana; 
Sterling Sutton, Smithville; 
Katie Anne Voelker, Perryville 

Montana: Robert Orednick, 
Park City; Clayton Unruh, 
Richey; Wyn Walker, Richey 

Nebraska: Tertia Allen, 
Christine Spath; Richard James, 
Dailey Bayard; Lance Heron, 
Lakeview; Rachel Johnson, 
Sutton; Alan Martin Kreifels, 
Falls City; Drew Marty, 
Lakeview; Sapphire Munford, 
Falls City; Carrie Rice, Imperial; 
Tanya Tvrdy, Waverly; Timothy 
Varilek, Imperial 

New Hampshire: William 
Farris, Winnisquam 

New Mexico: Chris Arrigo, 
Aztec; Deonna Neel, Artesia 

New York: Brenna Therrien, 

North Carolina: Issac 
Davenport, Plymouth 

North Dakota: Kyle DeWitt, 
Tark River; Marly Simmons, 
Park River 

Ohio: Nathan Davis, 

Oklahoma: Jessica Allen, 
Holdenville; Matt Catlett, 
Collinsville; Carissa 
Dominquez, Cushing; 
Christopher James, Morrison; 
Charity Jantz, Woodward; 
Joshua Seals, Skiatook; Myles 
Simpson, Thomas-Fay-Custer 

South Dakota: Marilee Akland, 
Beresford; Mallory Larson, De 
Smet; Christopher Odden, 
Miller; Elizabeth Anne Sinclair, 
Milbank; JoAnna Clare Strom, 

Texas: Deondra Akin, Cedar 
Park; Stephanie Bonner, Sinton; 
Sarah Carpenter, Snyder; 
Cassandra Darlin, Snyder; Ricky 
Early, Snyder; Brittany Glazner, 
Grapeland; Felicia Ibarra, 
Snyder; Landin Mathison, Cy- 
Fair; Jacob Muller, Bryan; Lacey 
Nixon, Uvalde; Elizabeth Anne 
Parsley, Snyder; Randi 
Roanhaus, Henrietta; Tommy 
Stanley, Kirbyville; Gwenn 
Winsauer, Dayton; Michelle 
Wise, Kirbyville 

Washington: Darren Larsen, 
North Kitsap 

Wisconsin: Breann 
Diefenthaler, Waupaca; Amber 
Harker, Shullsburg; Bntta 
Hegge, Evansville; Elena Lahti, 
Evansville; LeeAnn Nolte, 
Winneconne; Bryan Odeen, 
Loyal; Danielle Russell, 

Wyoming: Jacob Gantz, Devils 


National FFA Talent 

Sponsored by the National FFA Foundation. 

Every year at convention, there is an abundance 
of talented FFA members. This year was no excep- 
tion, as students turned in rousing performances 
throughout the week. Before and during sessions, 
the audience was entertained with a variety of 
musical tunes. At the National FFA Talent Show 
Thursday night, members performed songs, dances 
and instrumental numbers. FFA talent was also seen 
in the shopping mall and other places around con- 


Alabama: Dean Bass, Enterprise; Aaron Brown, Enterprise; Jerad 
Dyess, Enterprise; Robert Foy, Enterprise; Magen Green, Enterprise; 
Bradley Griffith, Enterprise; Taylor Heaton, Enterprise; Brent 
Hudgens, Enterprise; Tyler Mills, Enterprise; Brandon Nelson, 
Enterprise; Allison Norris, Enterprise; Max Oden, Enterprise; Vanessa 
Vega, Enterprise; Joseph Waters, Enterprise; Matthew Cole, 
Montevallo; Chris Davis, Montevallo; Tyler Hall, Montevallo; Cody 
Horton, Montevallo; Lee Berry, Red Bay; Derek Cole, Red Bay; 
Maria Humphries, Red Bay; Melanie Montgomery, Red Bay; Henry 
Kent, Tallassee; Jeremy Kilpatrick, Tallassee; Kayla Patterson, 
Tallassee; Alicea Porterfield, Tallassee; Joshua Drummond, West 
Point; William Johnson, West Point; Justin Kelly, West Point; Randy 
McBtayer, West Point; Dustin New, West Point 

Arizona: Megan Holt, Millennium 

Arkansas: Tera Turner, Lincoln; Corey Davis, South Side Bee 

California: Katie Cisneros, Selma 

Florida: Hannah Leach, Pine Ridge; Wayne Lively Jr., Umatilla 

Georgia: Rory Edge, Sumter Co. 

Idaho: Stetson Wilson, Highland 

Iowa: Sarah Kleihauer, Akron-Westfield; Amanda Achenhach, 
Rocktord; Elizabeth Campbell, Rockford; Tarah Engelhardt, 
Rockford; Danielle Fullerton, Rocktord; Brianna Kelly, Rockford; 
Jennifer Paulus, Rockford; Nicole Shook, Rockford; Ashley Smith, 
Rockford; Stephanie Staudt, Rockford; Brittney Wenzel, Rockford 

Illinois: Cari Ingle, Williamsfield 

Indiana: Kelli Hoffman, Columbia City; Mindi Hoffman, Columbia 
City; Jill Brinker, Hope; Rachel Rea, Scottshurg 

Kentucky: Susan Kuegel, Apollo 

Michigan: Kylee Zdunic, Corunna; Jennifer Green, Hopkins/ 
Wehherville; Patrick Shanabrook, Hopkins/Webberville; Kaleb 
Wakeman, Hopkins/Webberville; Tony Zapolnik, 

Minnesota: Ksana Harrison, AFSA 

Mississippi: Sabrina Griffith, Enterprise Lincoln; Kayla Boyte, 

Missouri: Karyssa Krursinger, Branson; Jennings Matney, Branson; 
Mallory Matney, Branson; Danielle Albertson, Eldon; Jason Comer, 
Eldon; Jennifer Lawrence, Eldon; Leah McConkey, Galena; Miranda 
Leppin, Milan 

Montana: Danette Deichmann, Hobson 

Nebraska: Brianna Gulbrandson, Central City; Kyle Perry, Kimball 

New Mexico: Steven Chavez, Hondo; Alicia Gallegos, Hondo; 
Jamie Garcia, Hondo; Samantha Gomez, Hondo; Derek McTeigue, 
Hondo; Maegan Parmley, Hondo; Teka Salcido, Hondo; E.J. Sanchez, 
Hondo; J.C. Yocum, Hondo 

North Carolina: Maegan Wolfe, Ayden-Grifton 

North Dakota: Tiffany Ktinke, Scranton 

Ohio: Jeremy Hupman, Greenville 

Oklahoma: Ashley Ballou, Elgin; Lisha Stasser, Kingfisher; Jennica 
Kinney, Mooreland; Rachel Smith, Rattan; Joshua Seals, Skiatook; 
Haylee Sanders, Sterling; Brandi Morris, Taloga 

Pennsylvania: Carissa Ehersole, Northern Bedford 

Rhode Island: Michael Wodecki, Exetet-West Greenwich 

South Carolina: Steve "Doug" McCormick, McBee; Andre Lemon, 

South Dakota: Tara Trask, Wall 

Tennessee: Amanda Hendrix, Dyersburg 

Utah: Shayla Osborn, Dixie 

Washington: Katie Webster, North Kitsap 

Wisconsin: Haylee Hall, Shell Lake; Kodey Feiner, Sun Prairie; 
Lukas Hallmark, Sun Prairie; Thomas Kazmerzak, Sun Prairie; James 
Kzalheim, Sun Prairie; Michael Kzalheim, Sun Prairie; Paul St. Louis, 
Sun Prairie; Kirsten Fritz, Verona 


\ £ Proficiency Awards 

The agricultural proficien- 
cy award program recognizes 
members for their achieve- 
ments as they gain skills that 
help them set and reach 
goals, and provides them 
with an outlet to apply these 
skills in real-life situations. 

FFA members are reward- 
ed at local, state and nation- 
al levels for excellence in 
their supervised agricultural 
experience programs (SAEs). 
A student's SAE serves as 
the primary opportunity for 
hands-on application of 
what is learned in the class- 
room. Members can work in 
the agricultural industry and 
apply for a placement profi- 
ciency award, or they can 
start their own business and 
apply for an entrepreneur- 
ship proficiency award. 
Applications were submitted 
from all 52 associations, rep- 
resenting each of the 50 
states, Puerto Rico and the 
Virgin Islands. 


Sponsored by Farm Progress 
Companies Inc.; R.R. Donnelley 
& Sons Company ; Trone 
Advertising; National FFA 

Kansas: Philip B. White 
Kentucky: Amanda JoAnn Barger 
Nebraska: Wravenna Nadyne 

Ohio: Priscilla L. Powers 


Sponsored by Carry-on Trailer 
Corporation; DaimlerChrysler 
Corporation Fund; Dodge 
Division DaimlerChrysler 

Missouri: Colin M. Woodworth 
Nebraska: Christopher E. Fiorelli 
Oklahoma: Jared Dyke Huey 
South Dakota: Chad Kaiser 


Sponsored by New Holland 
Arkansas: Corey Wilson 
Iowa: Nick Dodson 
Kentucky: Chad Benham 
Utah: Joshua Provost 
Proficiencies are sponsored as a special project of the National FFA Foundation 


Sponsored by CARQUEST 
Corporation, CARQUEST 
Filters/CARQUEST Gaskets 
Illinois: Tim Tygrett 
Iowa: Matthew Bailey 
Minnesota: Travis S. Gottschalk 
Wisconsin: Jason J. Cerven 


Sponsored by Archer Daniels 
Midland Company; CHS; 
Ralcorp Holdings Inc.; National 
FFA Foundation 
Louisiana: Timothy Wayne 

Clement Jr. 
Nebraska: Neal A. Ely- 
South Dakota: James Edward 

Wisconsin: Michelle L. Backhaus 


Sponsored by Chevy Trucks ; 


California: Vicktoria Ashley 

Colorado: DevinJ. Varner 
Missouri: Jana LeAnn Thies 
Wisconsin: Anthony N. Wolf 


Sponsored by Tractor Supply 
Company; Vigortone Ag 
Products; The Goodyear Tire & 
Rubber Company 
Florida: Joshua Paul Schneider 
Iowa: Clay Koenig 
Ohio: Brian Pohlman 
Wisconsin: David John Westphal 


Sponsored by Chevy Trucks; New 
Holland; GMAC ' 
Connecticut: Ashley B. Porter 
Georgia: Michael Chafin 
South Dakota: Katie Marie 

Wisconsin: Brady David Quam 


Sponsored by Nasco 
Division/Nasco International Inc.; 
Schering-Plough Animal Health 
California: Casey Bennett 
Idaho: Remington Roland 

Kentucky: Andrew Moore Bell 
Texas: Daniel Deweber 


Proficiency Awards 



Sponsored by Fort Dodge Animal 
Health; ContiBeefLLC; Pfizer 
Animal Health; Texas Cattle 
Feeders Association 
Illinois: Megan R. Quaka 
Missouri: Jamie Dawn Bellis 
Utah: Brandon John Tinker 
Wisconsin: Adam Freis 


Sponsored by DeLaval Inc.; Pfizer 
Animal Health 

California: Robert Joseph Teixeira 
Michigan: Joshua Crambell 
Washington: Melissa Randi 

Wisconsin: Colby N. O'Malley 


Sponsored by Monsanto Animal 
Agricultural Group 
Connecticut: Sarah Jeanne Baker 
Georgia: Josh Stewart 
North Dakota: Dustin Heitkamp 
Wisconsin: Troy Sellen 




Sponsored by PotashCorp 
Alabama: Gary Carr 
Kansas: Chase Bontrager 
Ohio: Jason Rufenacht 
Wisconsin: Kevin James Konkol 


Sponsored by CHS 
Indiana: Shane Steven Hageman 
Minnesota: Jacob Sellner 
North Dakota: Kevin J. Teigen 
Ohio: Nicholas A. Arnold 


Sponsored by National Crop 
Insurance Services ; Rain and Hail 
LLC; American Farm Bureau 
Insurance Services Inc. 
Illinois: Brandon Cole Smith 
Nebraska: Michael William Zmek 
Texas: Rowdy Cubie 
Wisconsin: Matthew Todd 


Sponsored by Farmland Insurance 
Nationwide Agribusiness; 
Nationwide Foundation 
California: Kristin Ann Avinelis 
Indiana: Drew Carter 
Kansas: Rebecca Joann Corn 
Wisconsin: Benjamin J. Lindner 


Sponsored by Bayer Environmen- 
tal Science; Arvesta Corporation; 
Gowan Gowan 
Minnesota: Charlie Peterson 
Ohio: Mark R. Thomas 
Tennessee: Dustin Wallace 
Wisconsin: Nicole Lynn Skroch 


Sponsored by ContiBeef LLC; 

Intervet Inc.; Tractor Supply 


California: Kim Forsythe 

Missouri: Cody M. Brock 

Oklahoma: Ruth I. Bobbitt 

Utah: Dusty Ercanbrack 


Sponsored by Premium Standard 
Farms; Agri Beef Company; 
Zareba Systems 
Connecticut: Jenna Nicol 
Georgia: Michael James Certain 
North Dakota: Nathan Thomas 

Wisconsin: Julie Eibergen 




Sponsored by Chevy Trucks & 
GM Vortec Engines; ISK 
Biosciences Corporation; Micro 
Flo Company 

Kansas: Zane Wesley Unrau 
Oregon: Kindra Nelson 
South Dakota: Megan Marie 

Wisconsin: Michael G. Biel 


Sponsored by IMC Global Inc. 
Iowa: Michael Dominic Hilger 
Kansas: Derrick D. Fagg 
Nebraska: Katie Ann Jenkins 
South Dakota: Ryan Brunner 


Sponsored by Purina Mills Inc; 
Red Brand Non-Climb Horse 
Fence/Made by Keystone Steel 
and Wire Company; National 
FFA Foundation 
Illinois: Fahran Kathaleen 

Michigan: Kirk Johnson 
Missouri: Scott Hill 
Utah: Amy Pallesen 


Sponsored by Tractor Supply 


Georgia: Merideth Bryans 

South Dakota: Wayne Mark 

Tennessee: Heather J. Olsen 
Utah: Tiffany Clegg 


Sponsored by Syngenta Seeds 
Inc . ; United Soybean Board 
Kentucky: Pamela K. Coffey 
Missouri: Alesa Ann Raasch 
Nebraska: Chris Marsh 
South Dakota: Jason Edwatd Biel 


Proficiency Awards 


Sponsored by Home Depot Inc. 
Michigan: Kimberly S. Leonard 
Nebraska: Mart Vlasin 
North Carolin: Justin Hunter 

Texas: Callie Nichole Gilhreath 


Sponsored by Seneca Foods 
Corporation; CHS; National 
FFA Foundation 
Kentucky: Trey Webb 
Nebraska: Sara Elizabeth 

Texas: Jamie Lee Callahan 
Wisconsin: April Lynn Gnadt 


Sponsored by Gehl Company; 
National FFA Foundation 
Kentucky: Richard Wayne 

Missouri: Blake A. Wilson 
Oklahoma: Chance Simpson 
Wisconsin: Ryan M. Franz 



Sponsored by DaimlerChrysler 
Corporation Fund; Timber jack, a 
John Deere Company 
Florida: Mike W Adams 
Georgia: Amanda Kate Hamsley 
Illinois: Bruce R Frank 
Texas: Michael Parsley 


Sponsored by DuPont Company 
California: Mike Shoffner 
North Carolin: Jeremy Ponce 
Utah: Marc A. Rowley 
Wisconsin: Ryan Rezin 


Sponsored by Pioneer Hi-Bred 
International Inc. 
Nebraska: Timothy Brovont 
Ohio: Brian Wayne Deaton 
Tennessee: Justin Lee Humphrey 
Washington: Anne Christine 


Sponsored by Pioneer Hi-Bred 
International Inc. 
New Mexico: Quentin Paul Ray 
Oklahoma: Nathan W Johnson 
Texas: Rex E. Brandon 
Wisconsin: James Pagel 




Sponsored by Carhartt Inc. 
Nebraska: Ryan James Becker 
Oregon: Allen Bodeen 
Utah: Loral W. Godfrey 
Wisconsin: Kristine H. Zickert 


Sponsored by Bayer, 
Environmental Science 
Nebraska: Matt Bland 
Oklahoma: Blake Talley 
Oregon: Donovan Tyson Stevahn 
Wisconsin: Andy McWilliams 


Sponsored by DaimlerChrysler 
Corporation Fund; John Deere 
Indiana: Neil Mylet 
Ohio: Justin J. Armintrout 
Oregon: Sean Robert Snodgrass 
Virginia: Brittany R. Stansberry 


Sponsored by Chevy Trucks; 
Cabelas Inc.; Justin Brands Inc. 
Florida: Waylon Sean Lewis 
Georgia: Melody Bryans 
Kansas: Matt Clark 
Missouri: Benjamin Thomas 


Sponsored by Wayne Farms LLC; 

United Soybean Board; Chore-Time 

Equipment Division of CTB 


Florida: Ryan Ean Smith 

Georgia: Nicole Leigh Cisson 

Michigan: Anthony David 

Washington: Alexis Rose Leonard 


Sponsored by LA-CO All 

Weather Paintstik Markers; 


Iowa: Matt Owens 

Kentucky: Laura Kay Comer 

Nebraska: Shelly R. Kubicek 

Washington: Jason Dockter 

m 1 

wis* ^ jfm^*^ > 


I «r*~" TH 

i 'H 

fy . |j 






Proficiency Awards 



Sponsored by Novartis Animal 
Health US Inc. 

Indiana: Bradley Eugene Clayton 
Kansas: Michelle Lea Sullivan 
Kentucky: Charlee Nicole Doom 
Wisconsin: Melissa Mateske 


Sponsored by lams 
Kansas: Sarah J . Oestmann 
Nebraska: Cherish J. Williams 
North Carolin: Chelsea Brittain 

Texas: Laci Hackfeld 


Sponsored by Land O' Lakes 
Farmland Feed LLC 
Florida: Matthew James Moody 
Illinois: Bethany Marie Wilson 
Louisiana: Kasye Bourn 
Texas: Brandi Kneupper 


Sponsored by BASF; Cerexagri 
Kentucky: Michael Thomas 

Missouri: Bradley L. Anderson 
Ohio: Stacy Marie Burkholder 
Tennessee: Paul White 


Sponsored by Pfizer Animal 

Florida: Victoria Louisa Lyons 
Missouri: Jenny L. Smith 
Ohio: Kisha Lynell Bodey 
Wisconsin: Barbara Elizabeth 


Sponsored by Philrro Animal 
Health; Akey/Sunglo 
Georgia: Thomas M. Walraven 
Minnesota: Andrew Allan Kamm 
Missouri: Steve J. Brandt 
South Dakota: Josh Jerrold 


Sponsored by The Scotts 


Georgia: James William Thaxton 

Kansas: Chad Ebbert 

Minnesota: John N. Heise 

Utah: Jeremy Catron 


Sponsored by Bayer 
Environmental Science 
Connecticut: David Robert 

Indiana: Paul Joseph Hellmich 
Nebraska: Cody Osten 
Utah: David Robbins 


Sponsored by Briggs & Stratto?! 
Corporation Foundation Inc. 
Colorado: Richard Bradley 

Nebraska: C. J. Swanson 
Ohio: Chris Shaw 
Wisconsin: Cindy S. Lulich 


Sponsored by Bass Pro Shops 
Inc.; Land O' Lakes Farmland 
Feed LLC 

Illinois: John E. Schamberger 
Nebraska: Jared LeRoy Fullerton 
Utah: Chase Brereton 
Wisconsin: Eric Schroeder 


Sponsored by National FFA 


Georgia: Clint Edward Collins 

Iowa: Cody Jon McKinley 

Minnesota: Jena Marie Sazama 

Missouri: James M. Baker 


M American FFA Degree 

Sponsored by BASF Corporation, Case IH, Farm Credit System 
Foundation and Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. as a special 
project of the National FFA Foundation. 

The American FFA Degree is the highest level of mem- 
bership an FFA member can achieve. This year, 2,789 young 
men and women received the degree. To qualify, members 
must have their greenhand, chapter and state degrees. 

In order to receive this honor, other requirements must 
also be met. Members must have achieved a C average in 
high school and they must have graduated at least one year 
prior to receiving the degree. Students need three years of 
agricultural education and an outstanding supervised 
agricultural experience program (SAE). In addition, 
members must demonstrate leadership abilities and 
community involvement. Less than 0.5 percent of all 
members earn the American FFA Degree. 

This prestigious degree encourages members to grow 
personally while establishing a foundation for a successful 
career in the agricultural industry. Degree recipients were 
recognized on stage and honored at an award banquet. 

Alabama: William W. Blanton, Fort 
Payne; Nick Corley, Beulah; James 
Simon Davis, Gaston; Devin Dotson, 
Red Bay; George Wesley Evans Jr., 
Smiths Station; Kristin Holland, Red 
Bay; Jason Knight, Southside; 
Christophet Paul Kuszniaj, 
Jacksonville; Elizabeth Newhy, 
Ardmore; Robert Benjamin Nohlett, 
Eufaula; Gannon Nunley, Red Bay; 
Matthew Evan O'Neal, Douglas; Justin 
Heath Roberts, White Plains; Jessica 
Brooke Rush, Lineville; Daniel Sewell, 
Southside; Barrett D. Stephenson, 
Eufaula; Jessica Elizabeth Stiefel, 
White Plains; Dustin Wood, Eufaula 

Arizona: Michael Anspach, Parker; 
Stephani Austin, Westwood; Patrick 
Bray, Tolleson; Robert H. Bray, 
Benson; Ginnie Catherine Bushong, 
Gilbert; Dana Ann Crosbie, Yuma; 
Abigail Dambeck, Yuma; Johnathan 
Dees, Yuma; Brian Dykman, Benson; 
Amanda Lynn Gapen, Highland; Jess 
A. Gillum, Peoria; Kristine Hammar, 
Westwood; Erika Hernandez, 
Amphitheater; Brian Hogue, Willcox; 
Patricia Danielle Johnson, San Simon; 
Jacob Lee, Benson; Brandon Joseph 
Martin, Benson; Cassandra Jo Moore, 
Willcox; Nicolas Joel Morando, 
Amphitheater; Aubrey Mortensen, 
Duncan; Amber Rayl, Amphitheater; 
Todd Rovey, Buckeye; Holly Renee 
Schindler, Buckeye; Jamie Leigh 
Wade, Young; Carson White, Safford; 
Raymond E. Woodbury, Millennium; 
Michael Wayne Zamudio, Benson; 
Lauren Zbyszinski, Peoria 

Arkansas: Pamela June Burkett, 
Springdale; Caroline Carpenter, 
Cabot; Justin Andrew Cason, Valley 
Springs; Jessica Dale Catlett, Danville; 

Joanna Chambers, Camden-Fairview; 
Craig Dewey, Farmington; Bethany 
Deann Dunn, Mountain Home; 
Matthew Lee Fryar, Lake Hamilton; 
Josh Garner, Melbourne; Josh Gordon, 
Mansfield; Rachel Green, Valley 
Springs; Robert Seth Harper, Danville; 
Tory Beth Hodges, Alpena; Dusty Key, 
Cabot; Shannon Lewis, Harmony 
Grove; Shelly Reynolds, Fairview; 
Gannon W Roberts, Valley Springs; 
Aaron Rae Thompson, Fouke; Jason 
Thompson, Mansfield; James Parks 
Tullis, Mountain Home; Jamie 
Turnbo, Mountain Home 

California: Meghan Abatti, Paso 
Robles; Charles Ahee, Strathmore; 
Matk Aguiat, Tulare Union; Erin 
Ahlem, Hilmar; Robert Alvarado, 
Fresno-Pershing; Lacey Amarante, 
Gustine; Jennifer Arnall, Grass Valley- 
Bear River; Tara Ascroft, Lakeside-El 
Capitan; Rose Atherton, Porterville; 
Charles Avila, Lemoore; Jessica Avila, 
Lemoore; Trey Avila, Visalia-Golden 
West; Crystal Balderama, Porterville; 
Cory Balis, Sanger; Elvis Barcellos, 
Lemoore; Arthur Bard, Riverside-La 
Sierra; Phillip D. Bass, Ferndale; 
Brandon Bedrosian, Sanger; Niklaus 
Beglinger Jr., Hamilton City; Casey 
Bennett, Porterville; Melissa 
Bettencourt, Turlock; Garrett Bishop, 
El Centro-Southwest; Dennis Dean 
Blackman, Riverside-Norte Vista; 
Tyler Blagg, Grass Valley-Bear River; 
Josh Blair, Kerman; Daniel Bledsoe, 
Woodland; Ashley Marie Blount, 
Turlock; Matthew Bono, Tulare 
Western; Cheyanna Bosio, Coalinga; 
Sherry A. Bosworth, Burney; Alicia 
Bowen, Bakersfield-North; Leoma 
Box, Tollhouse-Sierra; Kimherly Boyd, 

Santa Maria-Righetti; Malinda Bragg, 
Shingle Springs-Ponderosa; Scott 
William Brown, Rio Vista; Angela 
Buckley, Tulelake; Melissa Burrow, 
Lemoore; John Bush, Lemoore; A. J. 
Camozzi, Santa Rosa-Elsie Allen; Jose 
L. Cardenas, Calipatria; Sergio 
Cardosa, Corcoran; Thomas Carver, 
Bakersfield-North; Chris Chave, 
Dixon; Corey Christison, Lucerne 
Valley; Amber Cleaver, Bakersfield- 
Ridgeview; Scott Cocke, Norco; 
Ashley Cockrell, Cedarville-Surprise 

Jeremy Duarte, Hanford; Heath 
Duinkerkin, Lemoore; Aaron 
Echavarria, Corcoran; Heather 
Ephraim, Quartz Hill; Andrew Ernst, 
Indio; Mike Escola, Lemoore; Darrell 
Espindula, Hilmar; Jeff Evangelo, 
Lemoore; Justin Patrick Ferrell, 
Atascadero; Hatti Fleming, Rio Vista; 
Kimberley Fletcher, Tulare Union; 
Erica Jane Flores, Santa Ynez; Kim 
Forsythe, Mariposa; Laura Jayne 
Fortman, Atascadero; Jordan Freitas, 
Lemoore; Kassandra French, Fresno- 

Valley; Cassie Cockrell, Cedarville- 
Surprise Valley; Jeanelle Colhurn, 
Fallbrook; Winston Alexander 
Colgan, Chico; James Jason Corbett, 
Tulare Western; Lauren Corkins, 
Porterville; Daniel Costa, Hanford; 
Amanda Courtney, Grass Valley- 
Nevada Union; Michael Courtright, 
Newman-Otestimha; Brian Keith 
Davis, Madera; Nicholas Ray Davis, 
Madera; Wade DeCesare, Tulare 
Western; Melissa Deitz, Hamilton 
City; Martha Delgadillo, Calipatria; 
Dustin DeMello, Lemoore; Audrey 
Denney, Paso Robles; Kate 
DeSchryver, Santa Ynez; Angie 
Dettamanti, Lompoc; Kasey deVries, 
Laton; Anne Marie Diener, Riverdale; 
Bryan Dodson, Chico; Megan 
Doherty, Lake Isabella-Kern Valley; 
Tessa Domenichelli, Healdsburg; Kelly 
Brandon Douglass, Hamilton City; 
Frank Duarte, Newman-Orestimba; 

Central; Raymond Gamez, Corcoran; 
Jennifer Garcia, Lemoore; Christophet 
Garmon, Santa Paula; Emily Gay, 
Lakeside-El Capitan; Amanda Gipe, 
Merced-Golden Valley; Roger Manuel 
Gonsalves II, Hilmar; Anna Good, 
Ramona; Preston Gravance, Laron; 
Trevor Green, Morro Bay; Andrew 
Joseph Groppetti, Kerman; Jose 
Guillen, Santa Maria-Righetti; 
Anthony Haley, Lemoore; Amber 
Renee Hallsten, Kingsburg; Bobbi 
Harmoney, Nicolaus-East Nicolaus; 
Sata Harper, Lincoln; Daniel Hart, 
Lompoc; John Herger, Patterson; Nick 
Heuer, Elk Grove; Kyle Hihbs, 
Sacramento-Florin; Lisa Hill, 
Porterville-Monache; Justen M. 
Hindle, Santa Matia; Heather 
Holland, Lemoore; Benjamin Tyler 
Hone, Escondido; Tamara Hoskins, 
Middletown; Casey Howard, Lake 
Isabella-Kern Valley; Elizabeth 


American ffa Degree 


Howard, Lemoore; Manuel Huerta, 
Delano; Johnnie Irvin, Visalia-Golden 
West; Amanda Irwin, Dixon; Nicole 
Crystal Jansen, Woodland; Hector 
Jimenez Jr., Santa Maria-Righetti; 
Kayla Johnson, Santa Maria-Righetti; 
Jessica Jopson, Nicolaus-East Nicolaus; 
Jenee' Jue, Lemoore; Dan Junk, 
Lakeside-El Capitan; Jay M. Kimbler, 
Tollhouse-Sierra; Lauren P. King, 
Petaluma; Clayton William 
Koopmann, Livermore; Heidi 
Kooyman, Fallbrook; Andrea Lynn 
Krout, Petaluma; Lisa Krpan, Elk 
Grove; Heath Krug, Colusa; Jessica 
Lawrence, Tulare Western; Shelena 
Dawn Laws, Loomis-Del Oro; Shaina 
Leach, Oceanside-El Camino; 
Matthew Thomas Llewellyn, Reedley; 
Bridget L. Luscombe, Tulelake; Katie 
Jolane Lyon, Escondido; Jose 
Maldonado, Santa Maria; Matthew L. 
Manes, Orangevale-Casa Rohle; Eric 
Martin, Coalinga; Isaias Martinez, 
Fresno-Pershing; Carrie Massie, 
Riverside-Rubidoux; Shamherlee 
McCarter, Sacramento-Florin; Morgan 
McCoy, San Marcos; Laura Del 
Bianco McGee, Madera; Bradley 
Webster McLean, Lindsay; Justin 
Mebane, Bakersfield-North; Albert 
Manuel Mendes Jr., Turlock; John 
Menezes, Laton; Joseph Richard 
Merritt, Granite Hills; Gary Miles, 
Grass Valley-Bear River; Sandra Lynn 
Mitchell, Escondido; Tom Monk, 
Dixon; David Moon, Fresno-Centtal; 
Amber Neal, Lemoore; Kelly Neal, 
Riverside-Norte Vista; Heather 
Nielsen, Phelan-Serrano; Daniel J. 
Odom, Reedley; Nichole O'Quinn, 
Coalinga; Martina Otterbeck, Sanger; 
Lisa M. Otto, Orland; Shauna Jean 
Owens, Santa Rosa-Elsie Allen; 
Jordan Lee Parsons, Porterville; Joshua 
Pedrozo, Merced-Golden Valley; Jason 
Perry, Shingle Springs-Ponderosa; 
Kevin Pharis, Grass Valley-Nevada 
Union; Rocio Pineda, Bakersfield- 
North; Mike Pires, Lemoore; Jacob H. 
Poganski, Auburn-Placer; Jonathan D. 
Poganski, Auburn-Placer; Mark 
Powell, Santa Maria; Nicolina 
Prestininzi, Fallbrook; Cody Preston, 
Lake Isabella-Kern Valley; Justin D. 
Pritchatd, El Centro-Southwest; Alice 
Anne Purdy, Sacramento-Florin; 
Amber Quatacker, Porterville; Phillip 
Ratanan, Fresno-Washington; David 
Ramirez, Calipatria; Ernesto Ramos, 
Dixon; Megan Renket, Kelseyville; 
Allan Rios, Merced-Golden Valley; 
Stacy Robinson, Newman-Orestimba; 
Katherine E. Roche, Chico; Megan 
Renee Rogers, Campbell-Westmont; 
Megan Roland, Porterville; Joe Rosa, 
Modesto; Mary Calla Rowan, 
Healdsburg; Michelle Rudnick, Lake 
Isabella-Kern Valley; Monte Rudnick, 
Lake Isabella-Kern Valley; Chad Allen 
Russell, Turlock; Jared Samarin, 
Kerman; Erica Samons, Orland; 
Sarrah G. Samson, Healdsburg; Justin 
Sandlin, Chowchilla; Devon Rachel 

Sandrock, Anderson; Craig Santos, 
Tulare Western; Joshua 
Schaubschlager, Clovis; Jason 
Schoonhoven, Chowchilla; Krysten 
Michelle Schott, Valley Center; Kari 
Schroeder, Coalinga; Mark Scott, 
Mariposa; Brandon Serafin, Tulare; 
Loriann Sesock, Madera; Sierra Shew, 
Porterville; Alicia Shuck, Bakersfield- 
Highland; Steve Signorelli, Lompoc; 
Ashley Smith, Porterville-Monache; 
Ashley Smith, Shingle Springs- 
Ponderosa; Lexey Smith, Orland; Lisa 
Smith, Lake Isabella-Kern Valley; 
Meghan Anne Soderstrom, San Luis 
Obispo; Matthew Soto, Santa Maria- 
Righetti; Aaron Souza, Newman- 
Orestimba; Adam Souza, Santa Maria- 
Righetti; Chris Souza, Lemoore; 
Christine St. Pierre, Chowchilla; 
Kimherly Stackhouse, Palo Cedro- 
Foothill; Kenneth Stafford, Santa 
Maria; Chad Everett Steinmetz, Rio 
Vista; Alan Stickles, Mariposa; 
Lacyanne Sullivan, Lemoore; Julie 
Swartzbaugh, Lemoore; Jarrod 
Takemoto, Sanger; Robert Teixeira, 
Hilmar; Adam Terry, Dinuba; Randy 
Threadgill, Merced-Golden Valley; 
Alyson Tulloch, Pine Valley- 
Mountain Empire; Todd Uchita, 
Tulare Union; Amy Valente, Lodi- 
Tokay; Robert Vallejo, Porterville; 
Juliana Van Egmond, Gait; Jason 
Verdegaal, Hantord; Christina Vieira, 
Merced-Golden Valley; Martin 
Vivenzi, Fresno-Central; Kevin 
Wagster, Atascadero; Jason Wara, 
Madera; Tammara Warmuth, Auburn- 
Placer; Jolyn Wells, Maxwell; Jordan 
Whaley, Visalia-Golden West; Jennifer 
Wickstrom, Hilmar; John S. Williams, 
Santa Maria-Righetti; Raymond E. A. 
Williams, Santa Maria-Righetti; Stacy 
Wills, El Centro-Southwest; Gregory 
Gordon Wilmot, Etna; Matthew R. 
Wilterding, Fallbrook; Norman Winn, 
Grass Valley-Nevada Union; Alison 
Nicole Wohlgemuth, Kingsburg; 
Lance James Wright, Rio Vista; Travis 
Wyrick, Lemoore; Jeremy Yarbrough, 
Coalinga; Christina C. Young, Fresno- 
Central; Tory Zellick, Chico; Katrina 
Zimmer, Weaverville-Trinity 

Colorado: Nate 1. Adam, Hotchkiss; 
Trevor Amen, Fort Morgan; Kendal 
W Bauman, Grover; Robert Lee Beal, 
Hi-Plains; Brian Berry, Custer County; 
Jessica R. Bonis, Eads; Ryan Britten, 
Karval; Heidi Carbaugh, Pritchett; 
Kyle Carbaugh, Greeley West; Chase 
Carlin, Burlington; Nikki Carpenter, 
Hotchkiss; Cari Chelewski, Rifle; John 
E. Crocket, North Park; Jonathan 
Davis, Burlington; Donald Edson, Fort 
Morgan; Cory Franz, Burlington; 
Melinda Fury, Dove Creek; Levi 
Garchar, Dolores County; Jimmy Joe 
Gehauer, Akron; Benton Hendrix, 
Wray; Anthony S. Ingo Jr., Pueblo 
County; Justin Jameson, LaVeta; 
Katherine Lynn Johnson, Platte 
Valley; Tyler Kuntz, Hotchkiss; Zac 
Langston, Custer County; Sara 

Lewton, Weld Central; Kelli A. 
Loutzenhiser, Flagler; Michael Marsh, 
Fort Lupton; Brandon Mason, Merino; 
Cassie M. McMillan, Weld Central; 
Anthony Megel, Hi-Plains; Andrew 
R. Mills,' Hi-Plains; Kathleen Renae 
Paintin, Kit Carson; Kameron Peschel, 
Valley; Jani Phillips, North Patk; 
Seandale Poe, Fort Morgan; Shawna 
Potter, Pueblo County; Adam 
Sandefur, Custer County; Dallas James 
Schleining, McClave; Stacey Thomas, 
Valley; Duke Webb, Valley; Ben 
Weber, McClave; Daniel Ray Weber, 
McClave; Skyler Weeks, Eads; Jason 
Weirich, Eads; Steven Winters, Valley; 
Amanda J. Wofford, North Park; Ray 
Wudtke, Idalia 

Connecticut: Amy Augur, Lyman 
Hall; Vincent L. Bernardo, Lyman 
Hall; Cheryl Danton, Lyman Hall; 
Tiffany A. Duncan, Woodbury; 
Courtney L. Johnson, Woodbury; 
Stacy Lynn Kish, Northwestern 
Regional; Jessica Kukielka, 
Southington; Michael F. Lavoie, 
Lyman; Stephen Russell, Housatonic 
Valley; Sharon E. Sugrue, Woodbury; 
Martin Alfonso Vito, Mattabesett; 
Michelle Warner, Lyman Hall 

Delaware: Philip Busker, Lake Forest; 
John Curtis, Lake Forest; Christy N. 
Gustafson, Lake Forest; James Andrew 
Powell, Caesar Rodney; Phillip 
Sylvester, Lake Forest 

Florida: Leanne E. Bailey, Columbia 

Sr.; Lauren Dillard, Dade City Sr.; Kia 
Dobbins, Riverview ; Wade William 
Dye, Suwannee Sr.; Rudy Espinoza, 
Miami Sr.; Jeffrey Ray Everett, Sneads; 
Leigh Anne Hamilton, Riverview ; 
Emily Dianna Hand, Blountstown; 
Robert Herrington, South Lake; 
Hannah Jackson, Suwannee Sr.; 
Gregory Scott Johnson, Plant City Sr.; 
Emily Danielle Land, Lafayette Sr.; 
Tanya Larman, Miami Sr.; Rebecca 
McDavid, Bell Sr.; John Tate Mikell, 
Williston Sr.; Brad Muse, Bradford 
Senior; Brandon Perdue, Northview; 
Knox Phillips, Miami Sr.; Joshua 
Steven Reynolds, DeLand; James 
Aaron Shuler, Sneads; Melissa May 
Stanley, North Marion Sr.; Natalie 
Ann Sullivan, Keystone Heights Sr.; 
Tommy Taylor, Suwannee Sr.; Kelli E. 
Veal, South Sumter Sr.; Barton James 
Wilder, Plant City Sr.; Joel Heath 
Williams, Williston Sr.; Justin Ryan 
Williams, Bonifay Sr. 

Georgia: David Adams, Central of 
Carroll; Alan Amos, Upson-Lee; Ben 
Brooks, Upson-Lee; Melissa Marie 
Cleary, Tift County; Stephanie 
Michelle Cleary, Tift County; Caci 
Evette Cook, Johnson County; Joey 
Crapps III, Swainsboro; Lee Davis, 
Cook; Joseph Bo Dotson, Stephens 
County; Molly Caroline Freeman, 
Eagle's Landing; Chet Hite, Gordon 
Central; Matt Isbell, Franklin County; 
Jason Douglas Morris, Eagle's Landing; 
Jay Murray, Colquitt County; Larry 

Sr.; Ben Barthle, Dade City Sr.; Jessica 
Behrens, Durant Senior; Elizabeth 
Michelle Bell, Lake Butler Sr.; 
William Isaac Bender, Plant City Sr.; 
Mindy Bielling, Lake Butler Sr.; Leon 
Creig Blackburn II, Lake Region; 
Herbert E. Brown III, Bell Sr.; 
Courtney Brooke Davis, Lake Butler 
Sr.; Shannon Leigh Davis, Durant Sr.; 
Lindsey Regina Davison, Lake Butler 

Michael Muse, Central of Carroll; 
Craig Patrick Pace, Effingham County; 
Kristopher Wallace Pope, Jefferson 
City; Kyle Franklin Presley, Jackson 
County; Scott Register, Putnam 
County; William Crane Ross II, 
Oconee County; Christine Sheppard, 
Putnam County; Ahby Elizabeth 
Spruill, Jackson County; Trisha Rae 
Stephens, Tift County; Chad Andrew 


M American FFA Degree 

Till, Oconee County; Jonathan Willis, 
Oconee County; Waltet G. Wtight Jt., 
Effingham County 

Idaho: Thomas Batrett, Middleton; 
Trina Callahan, Middleton; Levi Kitk 
Chandler, Weiser; Donna Sage Clark, 
Firth; Katie Cobler, Kuna; Neil T. 
Durrant, Kuna; Kelsey Firth, Richfield; 
Mark Hatch, Castleford; Riley 
Thomas Higby, Payette; Brandon 
Hoxie, Payette; Dali R. Jayo, New 
Plymouth; Casey Johnson, Meridian; 
Chad Dustin Johnson, New Plymouth; 
Gregory Steven Johnson, Meridian; 
Stephanie Kuespert, Parma; Joseph E. 
Limbaugh, Fruitland; Chad Martin, 
Vallivue; Kristine Kay Miller, Marsing; 
Tara Diane O'Dell, Fruitland; Joshua 
John Patton, Bliss; Ktistina Patton, 
Burley; Travis Port, Troy; Connie 
Remsberg, Minico; Lisa Jean 
Scheihing, New Plymouth; James M. 
Shoemaker, New Plymouth; Keaton 
Southwick, Dietrich; Steve Staley, 
Burley; Jacob A. Stimpson, Dietrich; 
Crystal Taggart, Nampa-Skyview; 
Alicia Marie Ward, Snake River; 
Matthew K. Woodington, Meridian 

Illinois: Damian Adams, Clifton 
Central; Matthew E. Allen, Delavan; 
Kathryn Lee Baker, Barry; Andrew 
Bertolino, Nokomis; Emilee Bocker, 
Eastland; Tiffany Buerk, Taylorville; 
Brenna Elizabeth Burnett, Hinckley- 
Big Rock; Adam Cappel, Rochelle; 
Steven Shane Clodfelter, East 
Richland - Olney; Ashley Conover, 
Liberty; Branden Craig, Galva; Josh 
Daugherty, Roanoke-Benson; Nick 
Daugherty, Taylorville; Drew Michael 
DeRiemacker, Geneseo; Lisa M. 
Earing, Tri-Point; Alison Ann Floto, 
Oregon; Neil Frank, Athens; Chelsea 
Frost, Porta; Jeremy Gibbs, Roanoke- 
Benson; Ryan Heaton, Jacksonville; 
Josh Owen Hill, Taylorville; Nathan 
Hodel, Roanoke-Benson; Mitchell 
Hurliman, Cissna Park; Jennifer Jones, 
Wesclin; Douglas Kahle, Prairie 
Central; Jay Thomas Kelley, 
Princeville; Seth King, Blue Ridge; 
Anna Christine Klingler, West 
Richland; Rick Koehler, Roanoke- 
Benson; Neal Kuester, Cissna Park; 
Daniel M. Lamoreux, Eastland; Kent 
Leesman, Hartsburg-Emden; Eric 
Lowery, Bluford; Darrin L. Martin, 
West Richland; Megan Mast, Liberty; 
Brendon Mehochko, Nokomis; 
Shannon Melliere, Valmeyer; 
Christina J. Merriman, Bluffs; Jessica 
Murphy, Hillshoro; Brett Obert, 
Liberty; Alexis L. Pope, Lincolnwood; 
Mallory Lynn Rahe, Bluffs; Amber 
Ray, Tri-Point; Derek C. Reed, 
Ashton; Taplia J. Renfrow, Normal; 
Mike Roach, Sycamore; Brandon 
Robinson, Clinton; Jordan Ruppert, 
Nokomis; Mary Schwarz, Highland; 
Joshua Seyfert, Paxton-Buckley-Loda; 
Steven Kreegier Shiley, Monticello; 
Matthew Lane Shriver, Unity; Josh St. 
Peters, Greenville; Karen M. Stuart, 

Taylorville; Joshua L. Sullivan, 
Morrisonville; Pete Thompson, 
Ashton; Sarah Tweet, Minooka; 
Timothy J. Walsh, Serena; Jason West, 
Goreville; Use Catherine Williams, 
Milford; Jennifer Lynn Wolf, Bushnell- 
Prairie City; Linda Kay Woods, Barry; 
Rebecca Yandell, Vienna; Michelle 
Zimmerman, Eureka 

Indiana: Pamela Amstutz, South 
Adams; Heather Ariens, Rushville; 
Jeremy Allen Armstrong, Switzetland 
County; Kristen Kay Baker, Clinton 
Central; Ryan Ballard, Shenandoah; 
Matthew D. Barrick, Sheridan; Kalen 
S. Bell, Clinton Prairie; Chris 
Blakenherger, North Posey; Vince 
Bollenhacher, South Adams; Casey W 
Bruns, Union City Community; David 
J. Burkett, South Ripley; Justin Busick, 
Orleans; Chelsea Joann Carter, 
Southmont; Amanda Jean 
Chamberalin, North Newton; Leslie 
Clark, Shenandoah; Sarah Elizabeth 
Clark, Tri-County; David A. Craig, 
Hagerstown; Chad Michael Crews, 
Clinton Central; Kyle C. Culp, 
Bellmont; Adam B. Culy, Hagerstown; 
Kristen E. Culy, Hagerstown; Nicole 
M. Cunningham, Hagerstown; Renee 
Deatsman, Warsaw; Jeff Demerly, Tri- 
County; Bradley Jay Dowty, 
Southmont; Jacob Eisterhold, North 
Posey; Tristan Leigh Emery, Mount 
Vernon; Jonathan Franks, West Noble; 
Chris D. Fuller, North Daviess; Wes 
Gearhart, North Miami; James Robert 
Gibbs, Shenandoah; Sheila Glunt, 
Sheridan; Jonathan Michael Graves, 
STAR Academy; Bryan Gretencord, 
Tri-County; Mark Haseley, Bremen; 
David Heater, Rossville; Justin Ryan 
Hill, Rossville; Jesse Hubble, Sullivan; 
Adam Ingle, Lewis Cass; Ryan 
Jackson, Shenandoah; Katie Lynn 
Keith, Hamilton Southeastern; Travis 
A. Kiesel, Gibson Southern; Josh 
Mark Knight, Huntington North; Kara 
Kohlhagen, Rensselaer; Lance Koontz, 
Hagerstown; Andrew R. Korb, 
Franklin County; Benjamin Leu, 
Prairie Heights; Doug Lindauer, Forest 
Park; Jacob Lindauer, Forest Park; 

Cody Paul Linville, Frankton; Sara 
Madren, Pendleton Heights; Jake 
Martin Jr., Shenandoah; Cole Eric 
Mathas, Riverton Parke; Darron 
McCrary Jr., Sullivan; Brandon S. 
McQueen, Corydon Central; Jacob 
William Menchhofer, South Ripley; 
Daniel L. Miller, Shenandoah; Daniel 
W Mitchell, Hagerstown; Justin 
Mohler, Western Boone; Melissa Jo 
Muhlenkamp, Jay County; Aaron 
Nally, Tri-County; Hanna Phillips, 
Clinton Central; David R. Ramey, 
Hagerstown; Matthew J. Roberts, 
Wawasee; Hans Schmitz, North Posey; 
Michael Seibert, Notth Posey; John 
Stauffer, Southern Wells; Derek 
Thompson, East Noble; Tristand 
Tucker, Clay City; Amber Utter, 
Tippecanoe Valley; Kelly Anne Vogel, 
South Ripley; Amanda Marie Vore, 
Hamilton Southeastern; Matt C. 
Voshell, Adams Centra; Stacie J. 
Warner, Whitko; Sara Waymire, 
Pendleton Heights; Lance Wealing, 
Tri-County; Jennifet L. Welp, Forest 
Park; Adam Wendholt, Forest Park; 
Laura S. Williams, Fountain Central; 
Nathan Douglas Williamson, 
Northeastern Wayne 

Iowa: Derek Andreas Balk, Tri Star; 
Isaac A. Bowers, Alburnett; Ryan L. 
Bru, Gladbrook-Reinbeck; Pete Ryan 
Burmeister, LaPorte-Dysart; Tom 
Cannon, Newton; Everett Charlson, 
Clarion-Goldfield; Lisa Christians, 
Wapsie Valley; Calli Cook, Anamosa; 
Terrence E. Cook, Cascade; Joshua A. 
Corcoran, Fredericksburg-Sumner; 
Melissa Davis, Wayne; Randy 
Derscheid, Mount Ayr; Nick Dodson, 
Prairie Valley; Jessica Drey, Red Oak; 
Jessica Edge, Humboldt; Cassie 
Ebrman, Benton Community; 
Christina Marie Erickson, Harlan; 
Abe Fischer, DeWitt Central; Jason 
Gearhart, West Delaware; Lynnea 
Golding, Alburnett; Jaclyne Hamlett, 
Starmont; Travis Jon Handrock, 
Central Trail of Leon; Wesley M. 
Hosch, Cascade; Kayla Jean Hotvedt, 
Decorah; Chad Hull, Montezuma; 
Joey Ray Ihrig, Maquoketa; James 

Johnson, Preston/East Central; Brad 
Jones, Rockwell-Sheffield; Ben 
Kerkman, Hudson; Brad Kinsinger, 
Mid-Prairie; Anthony J. Knepper, 
Cascade; Stefan Daniel Knudsen, 
Harlan; Clay Koenig, Marengo; 
Matthew Merlin Kuecker, Algona; 
Matthew Lee Kuket, Wapsie Valley; 
Matthew Gerald Kurt, Cascade; Tina 
Marie Lake, Edgewood Colesburg; 
Brandon Louis Laubenthal, Algona; 
Kris Lindsey, Central Trail of Leon; 
Andrew Link, Valley; Lee D. Lovik, 
Charles City; Daniel Madsen, 
Audubon; Christophet McCulloh, 
DeWitt Central; Landi McFarland, 
Mount Ayr; Clifford James McKinley, 
North-Linn; Lane Kyle McMullen, 
Anamosa; Troy Patrick McQuillen, 
Cascade; Holly Meester, Mount Ayr; 
Tony Mercer, Mount Ayr; Joshua 
Lester Merrill, Anamosa; Nathan Jon 
Meyer, North Fayette; Colin Moser, 
West Lyon; Chad Norman, Humboldt; 
Erik Michael Oberbroeckling, Tri-Star; 
Matt Ohms, Anita; Chad A. Olesen, 
Charles City; Christopher Olsem, 
Edgewood-Colesburg; Alyx Marie 
Oshel, Osceola Big Chief; Derek Dean 
Quam, Creston; Elizabeth Ratashak, 
Murray; Joshua C. Remington, Linn- 
Mar; Andrew Rens, Rock Valley; 
Maranda Reuter, Waverly-Shell Rock; 
Russell Dean Richardson, Central 
Trail of Leon; Brent Ricklefs, 
Anamosa; Rachael Noel Riesselman, 
Carroll Area; Matthew E. Rohrig, 
Orient-Macksburg; Cody Roller, 
Monticello; Nicholas George Rooney, 
Rockwell Sheffield; Joseph Wayne 
Rubland, Akron-Westfield; Casey 
Schares, Jesup; Tyler Shelquist, Albia; 
Matthew John David Shult:, Benton 
Community; Joshua T. Smith, 
Cascade; John Sobotka, Laurens- 
Marathon Tall Corn; Drew Sponheim, 
St. Ansgar; James Luvern Sprung, 
Rockwell-Sheffield; Jacob D. Stien, 
Benton Community; Gary Sullivan, 
Harlan; Nicholas J. Thole, West 
Delaware; Matthew G. Trask, 
Humboldt; Adam Vonnahme, 
Glidden-Ralston; Mark Weigel, West 
Delaware; Ashley Anne Wendt, 
Starmont; Peter Whitman, DeWitt 
Centtal; Ashlie Ann Wiebbecke, 
Wapsie Valley; Justin Wilkinson, 
DeWitt Central; Brent A. Wuthrich, 
Davis County; Chris Yarkosky, Albia; 
Aric Yaw, Decorah; Katie L. Zumbach, 

Kansas: Lindsay Archer, Winfield; 
Kristina Bauman, Sabetha; Daniel 
Otto Berges, Onaga; Kasie LeAnn 
Bogart, Arkansas City; Bradley J. 
Brunkow, Onaga; Dean Martin Burns, 
Jackson Heights; Kelly Carlson, 
Sabetha; Austin L. Cline, Onaga; 
Edwin Joseph Cooper, Altoona- 
Midway; Levi Ebert, Rock Creek; 
Derrick Fagg, Arkansas City; Carla 
Feese, Crest; Johanna Marie Forgy, 
Onaga; Randall Gerberding, 


American ffa Degree 


Wellington; Amy Good, Oakley; 
Grant Good, Blue Valley; Jacqueline 
Haas, Arkansas City; Erin J. Heinen, 
Downs-Cawker City; Phil Hoffman, 
Chapman; Orrin Holle, Atwood; 
Spencer Jacobs, Holton; Laney D. 
Kathrens, Holton; Travis Kunt:, 
Chapman; Jacob K. Lauer, Holcomb; 
Johni Lee, Southwestern Heights; 
Loran Lefert, Chapman; James 
Michael Lockhart, Wellington; Caleb 
Van Mattix, Cherryvale; Tate A. 
Maxwell, Holton; De Ann R. 
McCauley, Highland; Daniel Miller, 
Winfield; Katie Lea Morris, Arkansas 
City; Cameron Paul Moser, Onaga; 
Kaci Elaine O'Brien, Cherryvale; 
Justin S. Orton, Erie; Katie Jo 
Patterson, Jackson Heights; Matthew 
Pilkington, Wintield; Ronny Pope, 
Blue Valley; Laura E. Priest, Sahetha; 
Craig Pringle, Winfield; Blair K. Ray, 
Holton; Nick Regier, Moundridge- 
Hesston; Stephen Gile Russell, Pike 
Valley; Jefftey Schmidt, Haven; Sam 
Shrack, Chapman; Ben Stockebrand, 
Yates Center; Dustin Suffield, Centre; 
Jenna Tajchman, Centre-Lost Springs; 
Megan Tegtmeier, Hanover; Lance R. 
Visser, Riley County; Luke Wohler, 
Clay Center; Kyle Zwahlen, Labette 
I '< niiii\ 

Kentucky: Robert O. Alexander, 
Christian County; Melinda Sue 
Anderson, Bath County; Kimberly 
Dawn Angel, Jackson County; Brad 
Anglin, Garrard County; Chad 
Anglin, Garrard County; Jill Baldwin, 
East Carter; Jamie Barker, Garrard 
County; Sara Barnes, Livingsron 
Central; Mickey Barrett, Owsley 
County; Bryce Baumann, Madison 
Southern; Philip Logan Beyke, Daviess 
County; Jeremy Wayne Binkley, 
Crittenden County; Jarrod Birch, 
Grayson County; Gregory Travis Blair, 
Johnson Central; k'risty Lane Board, 
Breckinridge County; James T. Bond, 
Caldwell County; John Charles 
Bowman, Owsley County; Emily 
Btanstetter, Metcalfe County; Brett 
Joseph Burns, Owsley County; Samuel 
F. Burt, Johnson Central; Ronald E. 
Bush, Wolfe County; Chris Butcher, 
Bath County; Jeffery J. Campbell Jr., 
Logan County; Erika R. Carson, Wolfe 
County; Heidi L. Chism, Wolfe 
County; Casey Chittenden, Livingston 
Central; Daniel S. Clemmons, Jackson 
County; Pamela Coffey, Southwestern; 
Kevin L. Collignon, Daviess County; 
Jessica Collins, Meade County; 
Matthew Combs, Wolfe County; John 
William Conn, Jessamine County; 
Dustin Allen Cooper, Owsley County; 
Brian Christophet Cornell, Nelson 
County; Kasey Cox, Daviess County; 
Laura Evelyn Crump, Bourbon 
County; Krista Lee Curtis, Caldwell 
County; Christopher Davis, Garrard 
County; Stephanie Rae Dones, Nelson 
County; Travis Scott Drake, Ohio 
County; Rebecca Duncan, Apollo; 

James Daniel Edgington, Garrard 
County; Christopher A. Estes, 
Jessamine County; Kevin Anthony 
Estes, Woodford County; Sarah Ezell, 
Logan County; Nikki Floyd, Garrard 
County; Chevelle Dawn Ftanks, Wolfe 
County; Phillip Robert Gerrow, 
Woodford County; Devon Michelle 
Gillum, Breathitt County; Holly 
Renee Gilpin, Green County; Joshua 
James Goodwin, Lone Oak; Adam 
Grant, Madison Southern; Melanie 
Green, Apollo; Dustin Gumm, Owsley 
County; Joshua Michael Gumm, 
Owsley County; Daniel Hall, 
Jessamine County; Rodney Hall, 
Livingston Central; Laura Ashley 
Hanks, Logan County; C. Christopher 
Hatton, Wolfe County; Kristie 
Haynes, Breckinridge County; Robert 
Head, Apollo; Joshua Earl Heath, 
Graves County; Paul Edward Helton, 
Wolfe County; Jay Patrick Henderson, 
Breckinridge County; Christopher Ed 
Hendrick, Central Hardin; Adam 
Hendricks, Logan County; Amanda R. 
Hendricks, Logan County; Shelbie A. 
Hillard, Jessamine County; William 
Robert Holloman, Crittenden County; 
Ethan Daniel Holloway, Logan 
County; Brian Hopkins, Hickman 
County; Meredith E. Hughes, Logan 
County; Stephen Kelly Hunt, 
Reidland; Kendra J. Hurt, Logan 
County; Zack Ison, Mercer County; 
Bret Jackson, Bourbon County; 
Dewayne Jessee, Metcalfe County; 
Matt Jolly, Logan County; Brandon K. 
Jones, Metcalfe County; Bruce Kuegel 
Jr., Apollo; Josh Lancaster, 
Breckinridge County; Matthew Bruce 
Lindsey, Edmonson County; Andrea 
Lunsford, Jessamine County; Melinda 
Mallory, Jessamine County; John 
Allen Mason, Bourbon County; Jason 
Massey, Caldwell County; Amelia L. 
Mayabb, Wolfe County; Lindsey 
Mayse, Henry County; rhillip G. 
McCauley, Harrison County; Adam B. 
McCord, Fleming County; Rhonda 
Middleton, Garrard County; Jeremy 
Miller, Madison Southern; Susan 
Rogers Mitchell, Henderson County; 
Matthew Murphy, Apollo; Justin 
O'Bryan, Apollo; Kyle Penick, Todd 
County Central; Adam Probst, Scott 
County; Tashia Marie Rash, Bullitt 
Central; Lacey Ratcliff, East Carter; 
Douglas W. Reynolds, Owsley County; 
Randall Riffe, East Carter; Robin 
Schwartz, Apollo; Stephanie Nicole 
Sexton, Crittenden County; J. 
Matthew Simpson, Warren East; Kyle 
Jeffrey Skidmore, Bullitt Central; 
Megan Allison Smart, Bourbon 
County; Daniel C. Smith, Logan 
County; Jeremy Lawrence Smith, 
Washington County; John G. Smith, 
Taylor County; Estill J. Smith Parsons, 
Owsley County; Daniel Starnes, 
Edmonson County; Evan Tate, 
Bteckinridge County; Adam Douglas 
Teatet, Jessamine County; William C. 
Tetrill, Wolfe County; Jay Conrad 

Thompson, Carlisle County; Luc inda 
C. Thompson, Fleming County; Clay 
Tilford, Heath; Melina Rene Todd, 
Spencet County; Bradley M. Warren, 
Washington County; Tracy Carol 
Webb, Montgomety County; Nathan 
C Whelan, Meade County; Joseph 
Williams, Caldwell County; Kristina 
Jean Williams, Caldwell County; 
Megan Williams, Allen Co- 
Scottsville; Adam Paul Wilson, 
Owsley County; David E. Wilson, 
Jackson County; Gtegory Wilson, 
Calloway County; Leigh Ann Wilson, 
Wolfe County; Wade Woodard, Logan 
County; Nicholas Dale Woods, 
Owsley County 

Louisiana: Leanna R. Becnel, 
Thibodaux; Samantha Frances Bell, 
Ebarb; Wesley Groves, Stanley; D. J. 
Haley, Mansfield; Nichole T Roach, 

Maryland: Kelly Lynn Burrier, 
Walkersville; |essica M. Jager, 1 larford 

Michigan: Brandon Bertram, Lapeer 
Vo-Tech; Thomas Braid, Corunna; 
Nicole Campbell, Durand; Chris 
Creguer, Laker; Sheena Marie Cross, 

Hamlin, Webherville; Jodi Marie 
Harper, Montague; Emily Hogberg, 
Mason; Sarah Howard, Ravenna; 
Melissa Joy Huff, Allegan; Royce C. 
Humm, Breckenridge; Andrew 
Korson, Ravenna; Amanda Lawrence, 
Homer; Rob Liebengood, Corunna; 
Amber Marie Peet, Ithaca; Brian 
Edward Pincik, Corunna; Amanda J. 
Quinlan, Ithaca; Shannon Ratkowski, 
Bronson; Trina Riggie, Breckenridge; 
Crystal Schulz, Unionville-Sebewaing; 
Terry James Schulz, Unionville- 
Sebewaing; Scott Smalley, Uhly; 
Jeremy Sova, Ithaca; Brandon Lynn 
Sttong, Waldron; Eric Lee Tannehill, 
Alma; Matthew Thomas, Homer; 
Kayla Marie Tuggle, Ithaca; Dana 
Veddler, Wexford-Missaukee; Sarah 
Wise, Lapeer Vo-Tech; Kyle Yackle, 
Laker; Megan Zuehlke, Birch Run 

Minnesota: Jeremiah James 
Ackermann, Jackson County Centtal; 
Neil Aho, Menahga; Brock Anderson, 
Menahga; Theresa Marie Appel, 
Maple River; Robert C. Arends, Ada- 
Borup; Brent Atndt, Jackson County 
Central; Casey Becker, Spring Valley- 
Wykoff; MaryAnne Bedtke, Plainview; 
Ashley Diane Bell, Perham; Angie 

St. Louis; Jamie Lyn Daniels, 
Standish-Sterling; Luke Daniels, 
Whittemore-Prescott; Nicholas R. 
Dhyse, North Huron; Michael Doan, 
We\ti h,I Missaukee, I e\ n.i Nell 
I kissi I, ( ass. ip. .lis, |, . -.I.ii.i Kyle Ferrier, 
Dansville; Kyle Freeman, Corunna; 
Calby Garrison, Lenawee Vo-Tech; 
Garrick Griffith, Ogemaw Heights; 
Jerry Ray Grigar, Ithaca; Kristin 
Gruett, St. Louis; Robert Kevin Haag, 
L'nionville-Sehewaing; Laura M. 

Bengtson, New London-Spicer; 
Rhonda Kay Bitker, Tracy Area; Jared 
Lee Bitzan, Alexandria; Alicia Blum, 
Litchfield; Patsy A. Bruckhoff, United 
South Central; Joel Busch, Albert Lea; 
John Cavanaugh, Spring Valley- 
Wykoff; Ryan James Christensen, 
Battle Lake; Gaylord Christianson, 
Norman County West; Holly 
Covington, New Ulm; Sarah 
Cunningham, Sioux Valley-Round 
Lake- Brewster; Matthew Demi, 


M American ffa Degree 

Owatonna; Penni Dicke, Goodhue; 
Ben Drencher, Alden-Conger; 
Catherine Erding, Spring Valley- 
Wykoff; Mark Flatgard, Jackson 
County Central; Shell Chere Franks, 
Perham; Daniel L. Fritsche, New Ulm; 
Jonathan S. Gorentz, Perham; John N. 
Heise, United South Central; Emily 
Hjelle, New London-Spicer; David G. 
Hove, United South Central; Kelly 
JoAnn Hove, Staples Motley; Jason 
Jenks, Minnevvaska; Samuel James 
Jens, Tracy Area; Megan Kappers, 
Spring Valley-Wykoff; Cassandra 

Mississippi: Arron F. Chunn, 
Neshoba Central; Hope Chunn, 
Neshoba Central; Gordon Taylor 
Clihurn, Lawrence County; Isaiah 
Cochran, Carthage; Brian Dunn, 
Neshoha Central; Jared Freeman, 
Mize; Tera Canoy Jefferson, Brooklyn; 
Kimherly R. Legg, West Jones; Clint 
Logan, Neshoha Central; Kenneth 
Bradley Lowery, Taylorsville; 
Christopher Ryan Mathis, Hinds 
Community College Collegiate; Dusty 
McCaughn, Forest-Scott; Donald Joe 
Nowell, Neshoha Central; Crystal 


T? ••"•■wo, fc-^Sl^S 

f& shp. 



/e ndsh;,. 

''-■:, ,<■ 

Kuhall, Waterville-Elysian- 
Morristown; Katherine Marie Lanoue, 
Tracy Area; Chauntel Larson, New 
London-Spicer; Jesse R. Larson, 
Alhert Lea; Beth Marie Lauwagie, 
GFW Pioneer Express; Carrie Lien, 
Montevideo; Scott Robert 
Mackenthun, Glencoe-Silver Lake; 
Jessica Ann Meemken, Battle Lake; 
Thomas O. Miller, United South 
Central; Matthew J. Modrow, Perham; 
Daniel Nelson, Norman County West; 
Trent A. Olson, Lewiston-Altura; Paul 
Paplow, Sioux Valley-Round Lake- 
Brewster; Garrett Pommeranz, 
Waterville-Elysian-Morristown; Jason 
J. Resch, Jackson County Central; 
Lindsay Joleen Schliep, Zumbrota- 
Mazeppa; Jacob Sellner, Sleepy Eye; 
Jennifer Ann Sellner, GFW Pioneer 
Express; Kamaria Linn Skoglund, 
Tracy Area; Jayne Smith, Maple 
River; Sarah M. Staton, Benson; 
Adam Stegemann, Jackson County 
Central; Melinda Kay Swanson, 
Stillwater; Lindsay Takala, Cherry; 
Sarah Tesmer, Fillmore Central; 
Megan A. Theede, United South 
Central; Josh Tommerdahl, Norman 
County West; Troy Tyrrell, Staples- 
Motley; Eric Visser, Ada-Borup; Julie 
Alicia Voigt, Southland; Eric A. 
Volsen, United South Central; 
Michael P. Wellens, Chaska; Jacob 
Yost, Nicollet; Joshua Alan Zeithamer, 
Alexandria; Cris Zimmerman, 
Norman County West; Joshua Zylstra, 

Lane Palmer, Pine Grove; Justin 
Pennington, Lawrence County; Jason 
Rogers, Independence; Chase B. 
Rutland, Lawrence County; Katie 
Taylor, Petal; Cody O. Tucker, 
Brooklyn; Matthew Vance, Forest- 
Scott; Jason Vasquez, Carthage; 
Christy Claire Windham, Northeast 

Missouri: Ashley L. Akeman, Sweet 
Sptings; Denvet Alsup, Fair Grove; 
Michael Brandon Bachmann, 
Perryville; Dustin Bauer, St Joseph; 
Emma Lea Baxter, Logan-Rogersville; 
Chris Beach, North Shelby; Eric James 
Bell, Willard; Owen Drew Bender, 
South Holt; Matthew Benedict, 
Skyline; Joshua Bird, Ozark; Joshua A. 
Birke, Union; Justin Bishop, Aurora; 
John Joseph Blackburn, South 
Callaway; Lacey A. Bledsoe, Eldon; 
Nicole Beth Bloemendaal, 
Northwestern; Christian E. Bonar, 
Sweet Springs; Amanda M. Bonner, 
Fordland; Bethany Irene Bourgeois, 
Clark County; Samantha Bowman, 
South Shelby; Jessica Lynn Bradley, 
Macon; Jessy Bradley, Knox County; 
Jonathan Bradley, Knox County; Celia 
Brammer, Carrollton ACC; Bobby 
Bramwell, Crest Ridge; Andrew 
Brandt, Concordia; Jason Braun, Ste. 
Genevieve; Josh Breshears, Nevada; 
Adam Blinker, North Callaway; Kara 
Britt, Salisbury; Cody M. Brock, Stet; 
Jacob Merryl Brookhart, Clark 
County; Bryan Brotherton, 
Chillicothe; Kyle Brundage, 

Princeton; Brandon Buerck, Perryville; 
Mandi Lea Bulen, Memphis; John 
Randall Bullard, Ashland; Chris Burk, 
Richmond; Michelle Burkart, 
Columbia; Julie Burns, Fair Play; 
Danny Campbell, Eugene; M. Lane 
Campbell, Memphis; Johnie Ray 
Carroll, Lakeland; Diane Chapin, 
West Plains; Lucas Chapman, Rolla; 
Blake Christenson, Branson; David 
Clark, Knox County; Amanda J. 
Clevenger, Braymer; Kim Clevenger, 
Gallatin; Jon Close, Green Ridge; Eric 
R. Cochran, Holden; Thomas Scott 
Coleman, Macon; Mary Jo Colley, 
Miller; Blake Conrad, South Shelby; 
Andy J. Cook, Willard; Jon Cook, 
Macon; Franklin (Troy) Cooley, State 
Fair; Megan Amanda Cooper, 
Stanberry; Rebekkah E. Cornine, 
Smithville; Adam Good Cotton, St 
Joseph; Gregory Edward Cox, Silex; 
Schuyler Cox, North Central Career 
Center; Tiffany D. Crews, Slater; 
Yukon Curtis, Clopton; Sara Kaylene 
Cushard, Nevada; Stephanie Dempsey, 
Pleasant Hill; Jeffrey Lance DeWeese, 
Brunswick; Richard DeWitt, Macon; 
Chris J. Dieckman, Cole Camp; Ryan 
Dignan, Worth County; Cheyenne 
Marie Dockins, East Newton; Ashley 
Suzanne Douglas, Richland; Jesse A. 
Dunkle, Lex La Ray; Bonnie J. Eads, 
Kansas City East; Chris Eckenfels, Ste. 
Genevieve; Serena Diane Ehlers, El 
Dorado Springs; Wesley Emhree, Van- 
Far; Brent Erisman, Centralia; Katie 
Estes, Richmond; Richard Evans, 
Clopton; Chad Farris, Russellville; 
Greg Ficken, Green Ridge; Rachel 
Findley, Pleasant Hill; Kyle L. Fischer, 
Van-Far; Ashley Season Fisk, Buffalo; 
Kyle D. Forkner, North Callaway; 
Ryan K. Fountain, Eldon; JaNetta 
Fowler, Adrian; Luke Fraley, Thayer; 
Gail Ann Fricke, Higginsville; Travis 
Fricke, Higginsville; Thomas Allen 
Frickenschmidt, Lockwood; Amanda 
Frieze, Willard; Bethany Frieze, 
Morrisville; Bryce Robert Garland, 
Odessa; Eric Gegg, Ste. Genevieve; 
Lindsey Raye Gentry, Brookfield; 
Chris Gerlt, Versailles; Casie Renee 
Gervy, Stet; Thomas F. Gibbs, Verona; 
Brian Russel Gillis, Butler; Adam 
Glenn, Charleston-Danforth; Nathan 
Lee Granneman, Milan; Casey 
Greene, Jasper; Andrew Greenwood, 
Hamilton; Bryce Gregory, Clopton; 
Sarah L. Grubb, Memphis; Adam G. 
Gudde, Holden; Buddy Hager, 
Higginsville; Tony Dwayne Haile, 
California; Kendal Scott Hall, 
Richmond; Jason Hamilton, 
Princeton; Jeremy Hamilton, 
Princeton; Taylor Nicole Hankins, 
Lakeland; Fallon E. Harden, Eldon; 
Brandy Nicole Hastings, Lockwood; 
Lindsay Morgan Haymes, Mount 
Vernon; Sahrina Marie Hayward, Cole 
Camp; Adam Henderson, Mexico; 
Dustin Hensley, Jasper; Justin E Hicks, 
West Plains; Chelsea Higginhotham, 
Seneca; Adam Hoffman, Lebanon; 

Matt J. Houx, Holden; Chris Huth, 
Boonville; Scott Jackson, Bowling 
Green; Danny Jaspering, Warrenton; 
Charles Cordell Jenkins 111, Rolla; 
Jared Jennett, Sarcoxie; Luke 
Jennings, Holden; Lacy Jewell, 
Hamilton; Justin D. Jokerst, Ste. 
Genevieve; Cynthia Rene' Jones, 
Houston; Valerie Keltner, El Dorado 
Springs; James Kennedy, Halfway; 
Melissa Kenney, Stockton; Janise 
Morgan Kerperien, Campbell; Justin 
Kessler, Washington; Adam Kimrey, 
Lebanon; Emily B. Kirtle, Memphis; 
Steven A. Kline, Mid Buchanan; Cole 
Knipp, Tipton; Eric Kopmann, 
Warrenton; Gabrielle N. Krai, Eldon; 
Lon M. Kurzweil, Archie; Justin 
Robert Kyle, Cole Camp; Rachelle 
Marie Lacy, North Harrison; Chad 
Lathrop, Nevada; Kristi Lawrence, 
Aurora; Travis Legleiter, Nevada; 
Adam Lewis, Ashland; Drew C. Liles, 
Nevada; Sarah Loehr, St. Clair; 
Christopher Lohmann, Perryville; 
Jeremy Dale Lorenzen, Santa Fe; Doug 
Ludwig, Jackson; Randall Dean 
Mabary, Skyline; Heather Magruder, 
Clopton; Lee Magruder, Clopton; 
Luke W. Mahnken, Higginsville; 
Adam Tyler Markt, South Holt; Billi 
Marriott, Northwest Technical 
School; Bianca Starr Martin, 
Woodland; Lydia Martin, South 
Shelby; Julie Marx, St Joseph; Victoria 
Lottie Mathews, Carthage; Christina 
Mattingly, Farmington; Derek 
McCauslin, Chillicothe; Chad 
McCormick, Woodland; Amy 
McCrea, Maysville; Jeremy McGill, 
California; Doug McLain, Meadville; 
Scotty McMahon, Richland; Todd 
McVicker, Boonville; Jara Lynn 
Mease, Galena; Brooke Lynn Meek, 
Maysville; Jared Meyer, Salisbury; 
Justin J. Meyer, Cole Camp; Robert L. 
Meyer, Brunswick; Steven Miesner, 
Perryville; Kurt P. Miller, Mound City; 
Steven Miller, Brunswick; Johnathan 
Minor, Grundy Co. R-5; Katie Morris, 
Green Ridge; Lora Muri, Jamestown; 
Jordan N. Naeger, Ste. Genevieve; 
Timothy Andrew Neislein, Perryville; 
Kacie Nelson, Macon; Laura Nichols, 
DeKalb; John Niemeyer, Bowling 
Green; Rachel E. Nivens, Miller; Brett 
L. Nordwald, Warrenton; Josh Norton, 
Pleasant Hope; Kory J. Norton, 
Memphis; Karen Null, Woodland; 
Doug O'Dell, Tina Avalon; Kyle 
O'Leary, Aurora; Wade Joseph 
Orscheln, Fatmia; Amy Osner, 
Lakeland; Heidi Osner, Lakeland; 
Adam Ross Owen, Republic; Michael 
G. Owens, Woodland; Sarah Owens, 
Fordland; Blake R. Parker, Gallatin; 
Jeffrey Parkison, Walnut Grove; 
Andrew John Parks, Chillicothe; 
Megan J. Perry, North Shelby; 
Melinda R. Peterson, Archie; Laura J. 
Petty, Smithville; Joseph Caleb 
Philipps, Lex La Ray; Tawney Pickett, 
Princeton; Krystal M. Pittman, Kansas 
City East; Michelle Porter, Jasper; 


American FFA Degree 


Mark D. Randall, Ashland; Gena 
Rasmussen, Ovvensville; Patrick 
McCoy Reach, Miller; Sara 
Rechterman, Higginsville; Charlie 
Reece, Butler; Lisa Marie Rees, Jasper; 
Brooks Cowan Reid, Chillicothe; Leah 
Dawn Reid, Sweet Springs; Dale 
Renfro, Archie; Carrie Rennison, 
Braymer; Justin Richardson, North 
Harrison; Garret A. Rives, Woodland; 
John Cory Robinson, Maysville; Adam 
A. Rolf, Tarkio; Skylar Rolf, Tarkio; 
Tyler Rolofson, Tarkio; Curtis Scott 
Rouse, Houston; Matthew H. Ryan, 
Milan; Elizabeth K. Sapp, East 
Newton; Melissa Schad, Versailles; 
Chad Schaftter, Tipton; Robert 
Eugene Schatzer, California; Joseph 
Anthony Schneider, Warrenton; Terry 
J. Schneier, Perryville; Casey Lynn 
Schroff, North Central Career Centet; 
Laura A. Schwarz, East Buchanan; 
Seth Seedorf, Sarcoxie; Heather Lynn 
Shauck, Eldon; Rachelle J. Shiflett, 
Smithville; Elizabeth Shipley, 
Northwest Technical School; Alan 
Shippy, Crest Ridge; Joseph Shively, 
Monroe City; Laura L. Simmons, 
Eldon; Jeffrey B. Sims, Sweet Springs; 
Sarah Smalley, Stockton; Gregg 
Smithson, Humansville; Phillip 
Snodgrass, Hamilton; Jessica Spencer, 
Mid Buchanan; Brad Starbuck, 
Schuyler R-l; Margaret L. Stark, 
Eldon; Dustin Stegeman, Fatima; 
Matthew James Steiger, Ste. 
Genevieve; James Everett Stevens, 
North Central Career Center; Gera 
Stewart, North Callaway; Gretchen 
Stiefel, North Shelby; Lee Brooke 
Stockhorst, Columbia; Kyle Stolzet, 
Ste. Genevieve; Austin Story, 
Gallatin; Kaylee Stramel, Carthage; 
Eddie Btuce Strobel, Concordia; Cliff 
Stundebeck, Salisbury; Zeb Sturgeon, 
East Newton; Adam Summerlott, East 
Prairie; Austin Blake Swafford, 
Savannah; Brandon Lee Swafford, 
Savannah; David Swaters, Lakeland; 
Adam Swearingin, Lathrop; Jaymie 
Michele Tate, Ashland; Lucas L. 
Thogmartin, Neosho; Jennifer D. 
Thompson, Willard; Justin Thorn, 
Sarcoxie; Jason W. Tibbies, Gilman 
City; Ross Timmerberg, Hermann; 
Lance Trankler, Jackson; Brian Tubbs, 
Mound City; Krystel Renee Tubbs, 
Mound City; Amy C. Tuley, Eldon; Jo 
Ann Tummons, Gallatin R-V; Jamie 
Underwood, Pleasant Hope; Jennifer 
Valentine, Putnam County; Brian 
Vance, Centralia; Jerod VanGenderen, 
Princeton; Rachel Viox, Ste. 
Genevieve; Clayton J. Vogl, Slater; 
Bret Voskamp, Mount Vernon; Justin 
Wallace, Lex La Ray; Tammy Wallace, 
Licking; Jennifer Watts, East Newton; 
Aaron Whelan, Monroe City; Cristy 
White, Sarcoxie; Hannah I. White, 
Crest Ridge; Jennifer Williams, 
Chillicothe; Michael John Willis, 
North Callaway; Michael Keith 
Wilson, Bloomfield; Adam Wolf, 
Chillicothe; Colin Woodworth, 

Chillicothe; Matthew T Yokeley, 
Marshall; Marc Zell, Meadville 

Montana: Shawna Michele Acord, 
Belgrade; Mary Anne Anderson, Big 
Timber; Travis Ray Bain, Richey; Nick 
Beck, Deer Lodge; Aaron Beil, 
Hinsdale; Jay Blankenship, Miles City; 
Bridger Boyd, Shields Valley; Travis J. 
Brown, Huntley Project; Sharla 
Bryant, Missoula; Amanda Holly 
Cloud, Stevensville; Cole James Cook, 
Miles City; Cody A. Dallas, Shields 
Valley; Lance Thomas Durgan, Park; 
Kevin Elias, Chinook; Chris E. H. 
Fritz, Flathead; Clayton Gernaat, 
Conrad; Kristen Goetz, Clarks Fork; 
Sarah Lee Hogemark, Big Timber; 
Shanna Huckins, Broadus; Lacey A. 
Hunter, Stevensville; Cole Idland, 
Richey; Bruce Evan Johnson, Forsyth; 
Jodie Frances Johnston, Forsyth; 
Bridget Kanning, Plentywood; Joseph 
Patrick Kiel Jr., Miles City; Nikkie 
Marie Logan, Miles City; Cooper 
Martin, Conrad; William Louis 
Mcintosh IV, Deer Lodge; Lyndsey 
Alexis Merchant, Broadus; Mary 
Meyer, Stevensville; Dustin Mielke, 
Conrad; Russell Mosher, Shepherd; 
Lance Nelson, Big Sandy; Laurie 
Elizabeth Page, Judith Gap; Matk 
Patterson, Columbus; Scott Perkins, 
Deer Lodge; Brodie Pierce, Park; Ben 
Robertus, Park City; Elizabeth 
Sarrazin, Shields Valley; Jo Anna 
Lynn Sarrazin, Shields Valley; Tyler 
Sarrazin, Shields Valley; Miranda 
Sather, Chinook; Jason Scarpholt, 
Richey; Meghan Sederholm, Fergus of 
Lewiston; Lacie Shackelford, 
Plentywood; Rylee Jean Strauser, 
Chinook; Dennis Mason C. Tobiason, 
Flathead; Hiede Wandler, 
Stevensville; Ted Wiegand, Shelby; 
Michael Ray Wiltse, Broadus 

Nebraska: Cole Andrew Anderson, 
Centennial; Jena Anderson, 
Gothenburg; Blaine Christopher 
Andrews, Hampton; Matthew K. 
Applegarth, Wauneta- Palisade; 
Nathan Michael Baack, Centennial; 
Adam Scott Backer, Randolph; James 
Lynn Banahan, Fairbury; Halley 
Beekley, Wilber-Clatonia; Michael 
James Bergen, Heartland; Pamela 
Bergstrom, Plainview; Maggie Bernt, 
Wheeler Central; Blaine John Bortner, 
Republican Valley; Susan Braunsroth, 
Miltord; Timothy Brovont, Lyons- 
Decatur Northeast; Amanda Bulling, 
Waverly; Jesse Burbach, Randolph; 
Monica Daake, Centennial; Jacob Lee 
Deines, Ravenna; Jeremiah Scott 
Deines, Ravenna; Michelle M. 
Demerath, Plainview; Sarah Demmel, 
Grant; Mason L. Dendinger, 
Hartington; Holly Dickinson, Seward; 
Thomas E. Donahue, Raymond 
Central; Brent Driewer, Heartland; 
Craig Ehel, Wisner-Pilger; Jill Marie 
Eisenhauer, Bloomfield; Evan B. 
Engelman, Diller-Odell; Sheldon G. 
Epp, Heartland; Matt Erb, Milford; 

Ryan James Fairley, Fairbury; Angela 
E. Feilmeier, Hartington; Steve Fiala, 
Miltord; Caleb Fintel, Sutton; Cody 
Fred, Loup County; Tessa Lynn 
Frenzen, Fullerton; Neal A. Friesen, 
Heartland; Sean Gleason, Holdrege; 
Michael Anthony Gordon, Logan 
View; Melissa Green, Wheeler 
Central; Jeremy Greving, Central 
City; Shannon Griess, Sutton; Jaclyn 
Rae Grundman, Nebraska City; Tracy 
Hadenfeldt, Centura; Jessica Hain, 
Hampton; Christopher J. Hanke, York; 
Christopher Thomas Hansen, 
Medicine Valley; Matthew Ryan 
Hanson, Bloomfield; Calvin Havener, 
Milford; Katie Heiden, Hampton; 
Janelle Hohbie, Nebraska City; Adam 
C. Hoebelheintich, Harrington; 
Joshua Charles Howard, Scottsbluff; 
Sam Howard, Hampton; Scott Hula, 
East Butler; Joseph Alan Jessen, 
Bloomfield; Rehekah Marie Jessen, 
Bloomfield; Valerie Dawn Johnsen, 
Lewiston; Brandy Johnson, 
Leigh/C llarkson; ( 'assandra Marie 
Johnson, Verdigre; Dustin E. Johnson, 
Bloomfield; Josh Johnson, Holdrege; 
Travis P. Jueden, Hartington; Chad 
Junck, Randolph; Joel Kaelin, Ansley; 
Charlene Anne Kastanek, Wilber- 
Clatonia; Amanda Keep, Notth Loup- 
Scotia; Elizabeth Keep, North Loup- 
Scotia; Kevin Kellet, Spencer-Naper; 
Gregory Dale Klipp, Hampton; Beau 
Klug, Lakeview; Kori K. Kock, Logan 
View; Kristen Dawn Kotinek, Wilber- 
Clatonia; Justin Kreman, Bayard; John 
Charles Krohn, Albion; James 
Kunzman, Albion; Andrew Labenz, 
Newman Grove; Steve Landon, 
Waverly; Jolene Rose Latter, Wilcox; 
Daniel W. Laughlm, 
Lawrence/Nelson; Nicholas John 
Lenhoff, Randolph; Jessica Long, 
Wauneta-Palisade; Wade J. Lorenz, 
Randolph; Lance Manker, Republican 
Valley; Elizabeth Maricle, Albion; 
Christopher Marsh, Hartington; Craig 
S. Marsh, Hartington; Erin Michele 
Mattern, Norfolk; Gregory E. 
McClanahan, West Holt; Michelle L. 
McHenry, Hampton; Bobbi Jo 
McMillan, Albion; Jennifer Lynn 
Meier, Hartington; Luke A. Meyers, 
Superior; Stuart William Miller, 
Lyons-Decatut Northeast; Carsten 
James Mlady, Bloomfield; Travis J. 
Mlady, Bloomfield; Curtis Molt, 
Albion; Britt Moser, Palmyra; Larry 
Joseph Moser, Randolph; Brent 
Nelms, Dundy County; Andrea 
Michele Nelson, Creighton; Ciji 
Nelson, Sutton; Carrie Nuss, Sutton; 
Josh O'Brien, Newman Grove; Josh R. 
Oltmans, Lawrence/Nelson; Cody 
Osten, Lakeview; Tasha Osten, 
Lakeview; Eric Peeks, Centennial; 
Stacy Jo Peitz, Hartington; Kylie 
Michelle Peters, Central City; Tylet 
Peters, Hampton; Andra R. Petersen, 
Loup County; William LeRoy 
Peterson, York; Thomas J. Pinkelman, 
Hartington; Sarah Jane Placke, St. 

Paul; William E. Pohlmeier, 
Lawrence/Nelson; Austin Post, 
Syracuse; Shane Potter, Raymond 
Central; Joe Radke, Centennial; Lilly 
April Rager, Ravenna; Justin Ramm, 
Stuart; Kyle Brady Rasmussen, Blair; 
Scott Reinhart, Albion; Matthew 
Rempe, Superior; Lance Riley, 
Miltord; Amanda Romshek, East 
Butler; Nathan Patrick Ronnau, North 
Bend Central; Kane W. Schmall, 
Bayard; Nate Schmidt, Hampton; Ben 
Scott, Falls City; Sara Seidel, Burwell; 
Ken Simons, Centura; Jeremy Dale 
Sklenar, Ravenna; Ashley Jo Skrdlant, 
Blue Hill; Melissa Smith, Laurel- 
Concord; William David Smith, 
Wheeler Centtal; Cara Snider, 
Wheeler Central; Jonathan Soper, 
Aurora; Matthew Soukup, North Bend 
Central; Leah Spath, North Bend 
Centtal; Jason Stark, Plainview; Katie 
Sterkel, Sutton; Courtney R. Stottler, 
Crofton; Bob Strudl, Albion; Ashley 
N. Stuart, Nebtaska City; Dillon 
Stutzman, Centennial; Aaron D. 
Sudbeek, Hartington; Sarah Swanson, 
Pender; Jeff Timmermans, Sutton; 
Dustin Michael Tomes, Centennial; 
Tim Vest, Ashland-Greenwood; 
Stacey Vlasin, Crete; Brice Volker, 
Norris; Jess Waddell, Sutton; Veronica 
Anne Waddell, Republican Valley; 
Kirby K. Wagner, Creighton; Matthew 
Walford, Centennial; Ryan D. 
Walrath, Cedar Rapids; Alan J. 
Werner, St. Edward; Eric Whitney, 
Milford; Mallorie Faith Wilken, 
Ctofton; Cherish J. Williams, 
Schuyler; Farris C. Williams, North 
Loup-Scotia; Ryan A. Windhorst, 
Syracuse; Kyla Wize, Gothenburg; 
Adam Wollenburg, Tri County; David 
Wood, Palmyra; Vicki L. Wray, Ord; 
Susan Znamenacek, Wilber-Clatonia 

Nevada: Cali Allen, Ruby Mountain; 
Erica M. Awbrey, Ruby Mountain; 
Rochonne Burgess, Ruby Mountain; 
Jose M. Casas, Wells; Samantha 
Cavender, Ruby Mountain; Ashley 
Ganguet, Silvet Sage; Ericka Huether, 
Silver Sage; Amanda J. Hylton, Wells; 
Julie Morrison, Silver Sage; Edwin C 
Sarman 111, Silver Sage; Kati J. 
Sundseth, Silver Sage; Rebecca Supp, 
Wells; Sarah Vipham, Ruby 
Mountain; Cassie Wyllie, Silver Sage 

New Hampshire: Timothy E. Morrill, 
Winnisquam; Melanie Sanborn, 
Seacoast School of Technology 

New Jersey: Michael N. Brooks, 
Woodstown; Christopher P. Nnadi, 
Penns Grove 

New Mexico: Amanda LaRae Bridge, 
Tularosa; Mai i.inna Pn i\\ n, San |on; 
Melissa Campbell, Dexter; Kendra 
Beth Encinias, Belen; Dal Frost, 
Corona; Kolbyn S. Joy, Artesia; Kristy 
Kelley, Artesia; Frank Krentz, Animas; 
Sara Kuykendall, Mesa Vista; Adriana 
Leyvas, NMSU Collegiate FFA; 
Micah Lea Purcella, Goddard; 


M American FFA Degree 

Quentin Paul Ray, Grady; Aaron 
Stevens, Portales; Johnathon Walsh, 
Moriarty; Denise Rae Whitener, 

New York: Carolyn Barkley, Tri- 
Valley; Jason Hnatko, Greenville 
Central; Patrick Kelly, Lowville; 
Kristen Keryk, Medina; Kurt Lawton, 
Schoharie Valley; J. D. Logan, 
Lowville; Stephen W. Newman, 
Greenville; Lisa Ann Polewczak, 
Schuylerville; Victor Rodriguez, John 
Bowne; Amanda Taholt, Lowville; 
Kate Walker, Falconer; Holly M. 
Walters, Lowville; Lisa Yaple, Tri- 

North Carolina: David Shawn Barker, 
Bartlett Yancey; James Bullock, West 
Columbus; Justin Caveness, Eastern 
Randolph; Jennifer Lynn Champion, 
Harnett Central; Dustin Daniel, 
Eastern Randolph; Joshua Troy 
Davenport, Plymouth; Holly Deal, 
South Rowan; Justin Ray Gillispie, 
Clyde A. Erwin; Haley Ellen 
Hampton, Smoky Mountain; Lora 
Hampton, Eastern Randolph; Andrea 
Michelle Houston, Richlands; Samuel 
Johnson, Surry Central; Braden Scott 
Lantowsky, North Lenoir; John 
Michael Long, North Davidson; Justin 
Lowe, Eastern Randolph; James P. 
McAlistet, Madison; Amanda Leigh 
Miller, Northwood; Josh Miller, South 
Rowan; Preston Edward Murray, 
Currituck; Justin Robert Nifong, 
North Davidson; Timothy Joseph 
Otey, Bartlett Yancey; Angie 
Richardson, Eastern Randolph; Justin 
Richard Rohhins, North Davidson; 
Scott Anthony Robison, Wake Forest- 
Rolesville; Mary Lynn Sanderson, 
North Lenoir; Christy Shue, Eastern 
Randolph; Holly Michelle Smith, 
North Lenoir; Jill Smith, Eastern 
Randolph; Melissa Smith, Eastern 
Randolph; Adam Stirewalt, South 
Rowan; Barney Timothy Taylor Jr., 
Richlands; Josh Watson, Surry 
Centtal; Jeremy Wicker, Eastern 

Randolph; Sharon Williams, Eastern 
Randolph; Jason Wright, Eastern 
Randolph; Lendy Grayce Yeaman, 
Bartlett Yancey 

North Dakota: Casey M. Ackerman, 
Wahpeton; Ken L. Anderson, 
Kindred; Christine M. Behm, Des 
Lacs/Burlington; Rodney J. Bischof Jr., 
Lisbon; Heidi Jo Brandt, New Salem; 
Chasity Brobst, Medina; Melissa 
Brossart, Rugby; Brandon Burbidge, 
Mohall; Benjamin E. Busch, 
Wyndmere; TahNee H. Cale, 
Gackle/Streeter; Brandon Due, 
Wahpeton; Bret Enderson, Wahpeton; 
Eric Lars Enerson, Stanley; Justin 
Erickson, Wahpeton; Ryan Fenske, 
Wahpeton; James Foertsch, 
Wyndmete; Amanda Friestad, Rugby; 
Dustin Frounfelter, Granville; 
Stephanie Glasow, Kindred; Justin 
Hagel, Napoleon; Noah Hall, 
Berrhold; Tyann Hauso, Rhame; 
Dustin Heitkamp, Wyndmere; Chris 
Henderson, Wahpeton; Becky Hoffart, 
Rugby; Kimherly Clara Hotmann, 
Medina; Dustin N. Holtan, Turtle 
Lake/Mercer; Nathan Horner, 
Napoleon; Brett Jacobson, Watford 
City; Casey John Johnson, Watford 
City; Sarah Antoinette Jorde, Towner; 
Landon Kimball, Divide County; 
Alecia Kinn, Turtle Lake/Mercer; 
Badger Kyle Koepplin, Elgin/New 
Leipzig; Tyler Kostolecky, Scranton; 
Christopher Kuhal, Carrington; Cody 
Martin, Medina; Ryan Migler, Rugby; 
Nathan Miller, Wyndmere; Cody 
Montgomery, Carrington; Dustin D. 
Moser, Medina; Richard Novotny, 
Wyndmere; Adam Palczewski, 
Scranton; Adam Pauly, Wahpeton; 
Gwen Lenore Payne, Elgin/New 
Leipzig; Danette Rae Peterson, Des 
Lacs/Burlington; Thatcher Peterson, 
Lisbon; Justin Piatz, Napoleon; 
Amanda Quam, Wyndmere; Jessie 
Rieger, Richland 44; Elizabeth Lynn 
Rood, Wahpeton; Trina Ruby, Des 
Lacs/Butlington; Riley Schaan, Rugby; 
Cedrick Schlecht, Medina; Dustin 
Schultz, Lisbon; Kayla Schwab, 
Lisbon; Ryan Shively, Rugby; Taya 
Spelhaug, Kindred; Dustin James 
Stein, Napoleon; Jason B. Stone, 
Wahpeton; Kevin J. Teigen, Rugby; 
Pat Teske, Scranton; Cameron 
Thornherg, Rugby; Amber Charlene 
Ulberg, Des Lacs/Burlington; Ryan 
Eugene Vojacek, Center; Jarret 
Wanek, Scranton; Travis Wayne 
Weigum, Beulah; Jessica Wirrenga, 
South Heart; Jeremy Yates, Scranton; 
Dustin Yoder, Rugby 

Ohio: Josh Adams, Bowling Green; 
Matthew Adams, Wayne Trace; Krista 
Albright, Western Reserve; Robert J. 
Alt, Liberty Union; Aaron Anderson, 
Wellington; Carl Anderson, New 
Lexington; Nicholas Anderson, Triad; 
Justin Armintrout, Miami Trace; 
Ashley Auld, Mt. Gilead; Holly Bader, 
Bloom Carroll; Matt Barman, Fort 

Recovery; Erica Barrett, Wilmington; 
Nicole Marie Bates, Buckeye Trail; 
Charles Bauer, Buckeye; Justin David 
Bauer, River Valley; Angie Baumer, 
Minster; James L. Beatty, Rivet View; 
Amy Beeler, Talawanda; Carrie Belles, 
Wilmington; Mark Bensman, Minster; 
Nathan M. Bernath, Archbold; Corey 
L. Best, Hardin-Northern; Keith 
Beverage, Shelby; Christy Black, 
Kenton; David Blankenship, Frontier; 
Karen K. Blankenship, Lynchburg- 
Clay; Jason Bockey, Delphos; Kisha 
Bodey, Monroeville; Carla Boggs, Mt. 
Gilead; Derek Brake, Marysville; 
Tyrone Brannon, Buckeye CC; Robert 
W. Brokaw, Morgan; Amanda Brooks, 
Georgetown; Jody Lynn Brooks, 
Alexander; Nick Bruns, Fort 
Recovery; Andrea Burks, Elmwood; 
Brandy Burns, Fairbanks; Adam Lee 
Burris, Buckeye Trail; Heather L. 
Butler, Lynchburg-Clay; Lindsey 
Calhoun, Ross; Victoria Call, Madison 
Plains; Beth Marie Clawson, Shelby; 
Adam Cole, Wilmington; Seth A. 
Coles, Edon-Northwest; Adam Cook, 
Clyde; Ashley Cook, Madison Plains; 
Elizabeth A. Cook, Georgetown; Chris 
Corney, Colonel Crawford; Jay Crum, 
Ohio Valley; Chelsea Daniel, Tolles 
Technical Center; Eric Dapra, Teays 
Valley; Sharon Armstrong Decker, 
Norwayne; Megan Delph, Madison 
Plains; Amanda Kay Denes, Black 
River; Jason P. Dickey, Otsego; Adam 
M. Disbro, Edon-Northwest; Jacenda 
Joelle Dohme, Greenville; Jesse M. 
Dotterer, Crestview-Ashland; Scott 
M. Dugan, East Knox; Detek Dunson, 
Kenton; Elizabeth Eilerman, Fort 
Loramie; Kurt Ellerbrock, Kalida; 
Jessica Lynn Elwood, Margaretta; 
Jennifer A. Engle, Elmwood; Chad 
Ryan Epley, Liberty Union; Alan 
Eshenshade, Crestview-Ashland; Mark 
Wesley Evans, Spencerville; Tyler 
Everett, Fairlawn; Thomas Evers, 
Coldwater; Kevin Fath, Northwestern- 
Wayne; Nick Ferneding, Ross; Julie 
Ann Fluharty, Morgan; Liza Folsom, 
Madison Plains; Rachel Foltz, Fairfield 
Union; Keith Matthew Ford, Licking 
Valley; Jason Fox, Sentinel; Joshua 
Fraley, Fairbanks; Jeremy Fry, 
Ayersville; Mitch Fry, Mt. Gilead; 
Lindsay B. Garza, Delphos; Ryan A. 
George, Arcadia; Steven Gerher, East 
Clinton; Jeremy Gerwin, Eastwood; 
Kelly Ann Gerwin, Eastwood; Ahbie 
Gortner, Northwestern-Wayne; Emily 
Marie Gouheaux, Versailles; Matt 
Griffith, Western Brown; Bobby 
Grimm, Cardington; Rich Grisez, Fort 
Recovery; Jason E. Hansel, Utica; 
Shane Hartzler, Norwayne; Craig 
Harvey, Shelby; Adam Heil, Tri- 
Valley; Elizabeth Herrington, 
Carrollton; Trent Hershey, 
Northwestetn-Wayne; Monica Nicole 
Hetterick, Western Brown; Nick 
High, Upper Scioto Valley; Jeremy 
Hill, Western Brown; Aaron Hines, 
Western Brown; Kevin Hogue, Tri- 

Valley; Joel Hulse, Teays Valley; Jason 
S. Hupman, Greenville; Kelli Hutton, 
Liberty Union; Christina Renee 
Jackson, Indian Lake; Matt Jackson, 
Tri-Valley; Aaron Jordan, River 
Valley; Bryon Karcher, Mohawk; Jamie 
Leigh Keller, Shelby; Joshua J. 
Kellermeier, Otsego; Chris Kick, West 
Holmes; Brian Kienzle, Chief Logan; 
Tiffany Lea Kinney, Crestview- 
Ashland; Ashley N. Klingel, River 
Valley; Dan T Klosterman, 
Wapakoneta; Dustin Knapke, 
Parkway; Richard Edward Kohler, 
Lancaster; Alexis Kuhlwein, Teays 
Valley; Mandy Lacy, Tri-Valley; Luke 
Larrabee, Kenton; Joshua Nicholas 
Larsen, Racine Southern; Jacqueline 
Lautanen, Pymatuning Valley; Cara R. 
Lawson, Ripley-Union-Lewis- 
Huntington; Stephanie R. Layman, 
Georgetown; Matt LeFever, Triway; 
Jeremy Lewis, Lynchburg-Clay; Kirk 
Link, Fort Recovery; Mike Linscott, 
Federal Hocking; Brittany Logsdon, 
Talawanda- Butler Tech; Ben Luthman, 
Anna; Heather M. Makarius, Amanda 
Clearcreek; Jennifer L. Mantey, Rivet 
Valley; Amanda Rene' Martin, 
Waterford; Ryan McClure, Wayne 
Trace; Seth McCoy, Hillsboro; 
Heather Renee McDade, Tri-Village; 
Dean McMahan, River Valley; Ashely 
Meggitt, Margaretta; Andrew W. 
Miller, Eastwood; Jason Richard 
Miller, Lancaster; Jon Mills, East 
Knox; Leo Mitchell, Marysville; 
Chasity Montgomery, Upper 
Sandusky; Zak T Morey, Centerburg; 
Nate Mosher, Cardington; Marci 
Murphy, Wilmington; Matthew B. 
Murphy, Wilmington; Melanie 
Murphy, Wilmington; Nick Murphy, 
Wilmington; Bennett Musselman, 
Madison Plains; Erin Napier, 
Lynchburg-Clay; Dana Noffsinger, 
Wayne Trace; Heather R. Noll, 
Sheridan; Dan Nolting, River Valley; 
Carl T Norden, Pettisville; Jason 
Nuhfer, Shelby; Charles J. Ogle, Chief 
Logan; Adam J. Olherdmg, Minster; 
Stephanie Overtield, North Union; 
Bryan Palmer, Mohawk; Brent M. 
Palser, Greenville; Scott Perry, 
Sentinel; Adam Peters, Teays Valley; 
Kristen Irena Pickworth, Keystone; 
Lacy Pinkerton, Centerburg; Sabrina 
Kay Piper, Johnstown; Roh Pleiman, 
Fort Loramie; Kevin G. Fletcher, 
Morgan; Brian Pohlman, Delphos; 
Matthew W. Pooch, Margaretta; Abby 
Pound, Northridge; Tiffany Powell, 
Upper Scioto Valley; Priscilla Lynn 
Powers, Fairbanks; Andrew Pumphrey, 
Liberty Union; Nathan Rausch, 
Fairbanks; Chris Reinhard, Fort 
Recovery; Matt Renner, Delphos; 
Emily Ruth Rhoades, Versailles; Stacie 
Rohhins, Miami Valley CTC; Donna 
Roberts, Wilmington; Kyle Roberts, 
Blanchester; Clint Warren 
Rodahaugh, Hardin-Northern; 
Annette Ruheck, North Union; Jason 
Rufenacht, Pettisville; Steve Runion, 


American FFA Degree 


Sentinel; April Jane Ruppert, 
Wapakoneta; Nick Russell, Federal 
Hocking; Chad Eric Ryder, Elmwood; 
Nathan Sailor, Fairlavvn; Lori Sayre, 
Southern; Tiffany N. Schaupert, 
Genoa; Kyle T. Schlatter, Paulding; 
Sarah Schmachtenberger, Minerva; 
Matt Schmerge, Botkins; Alexandra 
Schuette, Evergreen; Corey Allen 
Schwochow, Fremont-Ross; Kent J. 
Seahurn, Westtall; Benjamin Rock 
Seihert, Spencerville; Tami Shannon, 
Hillsboro; Chris Shaw, Blanchester; 
Boh Sherman, Centerhurg; Jeremy J. 
Sherman, Western Reserve; John 
Shively, Miami East; Scott Sihhersen, 
Eastwood; Heather Slaughterheck, 
River Valley; Dustin Smith, 
Mechanicshurg; Laneda Rose Smith, 
Benjamin Logan; Samuel Abraham 
Smith, Centerhurg; Linda Snyder, 
Hillsdale; Shelli Snyder, Eastwood; 
Troy Stoller, Norwayne; Julie Marie 
Stucke, Versailles; Brent Anthony 
Terrell, East Clinton; Tracie Thorp, 
North Central; Christopher Turner, 
Fairfield Union; Adam Vance, 
Hillsboro; Coby Vance, Hillsboro; 
Brian Vincent, Big Walnut; Kurt 
Vipperman, River View; Benjamin 
Micheal Waggamon, Spencerville; 
Dan Wagner, Colonel Crawford; Jake 
Walters, Ayersville; David A. Weaver, 
Hillsdale; Kelby Weaver, Upper 
Sandusky; Mark Wensink, Bowling 
Green; Sarah Whitfotd, Mt. Vernon; 
Adam Wickensimer, Miami Trace; 
Lisa Wickersham, River Valley; Zack 
Wiles, Norwayne; Amy Michelle 
Wilson, Racine Southern; Ramsey 
Wilson, Symmes Valley; Hank 
Wischmeyer, Triad; Pamela M. Wise, 
Elmwood; Clint Wiseman, Symmes 
Valley; Alexandra Woods, Wellington; 
Andrew Thomas Wright, Margaretta; 
James C. Wright, Licking Valley; 
Jason A. Wuensch, New London; 
Andrew Ziegler, Bellevue; Stephanie 
Zimmerman, A. B. Graham; Ryan G. 
Zukowski, Firelands 

Oklahoma: Ashley Abernathy, Altus; 
Robert Charles Acre, Canton; Amy 
Adair, Verden; Casey Adams, Hooker; 
Kelli Christine Armhruster, 
Burlington; Jerrod Arthur, Chickasha; 
Johnathan Kelly Barnes, Webbers 
Falls; Tessa Barnthouse, Blackwell; 
Justin Barrington, Geronimo; Haley 
Berry, Texhoma; Colbie Beyer, 
Chattanooga; Ashley Bohl, 
Chattanooga; Laura Suzanne Bolay, 
Perry; Brandon Bolt, Broken Bow; 
Vanessa Bornheim, Haileyville; 
Matthew Levi Boston, Adair; Holly 
Boyd, Afton; Ashley Marie Brown, 
Afton; Chevie L. Brown, Cordell; 
Tonya M. Brown, Tecumseh; John 
Robbie Bullis, Dover; Jeremy Burson, 
Stilwell; Brenna Burton, Bray-Doyle; 
Trey Dean Carlisle, Laverne; Carla 
Church, Sentinel; Brian Collins, 
Cherokee; Mindy Rose Conway, Perry; 
Jason Michael Couch, Quapaw; 
Sbadley Joe Cowan, Wayne; Olen 
Creekmore, Olive; Kadi Cummins, 
Altus; Amy Dalmont, Indianola; 
Kristal D. Damron, Sayre; Sara Ann 
Damron, Sayre; Matt Day, Yale; Tyler 
Dean, Maysville; Nick Delmedico, 
Fort Gibson; David Andrew Dixon, 
Morris; Daniel E. Edmonds, Morris; 
Garet Edwards, Fairview; Kerry Ellis, 
Pryor; Brandon Blaine England, 
Panola; Jason Ewing, Fairview; Brady 
M. Fagg, Ponca City; Kristen Feerer, 
Fort Supply; Beth Fields, Wister; Isaac 
Fisher, Chattanooga; James Tucker 
Fleming, Laverne; Derek Frailey, 
Pryor; Jason Frantz, Balko; Drew 
Freeh, Fairview; Sami Jo Frishy, 
Vinita; Trey Gallaway, Mulhall- 
Orlando; Dustin Garrett, Geary; Carly 
Danyale Griffith, Adair; Tyler 
Grissom, Prague; Colby Haggard, Elk 
City; Tanner Hankins, Eldorado; 
Megan Hannabass, Cache; Robyn 
Harmon, Verden; Jamie Hendrickson, 
Adair; Jay W Henricks 111, Laverne; 
Lacey Herhel, Thomas-Fay-Custer; 
Rachel Lynn Hite, Glencoe; Lindsey 

Hix, Muskogee; Amanda Holba, 
Billings; Julie Juh Ree Horton, 
Cement; Brady Howard, Mulhall- 
Orlando; Bailey Cade Howell, 
Checotah; Braxton Imke, Shattuck; 
David Ryan Ivey, Haileyville; Julie 
Johnson, Purcell; Brian Kellogg, 
Sentinel; Russell Kindred, Pond 
Creek-Hunter; Brooke Kinslow, 
Prague; Chad Klutts, Heavener; 
Jennifer Kriz, Geronimo; Chad V. 
Ledhettet, Morris; Monty Lenington, 
Roland; Bradley Wade Magby, 
Coalgate; Mitch Mahieu, Cherokee; 
Dustin Joe Mann, Haskell; Kelli 
Mashburn, Lindsay; Derek Matz, 
Arapaho; Michelle McClung, 
Laverne; Seth Mccool, Verden; Calvin 
Earl McGee, Achille; Tony McGill, 
Broken Arrow; Kasey Ann Mead, 
Atoka; Richard Metscher, Covington- 
Douglas; Terra D. Miller, Arapaho; 
Clay J. Mittasch, Morrison; Eric C. 
Money, Calera; Brian Morris, 
Chickasha; Jimmy Nealis, Cashion; 
Rickey A. Nored II, Hugo; Bobby Lee 
Norton, Davenport; Krishanda O'Dell, 
Geary; Josh Parks, Timberlake; Cody 
Wayne Pearce, Quinton; Josey 
Nichole Pennington, Perry; Tanya 
Nichole Perkins, Harrah; Natasha 
Lynne Potter, Merritt; Ryan Rayner, 
Geary; J. Russell Reim, Billings; Boh 
Rich, Prague; Ryan Ridling, Sentinel; 
Michael Wayne Riley, Haileyville; 
Josh Rochell, Empire; Katie Rose, 
Durant; Lance D. Ryel, Weatherfbrd; 
Branden Sapp, Wellston; Brian Sapp, 
Wellston; Craig Schafer, Fairview; 
Justin Schenk, Chickasha; Kyle 
Schenk, Chickasha; Clayton Dale 
Smith, Colcord; Shelby Dewayne 
Smith, Prague; Tracy Renee Smith, 
Guthrie; Jay Soulek, Blackwell; Jeff 
Spake, Boise City; Tyler E. Sparks, 
Yale; Justin Stamps, Wagoner; Ronnie 
Stamps, Chouteau; Cheyenne Wayne 
Starns, Byng; Joelray Stringfellow, 
Calera; Adam Sullins, Billings; Clint 
MacTyson Taylor, Canton; Rachel 
Alicia Teel, Keota; Kevin Thomason, 
Perry; Derek Thralls, Billings; Jarred 
Tyree, Alva; Chrisopher D. Vick, 
Coyle; Luke Voth, Hooker; Tori 
Walker, Butler; Matthew Waswo, 
Cashion; Waco Daniel Webb, Haskell; 
Justin White, Canton; Justin L. 
Whitmore, Coyle; Amber Wright, 

Oregon: Rachel Rae Blackburn, Vale; 
Daniel Kent Bolen, Umatilla; 
Meaghan Campbell, Imhler; Ace 
Clark, Union; Mary Elizabeth Corn, 
Ontario; Jennifer Nichole DeVnes, 
Cascade; William P. Ebner, Silverton; 
Jacob Walter Eichler, Perrydale; Elias 
Eiguren, Jordan Valley; Lauren Ann 
Farmen, Lakeview; Jenny Freeborn, 
Central; Brian Frey, Cascade; Amanda 
Ann Hale, Pine Eagle; Alicia Hasler, 
Phoenix; Gina Higley, Elgin; Jonathan 
Hjelmervik, Eagle Point; Laura Rose 
Isaacson, Molalla; Laurel Anne 

Jackson, Canby; Jared Kinney, Eagle 
Point; Brian Craig Kitamura, Ontario; 
Angela D. LeFore, McLoughlin; Chad 
Leno, Sheridan; Jill M. McClaran, 
Joseph; Krista Lynn McDowell, 
Perrydale; Stephanie Murrell, 
Willamina; Catherine Elizabeth 
Owens, Baker; Jenny Roberts, 
Ontario; Jeffrey Thomas Romans, 
Vale; Tara F. Shirley, Joseph; Laura 
Belle Stauffer, Elgin; Andrew 
Steinkamp, Gervais; Norri Stevens, 
Silvetton; Shonda Titus, Union; 
Garrett Tschida, Ontario; Johnie Van 
Riper, Crater; Julie Vollmer, Sandy; 
Jennifer Walker, Silverton; Chad 
Weaver, Knappa; Angela Yoder, Vale 

Pennsylvania: Stacey Lynn Agnew, 
Conneaut Valley; David L Bittner, 
Brothersvalley; Adam E Cole, Apple 
City; Adam Lee Coleman, 
Brothersvalley; Ryan Donough, 
Manheim; Erin Dymond, Twin Valley; 
Craig Felpel, Cloister; Lisa J. Fetscher, 
Philadelphia; Julie Flinchbaugh, 
Eastern; Mark R. Fulton, Big Spring; 
Katrina Getz, Twin Valley; Isaac 
Robert Harrington, Albion; Matthew 
L. Hawbaker, Concocheague; Nicholas 
Levi Heller, Apple City; LeAnn 
Helman, Concocheague; Heather L. 
Hollenbach, West Snyder; Samuel 
Edward Huff, Wilmington Area; Ryan 
J. Irvin, Apple City; Jonathan Carl 
Lauver, Middleburg; Timothy Lesher, 
Line Mountain/Mahantango; Casey 
Livengood, Manheim; Amanda Diane 
Martin, Cedar Crest; Chad A. 
McConnell, Wilmington Area; Ashley 
McGary, Wilmington Area; Andrew 
McMullen, Twin Valley; Courtney L. 
Miller, Grassland; Melissa A. Moore, 
Wilmington Area; Nathaniel Moyer, 
Cloister; Garrett R. Neff, Manor; Lisa 
Lynn Orr, Twin Valley; Chris Rojahn, 
Cloister; Laura L. Sankey, Clearfield; 
Anthony W. Seymore, Bermudian; 
Rebecca Shaffer, Somerset Area; Jason 
M Shirk, Cedar Crest; Duane A 
Stoner, Manor; Janette Strohecker, 
Line Mountain/Mahantango; 
Shannon L. Tappen, Gifford Pinchot; 
Michael T. Telesz, Wilmington Area; 
Geoffrey K. Vorisek, Linesville; Troy 
Sean Wenger, Manheim; Ronald S 
White, Wilmington Area; Robert A. 
Wilson, Wilmington Area 

Puerto Rico: Roberto Perez Perez, 
Leonides Morales; Moises Soto, Eladio 
Tirado Community; Neilly Rodriguez 
Vera, Trina Padilla De Sanz 

Rhode Island: Brent McCullough, 

South Carolina: Zachary Dyer, Indian 
Land; Daniel R. Griffin, Central; Kyle 
Patrick Hatcher, Crescent; Matthew 
Lutton, Crescent; Jaime Marie Rivers, 
McBee; Barbara Gwen Rogers, West- 

South Dakota: Nicholas B. Abbas, 
Lennox Sundstrom; Sarah E. Arnold, 


M American FFA Degree 

De Smet; Jessica M. Beal, Harrisburg; 
Aaron Gene Beisch, Webster; Steven 
Thomas Bly, Garretson; Ryan L. 
Brunner, Newell; Steven Bucholz, 
Harrisburg; ReneeJ. Burns, 
Harrisburg; Brian Butler, Waubay; 
Mindy Carroll, De Smet; Ramie 
Ralene Coughlin, De Smet; Mandy Jo 
Erichsen, West Central; Revel Sandrel 
Fink, Harrisburg; Chad Ford, Sioux 
Valley-Volga; James Edward Haas, 
Harrisburg; Derick D. Hofer, Willow 
Lake; William Daniel Huston, Sturgis; 
Jared Knock, Willow Lake; Angela 
Emma Kopriva, Clark; Mary Kurtz, 
Elkton; Jesse Larson, De Smet; Melissa 
Maag, Florence; Marsha Meyer, West 
Central; Crystal Nielson, Woonsocket; 
Kelly Jo O'Donnell, Lemmon; Tony 
Peckenpaugh, De Smet; Chris Plamp, 
Mitchell; Justin Ploof, Florence; 
Clinton Powell, Chamberlain; Darin 
Rislov, Florence; Matt Rogers, Miller; 
Kelly Jane Sanderson, Lake Preston; 
Ashley Schaack, Florence; Greta Lynn 
Schanning, Clear Lake; Jennifer Laura 
Schock, McCook Central; Casey 
Schwinger, Florence; Jessica Smit, 
Lennox Sundstrom; Duane Snaza, 
Webster; Sarah Stratmeyer, Lennox 
Sundstrom; Jamie Swan, Newell; 
Mitchell Swanson, Chamberlain; 
Wayne Walters, Wagner; Lavyne L. 
Wieting, Milbank; Joshua James 
Wooledge, Sturgis; Andrea Zirbel, 

Tennessee: Melissa Bailey, Jackson 
North Side; Nathan Curtis Barnes, 
Warren County; Graham Wayne 
Bates, Peabody; David Beaird, 
Crockett County; Will Bird, Halls; 
Kimherly Denise Bradley, Gallatin 
High School; Davida Briggs, Richland; 
Melissa Burniston, Johnson County; 
Sara Campbell, Anderson County; 
Breeanna Kay Carroll, Anderson 
County; Cal Clark, Richland; Hannah 
Kay Collier, White County; 
Johnathon Craig Conner, Warren 
County; Cody Craig, Paris; Summer 
Davis, Lebanon; Lindsey Donoho, 
Dresden; Michael Dunavant, 
Richland; Michael Yarnell Foster, 
Clinton; Josh Foust, Anderson 
County; KaSondra Francis, Woodbury; 
Jada Fuqua, East Robertson; Chad 
Henry Gilbert, South Fulton; T C. 
Groves, East Robertson; Andrew Hale, 
Sevierian; Carrie Elizabeth Harris, 
Campbell County; Leah Renee 
Hatfield, Moore County; Joe Hewitt, 
Richland; Payton Taylor Hewitt, 
Richland; Michael Holley, Richland; 
Logan Daniel Holmes, Jackson North 
Side; Adam Hopkins, Seymour High 
School; Wesley Hunt, Moore County; 
Angie Diane Hutchens, Anderson 
County; George Earin Jones, 
Eagleville; Adam Keen, Portland; 
Rachael Lynn Klamer, Munford "Big 
Boll"; James Knight, South Greene; 
Seth Krantz, Cheatham County; April 
Dawn LaFollette, Cocke County; 

Marcy Lance, Warren 

County; Rebekah 

Lemley, East Robertson; 

Landon Loveall, 

Portland; Justin 

Lovelace, Jackson North 

Side; Jared Major, 

Lebanon; Joseph Allen 

Bryant Mathias, South 

Fulton; Beth May, 

White House; Leanna 

June McAlister, Lincoln 

County; Jason Millet, 

White County; Ryan 

Edward Moore, Jackson 

North Side; Josh 

Morgan, White House; 

Ashley L. Morris, South 

Fulton; Brandon Morris, 

Portland; Sarah Jane 

Myracle, Riverside; 

Jessica Pearson, East 

Robertson; John 

Michael Poss, White 

House; Ronald Alexander Proctor, 

Munford "Big Boll"; David Pruett, 

Loretto; Crystal Leann Quinn, 

Riverside; Brian Reed, Loretto; Travis 

Roberson, Dyer County; Patrick 

Thomas Robinson, Warren County; 

Jill Rogers, Lexington; Clint Ross, 

Dyer County; Clint Sanders, 

Lexington; Robert W. Sands, 

Richland; Joseph Schultz, Dyersburg; 

Mark Alton Scott, Munford "Big 

Boll"; Matt Lee Scott, Munford "Big 

Boll"; Daniel Chance Simmons, 

Westmoreland; Guy Spence, Crockett 

County; Michael Stanford, Lexington; 

Willie Clifford Taylor, Warren 

County; James Travis Thaxton, 

Warren County; Valerie Tillman, 

Crockett County; Adam True, East 

Robertson; Ashlea Sorrell Turner, 

Dyersburg; Holli Denise Turner, 

Covington; Russ Undetwood, 

Richland; Chris Vessell, Lincoln 

County; Ryan Louis Walker, Warren 

County; Clint Walton, Covington; 

Blake Wolaver, Richland; Will 

Wright, Halls 

Texas: Caren C. Adams, Stephenville; 
Damian Shea Adams, Corsicana; Gary 
(Michael) Adams, Bowie-Austin; 
Krystal Amason, Tilden; Roger Coy 
Baldwin, Leon; Natalie Batla, 
Columbus; Tara Bennett, Mayde 
Creek; Matthew Allen Berger, 
Weimar; Rebecca Bickley, Mansfield; 
Laura Bolduc, Jersey Village; Shalley 
Boles, Breckenridge; Brian Brenek, 
Academy; Brad Britten, White Deer; 
Cody Burns, Crowley; Greg Busby, 
Winnsboro; Laura K. Caldwell, 
Hawkins; Allison Chipman, James E. 
Taylor; Megan Ann Claborn, Chico; 
Rebekha L. Collins, Lampasas; Kasey 
Ann Crawford, Rivercrest; Amber 
Crider, Tilden; Leslie Cronin, 
Shepherd; Tamra Crum, Mayde Creek; 
Jennifer Nicole Crump, Hardin; 
Blakely Davis, Tilden; Cassi Lynette 
Davis, Galena Park; Hannah Dawson, 

Simms; James M. Decker, Stamford; 
Jason Demel, Schulenburg; Chris 
Denny, Lancaster; Andrew Derington, 
Florence; Saxon Dittert, Schulenburg; 
Tammy Ettredge, Pilot Point; Christi 
Evans, Pilot Point; Johnna Ferris, 
Snyder; Tony Franklin, Tilden; 
Stephanie Lynea Franzen, Palacios; 
Austin Fullingim, Petersburg; Chris 
Gilhreath, Winnsboro; Garrett 
Gilliam, Quanah; Tiffany Angeline 
Green, Cleveland; Richard Hahn, 
Tilden; Meghan Hancock, Cotulla; 
Ryan Scott Hanel, Cameron Yoe; Seth 
Hansen, Troy; Jason Harris, Tilden; 
Leslie Sue Harris, John Foster Dulles; 
Lance Hausenfluck, Bryan; John 
Hilliard, Academy; Benita F. Hodge, 
A & M Consolidated; Heidi Hoffman- 
Bryan, Charlotte; Lindy Holub, James 
E. Taylor; Amy Hughes, Franklin; Ross 
Jackson, Henrietta; Jaci Jaggers, 
Sulphur Bluff; Amy Janicek, Sealy; 
Stephanie Jeter, Troy; Justinn Jones, 
Mary Carroll; Roger Jones, Gilmer; 
Colby Allen Kelch, Humble; Jessica 
Kempen, Somerset; Jotdan Kiker, East 
Chambers; James Kimmey, Ross S. 
Sterling; Cody Kosub, East Central; 
Kristal Kunkel, Grandview; Kathetine 
Lindsey Kurtz, Palacios; Catherine 
Lawless, Big Sandy; Hugh Anthony 
Leland, Lovelady; Bradley Lindsey, 
Covington; Josh Little, Gilmer; 
Austin Lowder, South Garland; 
Matthew Luensmann, East Central; 
Reagan L. Machac, Waller; Shayne 
Markwardt, Round Top-Carmine; 
Bradley Martin, East Central; Randi 
Lauren McBroom, Prairie Valley; Kaci 
McClinton, Aledo; Jeremy Todd 
McFerrin, Cotton Center; Misty 
McGinnis, Harmony; Kenan 
McGuffey, Garland; Alex Mcintosh, 
James E. Taylor; Meredith McLeroy, 
Commerce; Andrew Wade Miller, 
Hartley; Charles Mock, East Central; 
Britt Morris, Gruver; Coy Nail, 
Grandview; Melissa Nickles, East 
Central; Marcus Nolan, Gilmer; 
Kaylie Noles, Denton Ryan; Jennifer 

Norwood, Jourdanton; Lindsey Marie 
Pardee, Shepherd; Bryan Pawelek, 
Jourdanton; Robert Pennington, 
Calallen; Jamie Pigg, Valley; Josh 
Powell, Jourdanton; Stephanie 
Radney, Channelview; Dugan Rainey, 
Denton-Ryan; Justin Rankin, 
Jourdanton; Tamara Rodriguez, John 
Foster Dulles; Chris Ruscher, Nimitz; 
Paul Salge, Mathis; Jonathan Shockey, 
Northwest; Brett Slomchinski, 
Pleasanton; Will Smelley, Hallsville; 
Shannon Marie Smith, Mabank; 
Jonathan Stubblefield, A 6k M 
Consolidated; Coleen Sturgell, 
Denton-Ryan; Tosca Tate, Henrietta; 
Riley Tatum, Snyder; Brandy Tuck, 
Columbus; Aaron Tudyk, East 
Central; Amy Vance, Winnsboro; 
Jared Walker, Humble; Russell Wall, 
Snyder; Julie Weathers, Lubbock- 
Cooper; Kristie Weller, Seguin; 
Rebecca Wendt, Iola; William West, 
Cotulla; Mindy Weth, Kempner; Amy 
Layne Wied, Round Top-Carmine; 
Lacey Williams, Tomball; Teri 
Windham, Baird; Laura Winsauer, 
Calallen; Travis York, Chapel Hill 

Utah: Melonie A. Adams, Delta; 
Luke Andersen, Bear River; Bro 
Anderson, Emery; Jace Robert 
Anderson, Lone Peak; Mandy Kay 
Anderson, Lone Peak; Nicole 
Anderson, Spanish Fork; Landon 
Andrews, Payson; Maria Beck, Lone 
Peak; Corey Ann Blonquist, North 
Summit; Wade Briggs, Manila; Dewey 
Christensen, Payson; Christopher 
Clark, Morgan; Tiffany Clegg, North 
Summit; Resha Rae Cook, Uintah; 
Tana Cota, Fremont; Garrett W 
Davis, Fremont; Jacqueline Ann 
Downing, Lone Peak; Cody Ellertson, 
Fremont; Brian Gam, Bear River; 
Mark E. Gibson, Fremont; Jessica 
Giles, Pleasant Grove; Wendy Gittins, 
Sky View; Michael Graff, American 
Fork; Dani Hart, Weber; Jordan 
Hasler, Lone Peak; Amber Herzog, 
Lehi; Bronco Hunter, Payson; Cali 
Jacklin, Lehi; Jeffery Kody Jacobs, 
Lone Peak; Amanda Sutherland 
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Kenneth Pinette, Lone Peak; Joshua 
John Provost, Wasatch; David 
Robbins, Payson; JaLyne Robinson, 
Richfield; Stanley M. Rose, Manila; 
Clifford C. Russell, Grantsville; 


American FFA Degree 


Sherrie Lynn Savage, Richfield; Tanya 
Selman, Bear River; Clark Sessions, 
Morgan; Paul Smart, Wasatch; Ty 
Smith, Manila; Sarah Staheli, Woods 
Cross; Rena Steed, Fremont; Stevie 
Anne Stewart, North Sanpete; Randy 
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Lone Peak 

Virginia: Travis Akers, Carroll 
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Daniel Brill, Central; Caleh Daniel 
Bryan, Buckingham Senior; Jared 
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Michael Patterson, Fort Defiance; 
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Michele Rorrer, Pulaski County; Erik 
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Shoemaker, Wilson Memorial; 
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Buffalo Gap 

Washington: Alex Amundsen, 
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Wisconsin: Aaron A. Abraham, Black 
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Wyoming: Kristina D. Barkhurst, 
Stewart McPhail; Zach Bennett, 
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Cheyenne; Samantha Bischoff, Devils 
Tower; Brandi L. Burry, Pine Bluffs; 
Brian Cox, Burns Chapter; Cole 
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Powell-Shoshone; Troy E. Siddle, John 
B. Kendrick; Tyrell Steben, Southeast; 
Sadie Wallingtord, Thermopolis; Amie 
Zimmerer, Southeast 


Retiring Address 

I love the end of the day. I come 
home ftom a long day, change into 
my favorite pair of shorts or sweat- 
pants, sit down with my guitar and 
just strum and think. 

What did I do today? Where did 
I go? Did I do anything productive? 
How was my day at school ? How 
was work? What will tomorrow look 
like? What am I doing this week- 
end? Do people like me? Am I cool? 
Where am I going with my life? 

Tim Hammerich 

National FFA President 

General Session Ten 

OUR World 

These are all very common 
thoughts that fill my head as I sit 
picking and thinking in my own lit- 
tle world. Then someone will call 
or enter the room or I will get a 
thought that will cause me to put 
down my guitar and leave my little 
world for something else. 

But do I ever REALLY leave my 
world? I mean, with my mind con- 
stantly set on what I'm doing, 
where I'm going, how wonderful or 
horrible I am and what I want, I 
pretty much manage to stay in MY 
WORLD for most of my day. 

What about OUR world? We 
don't think about that one too 
often. It's the whole rest of the 
world that's filled with people in 
need who are searching for a friend 
or some help. A world that's bigger 
than you, your family, your friends, 
your school. This world is in need 
of people willing to not only stick 
up for themselves, but stick up for a 
cause. The only people who make a 
difference in OUR world are those 
who can recognize, embrace and 
relish the differences that so often 
divide us. 

What divisions? one may ask. 
Something tells me you may have 
even experienced them yourself. 
Exclusion, cliques and gossip in our 
schools; misunderstanding, anger 
and hatred in our communities; and 

unwillingness to 
understand others' 
backgrounds, cultures 
and perspectives. 
Perhaps you've wit- 
nessed this. Perhaps 
you didn't do any- 
thing. Perhaps it was 
none of your business. 
Perhaps you would 
have taken action if it 
was "part of your 
world." These same 
thoughts have run 
through my head 
many times before. 

Part of my world 
was my high school. Elsie Allen 
High School sat in the less 
fortunate part of Santa Rosa on the 
southeast side. When I was in 
school, the campus sat in the 
middle of old, underdeveloped 
roads with no sidewalks. If you had 
to walk to school, you did so in a 
ditch or in someone else's field. 

Fortunately, I was not in the 
position that I had to walk to 
school. But a young man in the class 
ahead of me, Patrick Scott, was. 
Patrick lived off of Wright Road, 
nearly five miles from campus. I 
passed him many times as he walked 
or rode his bike every day. 

1 had met Patrick once. When 
we were both younger, he bought 
some sheep from my dad. However, 
that seemed like a long time ago-I 
was now a junior and he was a 
senior. So I didn't bother 
approaching him to see if he 
remembered me. I noticed he didn't 
hang out with very many people, 
just a couple of close friends. I 
thought nothing of it, assuming he 
wanted it that way. 

Winter came, and while we don't 
get snow in Santa Rosa, we get our 
fair share of rain. Like most other 
winters, the rains came, the ditches 
filled and the fields turned to mud. 
I went about my routine, stuck in 
MY world, not noticing the 
individuals walking in mud or on 
the road as I passed them in my 
truck on the way to and from 

One day I came to school to a 
solemn first period teacher. Mr. 
Blake quieted the class and I knew 
something horrible must have 
happened by the tears streaming 
down his face. He forced out the 
words as he sobbed, "We lost 
someone yesterday. . ." Who? I 
looked around the class desperately 
trying to make sure it wasn't a 
classmate. He continued, "A senior, 
one of my students." I began listing 
off the seniors I knew in my head, 
not able to wait for him to 
continue. "Patrick Scott was his 
name. Some of you may have 
known him. He was struck by a van 
as he was walking home from 
school last night." 

That's when it hit me. I saw in 
my head the times I had passed him 
riding his bike or walking down the 
road with his friends. I remembered 
him coming to my house when we 
were younger. I remember wanting 
to talk to him. I remembered 
wondering if he remembered me. 
Now I would never find out. 

The next night, there was a 
meeting to talk about the 
dangerous situation of the roads 
leading to and from school. The 
meeting was filled with blaming, 
name calling, accusations and 
frustrations. Then one man stood 
up at the microphone. He said, 
"I've got an unlimited supply of 
pallets and permission to make a 
walkway through the fields leading 
up to the school. Once this 


meeting is done, I don't care who 
you are, if you'd like to help out 
you're welcome to. We'll he out 
there all night." 

Thanks to that man's actions, 
the problem was fixed before any- 
one else could be harmed. But what 
wasn't fixed was my guilt for not 
reaching out to Patrick. We had 
plenty ot similarities. Both interest- 
ed in ag class, we were about the 
same age, students at the same 
school. But because of the differ- 
ences in where we lived, our back- 
ground and what grade we were in, 
I didn't know Patrick very well — all 
because I was in MY world. 

Why do we so often think 
different has to mean separate? 
Why can't we avoid these divisions 
and the horrific consequences that 
come with them ? 

I happen to think it's because 
we're all just unwilling — unwilling 
to sacrifice our time, interests and 
energy to invest it in people who 
are unlike ourselves. I'm not just 
talking about people of a different 
culture, but anyone outside of your 
family, your ring of friends, your 
"clique," your chapter, your 
community, maybe even your state. 

Exploring our differences just 
doesn't seem worth it. If we waste 
our time investing in others outside 
our comfort zone, our future careers 
might suffer, we may be in an 
awkward situation, we won't have 
enough time left for ourselves or we 
might have to do something we're 
not used to. 

All of these are valid concerns, 
but also good excuses. I strongly 
believe it is vital, first of all, for 
your success, and secondly, for the 
success of our nation and world, 
that we not only tolerate 
differences in people but embrace 
and explore them entirely. 

FFA members, with nothing 
more than a listening ear, watchful 
eye and caring heart, you can pick 
out someone who is on the outside 
and change their life forever. 

That is one of my favorite 
aspects of this organization. It gave 
me and many others a place to 
belong. I have pondered many 
times if everyone feels its 
welcoming nature as much as I 
have. But when I think about it, it 
wasn't just the national FFA or a 
state activity that made me feel 
welcome. It was the members of my 

local chapter; people like Trevyn 
Close, Samantha Harmon and 
Franky Miller. 

I saw the power of FFA at work 
many times this year. One in 
particular was when I was teaching 
a team-building workshop. I led a 
group through a series of team 

After the activities were over, I 
noticed that one of the girls, 
Mindy, was hanging back from the 
rest of the group. I asked her what 
was up, and she looked at me with 
tears in her eyes. My first thought 
was, "Oh no. Either I've hurt this 
girl's feelings somehow or she's 
having trouble with the other team 
members. What am I going to do?" 

Just by acknowledging her, I 
made her cry even harder, so I t< x >k 
her aside. Not being the most 
comforting person in the world, I 
tried to help by patting her on the 
back and giving her the old "There, 
there, it will be all right." But she 
was full out crying now and it 
wasn't until she could catch her 
breath that she told me what was 
going on. 

"I'm sorry," she said. "It's just that 
today was the first time. . .that I've 
ever been on a real team before. I 
mean a team where I was one of 
them and good and they liked me 
and stuff." Wow! I spent the next 
several minutes talking to her and 
discovering this organization's 
power of inclusion. That day 
changed not just Mindy 's life, but 
mine as well. 

Even with the amazing 
inclusionary power of the FFA 
backing us, we clearly still have 
barriers. We don't talk to that 
person because they don't talk to 
us. We haven't met that person 
because they don't eat lunch at the 
same table we do. We've never 
eaten dinner at her house because 
her family speaks a different 
language or lives in a different part 
of town. We don't invite him to 
the FFA meeting because he's not 
an "aggie." We don't hang out with 
that group because they listen to 
rap, or rock, or country, or classical, 
or whatever. We form divisions on 
even the simplest things and we 
give them names like jocks, hicks, 
Goths and nerds. 

We find differences to divide us 
in just about everything, and it 
becomes necessary to confine 

ourselves to living in our own little 
world. What type of people are you 
excluding? I didn't do my job in 
making sure Patrick Scott felt 
included in Elsie Allen FFA. I am 
saddened and disappointed every 
time I see cliques form in chapters 
and opportunities taken from those 
who feel excluded. 

If this is the case, then what does 
the process of acceptance look like? 
What does it feel like? It can be as 
simple as you walking with your 
head up and saying "hi" to those 
around you, whether they notice 
you or not. Smiling, starting a con- 
versation just to let someone know 
you value their companionship. It's 
learning to speak a new language, 
exploring what other people 
believe, listening to "old people" 
music, eating food you've never 
eaten, doing something nobody 
does, addressing the "unspoken 
issues" and making someone feel 
accepted even when you don't nec- 
essarily agree with them. 

Find Patrick Scott. That person 
who you've always known but 
never REALLY talked to. Identify 
and acknowledge your similarities 
and differences. Listen to what that 
person has to say. Accept him or 
her for who they are. 

To be honest, I'm scared. I'm 
scared to live in a world where 
people aren't willing to be different. 
I'm scared to live in a world in 
which folks don't understand each 
other and aren't really all that 
interested in ever understanding 
each other. I'm afraid to have 
people hate me because of my race, 
religion, background or beliefs. I'm 
terrified to live in a country where 
millions of people co-exist together 
without talking, without helping, 
without loving. 

The words I say here on this 
stage will most likely be forgotten. 
But if you — you sitting right there 
in that seat, in this arena at this 
convention right now — if you 
choose to start living in OUR 
world by embracing differences, 
listening in others and aa epting 
everyone around you, that won't be 
forgotten — not by anyone who 
sees the way you conduct yourself 
and is influenced by it. It's up to 
you. We're counting on you for a 
world that we all want to live in in 
the future. FFA members, please 
join me in OUR WORLD. 



Convention Speakers 

WDr. Lowell Catlett 
Catlett, a professor, agriculture futurist, and former 
national FFA officer shared his many insights about 
the emerging trends and technologies in agriculture. 
His message left FFA members contemplating their 
roles in the agriculture industry of tomorrow. 

Chad varga 

Varga shared his story about overcoming 
obstacles to achieve goals. Emerging from 
an abusive childhood to become a 
professional basketball player in Europe, 
he walked away from a lucrative athletic 
career to serve another purpose: to share 
a message about success with students 
across the nation, helping them 
understand how to reach their dreams 
and find purpose in life. 


Convention Speakers 

Robin Roberts 

"FFA members rock!" This was the 
beginning of Roberts' address to the 
Friday night audience, as she talked 
about looking at the "big picture" when 
striving to achieve goals. Roberts 
overcame stereotypes to become the first 
female sportscaster for ESPN's "Sports 
Center." She is now a newscaster for 
ABC's "Good Morning America." 


Christopher Stone 

Staff Sergeant Stone inspired members with his story of being a 
prisoner of war in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. 
After more than a month in captivity, Stone was released by his 
captors. During his powerful message, he spoke of remembering 
his family, faith and country. 


Retiring Address 

We've all seen it before. It's the 
first class of the morning and 
homework is due. However, yours 
isn't quite finished. So, do we 
copy and get the good grade, or do 
we take what we deserve ? Or, you 
get your change hack from the 

Seth Heinert 

National FFA Secretary 

General Session Three 

Constructing a Life 

store clerk and they counted it 
back wrong — in your favor. So, do 
you keep it or return the money? 
You just got pulled over for speed- 
ing! A big ticket is coming your 
way — that is, unless you can think 
of a "little white lie" to excuse 
your actions. 

Temptation, pressures, fear, 
envy, pride, jealousy — all pulling 
at us, urging us to bend, to give in. 
Oh, it may seem subtle, but it's an 
all-out attack — an attack on our 

I have never been exactly what 
you might call a perfect angel, but 
who is? I felt it was all right for me 
to stretch the truth every now and 
then or sling insults at my sisters. 
Hey! 1 was just being a kid, right? 
One day, my mother told me what 
my actions were doing to myself 
and everyone around me. She 
said, "A life filled with character 
is a lot like a house. Each good 
deed, wise decision or simply liv- 
ing a healthy lifestyle puts boards 
on your character house. On the 
other hand, telling lies, cheating 
or torturing your sisters tears 
boards off of your house. Your 
actions serve as an example, Seth, 
to everyone around you. Your 
house of character is always under 
construction, so it's up to you if 
you want to add boards on every 
day and live in a character man- 
sion or tear boards off and just live 
in a shack." 

The concept of that character 
house stuck with me. Years later, 
in high school, I found out keep- 
ing boards on my character house 

was a challenge. I thought I was 
doing things to add boards left 
and right. Tap, tap, tap, a board 
goes up: "Hi there, Mrs. Johnson. 
Can I help you across the street 
today?" Tap, tap, tap, a board goes 
up: "Well sure, I'll stay after 
school and help you weigh pigs, 
Mr. Kennah." Tap, tap, tap, a 
board goes on: "No, thank you. I 
don't think I'll go to that party. 
You know I don't drink." 

And then things happened, 
things that happen to all of us, 
that challenged my character a 
bit. "Yeah, Dad, I realize I was 
supposed to pick feed up for my 
steers, but I didn't feel like getting 
any. Besides, you were the one 
who wanted me to do this in the 
first place." Riiip, there goes a 
board. No big deal, it was just a 
little one. "Hey, did you hear the 
dirty joke about the duck? Well, I 
really shouldn't repeat it, but..." 
Riiip, there goes a board, a little 
bigger this time. "So, urn, will 
your parents mind if we stay out a 
little after curfew?" Riiip, there 
went a whole lumber yard! 

What are we doing? All of 
this — the little white lies, shifting 
blame, half-truths and put- 
downs — slowly erodes the struc- 
ture of our little character houses. 
If I am to live a life of trust, of 
respect, of honor and dignity, then 
it would have to begin with my 
character. But I was just about one 
board away from the whole thing 
falling down around my feet 

It's time we, as leaders, heroes 
and role models, get back to the 
basics of life. It's time we live lives 
that model our beliefs — beliefs 
that are based on a solid founda- 
tion. It's time we stop tearing 
down and start building up the 
character house of our lives. It 
begins with looking at the blue- 
prints of our heroes, developing a 
foundation from which to work 
and then choosing daily to build 
on, and never tear down, the walls 
of your character house. 

A house of character requires 
good blueprints. Blueprints come 
from our role models, our exam- 

ples, our heroes. It's easy to try 
and find them from a far-off land. 
My heroes were movie stars and 
rock stars and TV stars. I could 
model my life after each and every 
move they made. Hey, if we are 
talking about character houses, all 
famous people must live in the 
character mansions on the hill, 
right? Growing up, Garth Brooks 
was that hero for me. I sang his 
songs, I knew his history, I even 
tried to match my wardrobe to 
those flashy shirts he wore. To me, 
he stood not only as a leader in 
music, hut he was also a devoted 
family man and a dreamer. Sure, 
we had never met, but I wanted to 
live my life a lot like his! That is 
partly why it was so tragic when 
the other relationships in his life 
were exposed. Sometimes, we for- 
get our "Hollywood heroes" are 
just people too. Every person, no 
matter how famous or seemingly 
inconspicuous, serves as an exam- 
ple to someone — good or bad. 

We don't have to look very far 
away! Role models we can use as 
blueprints for our lives surround us. 
I believe it's nice to have movie 
star heroes, but it's necessary to 
have real-life heroes that you can 
look to for examples of strength in 
your own life. They are real people 
we can look to, or better yet, talk 
to on a daily basis for guidance. We 
can ask them for suggestions during 
difficult times or when we need 


advice on life. When you look at their 
character house, it might not be the 
flashiest, but it will be big. The reason? 
They daily live lives of character. These 
heroes show strength daily, not just when 
everyone is watching. 

I am surrounded by real-life examples 
of character role models. It's the work 
ethic I see in my grandfather. It's the 
faith I see in my mother. It's the steadi- 
ness I see in my father. It's the loyalty I 
see in my friends. 

This year, it was business leaders we 
visited who spoke of choosing integrity 
over a quick buck. It was teachers who 
selflessly taught, trained and brought you 
to conventions. It was hunger in the eyes 
of state officers at our training in 
Mississippi, Indiana and Idaho who 
stayed after hours, just to make sure their 
work was ready for the next day. Ladies 
and gentlemen, they're all over the 
place! You are one of them! The ques- 
tion is, do we live our lives in such a way 
as to be a good blueprint for those who 
are looking? Go home and find one per- 
son you can use as your role model. Hey, 
maybe you can be one for someone else. 

A good blueprint leads to a solid 
foundation. All character houses must 
begin with one. Often we may find our- 
selves saying, "I just don't know what I 
should do." However, if we truly evalu- 
ate our values, what we struggle with is 
what we want to do rather than what we 
should do. Therefore, we must have a 
foundation to base our character on. A 
philosophy that will stand solid forever. 
A solid foundation is based on the three 
most important F's you can get in 
school — family, faith, and friends. 

Family helps to form our character; it 
doesn't decide it. We can either blame 
our families for all of the challenges we 
have because of them, or we can be 
thankful for the strengths, few or many, 
they have passed on to us and grow in 
the areas we need. This year, I have 
been especially thankful for the solid 
foundation of family I could always find 
strength in. Our family helps form our 
foundation, so stand strong for the val- 
ues they represent. 

Faith is defined in Hebrews 11:1 as 
"the substance of things hoped for, the 
evidence of things not seen." There is a 
need in each of us to find some form of 
spirituality in our lives. Studies have 
shown that people who develop their 
personal faith live longer, have less stress 
and lead happier lives. We have a deep 
connection with a place we can take our 
life's challenges to. I am thankful I was 
raised in a Christian home and find that 
to be the single most important compo- 

nent of my life. Once you find your faith, 
run deep with it. Find time daily to 
reflect on areas of growth in your life and 
on the good things that are happening. 

Be kind to all, but choose your friends 
wisely. Friends have an unmistakable 
amount of influence in our lives. Choose 
friends that serve to build on your 
strengths. Once you find them, have 
them help keep you accountable for the 
person you can't hold yourself to be. 
Then, be willing to do the same for them. 
This year, I have found friends of unshak- 
able character all over the nation! From 
hay stacking contests in East Nicolaus, 
Calif, to ag Olympics in Jackson, Miss., I 
have been so filled with the strength of 
character that my friends represent. 

Once we have established our founda- 
tion of character, the daily construction 
of character in our lives begins. Imagine 
living in a house that was always under 
construction. All day and all night, ham- 
mers would be banging, saws would be 
sawing. There would be a few things 
about this house you would notice. First 
and most obviously, it would continue to 
grow. Upward, outward, but never hack- 
ward. But the taller and heavier it gets, 
the more the foundation must be support- 
ed. Our lives are like this house. We are 
constantly growing, pursuing excellence, 
but never quite arriving at our destina- 
tion. We can grow our house of character 
through making solid choices based on 
our foundation. The more we grow, the 
stronger our foundation becomes. 

When faced with an ethical choice or 
temptation, consider the example you set 
for others. Once, at a friend's house, I 
phoned my mother. I was not supposed 
to be there, but I lied and told her I was 
at another house and just running a little 
late. Too bad my lie was exposed when I 
found out we had just got caller ID! That 
single action corroded some of the trust 
between us, and I had to work to regain 
it. You see, it's not just one piece of our 
lives that needs good character hut all 
parts. Think about how many eyes are on 
you when you go home. Most of us in 
here are brothers or sisters, aunts or 
uncles. We are students and we are 
teachers. We are members of churches, 
members of sports teams, members of 
school clubs. We dance, we sing, we do 
all sorts of crazy stuff. And the whole 
time, people are watching every move we 
make. So choose your actions and your 
words carefully. While most of us have 
never been on a reality TV show, imag- 
ine what it would be like to have every 
move you make broadcast for the whole 
world to see. Picture that! What areas of 
your life would you not want seen? We 

have to approach adding boards fully. If 
there is one area in trouble, that is the 
area to box up and pack out of your char- 
acter house. Eliminate it. 

You can add boards through your 
words. Use your words as a tool of sup- 
port, of praise, and let your words be 
guided by truth. People will remember 
you for your kept promises and honesty. 
The character of your word is your great- 
est asset, and honesty is your best virtue. 
Every day we make solid choices based 
on our values is a day we can add boards 
to our character house. 

Before I left for college, my family 
gave me a gift. It was a simple poem to 
hang on my wall. It was entitled, "The 
Man in the Glass." 

It reads, "When you get what you 
want in your struggle for self, and the 
world makes you king for a day, just go to 
a mirror and look at yourself, and see 
what that man has to say. For it isn't 
your father or mother or wife, who judg- 
ment upon you must pass; the fellow 
whose verdict counts most in your lite is 
the one staring back from the glass. He's 
the fellow to please, never mind all the 
rest, for he's with you clear up to the 
end, and you've passed the most danger- 
ous, difficult test if the man in the glass 
is your friend. You may fool the whole 
world down the pathway of years, and 
get pats on the back as you pass, but your 
final reward will be heartaches and tears 
if you've cheated the man in the glass." 

The house of character we build for 
ourselves is constantly under construc- 
tion. When we begin with the blueprints 
of solid role model and add an unshak- 
able foundation based on our family, 
friends and faith, we have something we 
can always refer back to when times grow 
difficult. With every promise kept, every 
helpful hand offered and every sincere 
word we offer, we put boards on the side 
of our house. Choosing to live with char- 
acter is not a quick fix, but rather mak- 
ing a conscious effort to live a better life. 
It is written "It is not in life's changes 
but in life's choices that happiness 
comes." FFA members, our lives are like 
houses of character. Begin today to add 
boards with your actions. 

It's the simple things of your life that 
can do it, really. It's simply choosing to 
hold who needs holding, mend what 
needs mending, walk what needs walk- 
ing, though it means an extra mile. 

Pray what needs praying, say what 
needs saying, cause we're only here for a 
little while. 

FFA members, it's up to you. At this 
time next year, what will your character 
house look like? 


Retiring Address 

Today the popular thing is 
reality TV. Shows like "Fear 
Factor," "Who Wants to Marry a 
Millionaire?," "Reality Wedding," 
"Trading Spaces," "Who Wants to 
Marry My Father?... Mother?... 
Brother?. . .Sister?. . .Cousin Twice 
Removed?"... the list goes on and 
on and on. Heck, I even submit- 

J.J. Jones 

Central Region Vice 

Ninth General Session 

Requesting Reality, Please 

ted an idea for a show called 
"Who Wants to Marry the 
Central Region Vice President?" 
Can you believe the gall of the 
networks? They turned me down! 

Well, it's time for a Reality 
Retiring Address. No, there won't 
be any weird creatures to eat, 
remodeling projects to complete 
and, for goodness sakes, no wed- 
ding bells to ring after two hours 
of courtship. I mean, really, whose 
reality is this? I know it's not 
mine and hope it's not yours. 
We're faced with much more dif- 
ficult decisions that are real on a 
daily basis — decisions that not 
only affect us, but our family, 
friends, community, country and 
the world in which we live. But 
unfortunately, certain ones have 
been deemed socially unaccept- 
able, politically incorrect or flat- 
out things that we shouldn't bring 
up but instead sweep under the 

I believe there are two main 
reasons we do this. The first rea- 
son is that it's simply easier to 
shove certain topics away and go 
about our daily lives without 
addressing them. We do this 
because of the hurt and pain that 
it may cause. Here are a few 

In my family, we never bring 
up the issue of why my great- 
grandparents' house wasn't passed 

down in the family as 
it had been for genera- 
tions before due to a 
family member mort- 
gaging it and then hav- 
ing it repossessed. Or 
maybe you go to a fam- 
ily event and a relative 
has gained a little too 
much weight to be 
healthy, but your men- 
tioning it would cause 
more pain than the risk 
they are in. Maybe 
there is a scandal at 
school you don't con- 
done, but it is easier to 
let it play out on its 
own. Perfect examples 
of issues that can be 
left unspoken in order 
to spare others' feelings. 

But I believe the second rea- 
son is much more damaging. I 
believe there are issues that we're 
afraid to bring up — many we hear 
about every day. Issues that range 
from our family to our friends. 
Issues that impact us from our 
kitchen tables to the House of 
Representatives. We often don't 
bring these issues up because peo- 
ple get emotional or passionate 
about them and we just want to 
avoid an argument. Sometimes we 
avoid these issues because we 
don't know enough information 
on the subject to discuss it intelli- 
gently. These issues are so large in 
size and scope that it is easier to 
ignore them — but they are real 
and can't be ignored. 
Let's try something really quickly. 


Death penalty 

Premarital sex 




Bill Clinton 

George Bush 

Now, I know that as I said 
each of those, you had a thought 
running through your mind. You 
had an opinion — it's human 
nature. As soon as each of us 
hears a rule, law, comment or 

even a persons name, we contem- 
plate our view of the issue. 
Depending on our level of passion 
about that issue, we may have a 
definite, closed-minded opinion, 
or we may have a loose opinion 
but are willing to listen and learn 
due to the fact that we desire to 
learn more about the subject. So 
often, though, no matter how 
strong our opinion, we aren't will- 
ing to share it or stand up for 
what we feel. 

No one can tell you what you 
feel is right or wrong, good or 
bad, just or unjust. Nobody 
except you. Others can help form 
or modify your thoughts and 
opinions, and at times their argu- 
ments may even convince you to 
change your mind, but the key is 
this — each of us has an opinion 
that is important and we need to 
at least be knowledgeable enough 
to share our thoughts and ideas. 

Being knowledgeable on a sub- 
ject doesn't mean you have to be 
an expert. It's as simple as reading 
the school newspaper to see what 
issues face your school, listening 
to the local radio station to hear 
what topics are being discussed in 
your community, watching the 
news to see what is going on in 
our country and world or taking 
an hour each week to learn more 
about a subject. 


Now, you may be asking, "But 
J. J., why is it important that I 
learn about these issues and form 
an opinion — why should I care?" 

Well, let's look at how just one 
person can bring about change. If 
in 1969 Paul Bankhead hadn't 
expressed his opinion that anyone 
could contribute to agriculture, 
half of you might not be in this 
room. Yes, ladies, I'm referring to 
when the Future Farmers of 
America decided to allow women 
into the organization. 

Speaking of the Future Farmers 
of America, if in 1988 a delegate 
hadn't made a motion to change 
the name of the organization, 
many of us may have never 

We can even take this idea of 
one person's influence up to the 
next level. What if Martin Luther 
King Jr. hadn't stood up for civil 
rights? What if Abraham Lincoln 
hadn't stood up for the freedom of 
all men? What if George 
Washington hadn't helped shape 
this great nation? What if 
Christopher Columbus hadn't 
tried to sail around the world? 
What if Sandra Day O'Connor 
hadn't broken the stereotype that 
all Supreme Court justices are 
men? All real issues in the real 

These individuals stood up for 
their beliefs because they cared 
enough about a topic to learn 
about it and develop confidence 
in their opinion. In order for each 
of us to take a stand on issues that 
are important in our lives, we 
must first educate ourselves. We 
don't have to become an expert 
on everything, but we shouldn't 
be afraid to learn about the issues 
that affect our society. If we don't 
know the facts, we should be 
ready to ask questions so that we 
can learn before forming an opin- 

Oh, but once we have an edu- 
cated opinion, we must use it — 
we must be ready to share it. 
Growing up, though, I wasn't 
always likely to share my opinion. 
Many who have gotten to know 
me this year know that I am 
extremely proud to be from north- 
west Kansas. I love the small- 
town atmosphere — the fact that 
everyone knows everyone by 
name, who drives what car and 
who owns every dog in town. The 

fact that we never lock our car 
doors — except during zucchini 
season because if you don't lock 
your doors then, well, your back- 
seat will overflow with Margaret 
Pinalto's bumper crop — and a 
neighbor is always willing to give 
a helping hand even when they 
are running late. But when I was 
a kid, it always bothered me that 
many people in my part of Kansas 
wouldn't express their opinion 
because they feared what the 
neighbors would think. I honestly 
thought it was just a northwest 
Kansas thing, but this year, as I 
have traveled, I have found it to 
be true in many places throughout 
our country. 

In almost every chapter, com- 
munity or state, there are those 
"sacred cows" that we don't talk 
about because they lead to heated 
arguments. At times we don't act 
on them because others may make 
fun of us. Even when we are edu- 
cated and sure of our opinions, we 
sometimes hesitate. I think 
back. . .what if 33 farm boys had 
hesitated in 1928 to form this 
organization? What if the found- 
ing fathers of our country had 
stood by quietly rather than 
speaking out for our freedom? 

How many of you recognize 
the following few lines? 

"We hold these Tt uths to be 
self-evident, that all Men are cre- 
ated equal, that they are endowed 
by their Creator with certain 
unalienable Rights, that among 
these are Life, Liberty and the 

Pursuit of Happiness " Yes, it is 

part of the Declaration of 
Independence that ensures so 
much of what you and I cherish. 

What about these lines? 

"The National FFA 
Organization is the organization 
of, by, and for students enrolled in 
agricultural education programs." 

That is part of the FFA consti- 
tution. Over 4 million members 
have shaped the FFA legacy. Each 
and every day, you and I have the 
responsibility to share our opin- 
ions so that we continue to build 
upon what so many have believed 
in. That is why the FFA and our 
country are a living legacy — 
because they are both still grow- 
ing and changing while honoring 
the forefathers who believed in 
them enough to struggle for their 
creation and growth. 

Today, our country still needs 
leaders like Paul Bankhead, 
Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham 
Lincoln and Sandra Day 
O'Connor. Not people who know 
who's dating who in Hollywood or 
who can alphabetically list every 
Xbox game. We need people, 
LEADERS, who are prepared to 
deal in the real world. Leaders 
who will hold honest and forth- 
right discussions about those very 
important society-impacting 
issues, even when it seems as if 
the rest of the world is scared to 
face reality. 

FFA members, more than ever, 
this is the moment to become 
educated on topics and voice your 
opinions for your well-being and 
the good of those around you. My 
friends, this is the moment. Begin 
living reality. Become a real 
leader for the real world. 

We need people, 


are prepared to 
deal in the real 

"This is the moment! This is 
the day 

When I send all my doubts 
and demons on their way! 

Ev'ry endeavor I have made 

Is coming into play, 

Is here and now today! 

"This is the moment! This is 
the time 

When the momentum and the 
moment are in rhyme. 

Give me this moment, this 
precious chance. 

I'll gather up my past, and 
make some sense at last! 

"This is the moment when all 
I've done, 

All the dreaming, scheming 
and screaming become one! 

This is the day, see it sparkle 
and shine, 

When all I've lived for 
becomes mine." 


Retiring Address 


In the darkest part of the night, 
a captain cautiously piloted his 
warship through the fog-shrouded 
waters. With straining eyes, he 
scanned the hazy darkness, 
searching for dangers lurking just 
out of sight. His worst fears were 

Julie Tyson 

Eastern Region Vice 

Session Five 

Traveling Light 

realized when he saw a bright 
light straight ahead. It appeared 
to be a vessel on a collision 
course with his ship. To avert 
disaster, he quickly radioed the 
oncoming vessel. 

Voice 1: 

"This is Captain Jeremiah 
Smith," his voice cracked over 
the radio. "Please alter your 
course 10 degrees south! Over." 

Voice 2: 

"Captain Smith. This is Private 
Thomas Johnson. Please alter your 
course 10 degrees north! Over." 

Voice 1: 

"Private Johnson, this is 
Captain Smith, and I order you to 
immediately alter your course 10 
degrees south! Over." 

Voice 2: 

"With all due respect Captain 
Smith, I order you to alter your 
course immediately 10 degrees 
north! Over." 

Voice 1: 

The captain growled back over 
the radio, "Private Johnson. I can 
have you court-martialed for this! 
For the last time, I command you 
on the authority of the United 
States government to alter your 
course 10 degrees to the south! 1 
am a battleship!" 

Voice 2: 

"Captain Smith, sir. 
Once again with all 
due respect, 1 command 
you to alter your course 
10 degrees to the 
north! I am a 

I've never piloted a 
warship through fog- 
shrouded waters, but 
over the past 1 2 
months, I have traveled 
in a variety of different 
ways: by car through 
the cornfields of 
Nebraska and the hills 
of West Virginia. . .by 
bullet train past Mt. 
Fuji in Japan. . .by ship 
on the Potomac River at the State 
Presidents' Conference... by van to 
Pike's Peak in Colo.... by plane to 
Phoenix, Ariz.; Spokane, Wash.; 
Minneapolis, Minn, and Tulsa, 
Okla....and by van to this, the 
2003 National FFA Convention! 

Even when getting on a plane 
was a pretty regular part of the job, 
this year has never taken me far 
from thoughts of home. The family 
that welcomed me home with 
loving arms was always with me. 
No matter the destination or mode 
of transportation, my focus was the 
same. The same beacon that has 
been with me all of my life, the 
one that will shine for all that is to 
come, cast rays that guide our 
path. Rays like those of a 
lighthouse. A lighthouse: steady, 
unmoved and visible no matter 
what the weather conditions. 

This year, more than ever 
before, I realized what great 
beacons my family and friends are 
to me. Like the rays of a 
lighthouse, their example has 
shone brightly in my life, casting 
rays of light that guide my path. 
They're leaders who chart a clear 
course in rough waters and 
through foggy nights. 

What is it about leaders that 
draws us to them and compels us 
to follow? 

The people I've always admired 
are honest and hardworking! 
Individuals who live their values 
and enjoy the lives they lead. 
People who laugh often and 
display passion, joyfully 
experiencing each and every day! 

When I was in the eighth grade, 
I tutored students in a fifth grade 
math class. Whether we were 
working on word problems, 
fractions or long division, I can 
still hear the students saying, "Hey 
Julie! How do you solve number 
10? I don't understand." 

Some of the greatest moments of 
joy that year came as I sat with the 
students in Mrs. Brown's class... as 
I saw the light of understanding 
turn on behind their eyes... when 
they smiled and proudly shared the 
results of their most recent test 
with me... when I saw them after 
school and we talked about the 
other events in their lives. 

We never quite understand why 
we're blessed with certain experi- 
ences, but when I look back, I 
realize it was then I decided that if 
people were going to look to me 
for guidance, then I ought to be 
the sort of person who's worth fol- 
lowing, who's worth looking up to. 

The decision to be a leader 
seems like an easy one to make, 
but how do we actually become a 
person who can be a light for 


others to follow. 7 What steps do we 
take to get there? Is it a step-by- 
step process like those word 
problems 1 helped Mrs. Brown's 
fifth graders solve? Do we have to 
make major changes? Or is it mure 

Becoming a leader isn't a 
problem-solving activity and 
doesn't involve major changes to 
our personality. We can become 
influential leaders by turning our 
steering wheel slightly, by- 
changing our course just a few 
degrees. For me, it's as simple as 
turning to my family and closest 
friends for some help, for a gentle 
reminder about the joys in life. 

What are the joys that guide us? 
Do you remember the last time 
you laughed so hard you cried? 
Some of us are still laughing! 

Different types of laughter 
escape our lips every day: from the 
sarcastic laugh and genuine 
chuckle to the belly-aching, full- 
hearted laugh. 

The average adult laughs 15 
times a day. A child, 435! Humor 
is a universal language. It's a 
contagious emotion and a natural 
diversion. Laughing boosts the 
immune system. It brings other 
people in and breaks down 
barriers. Best of all, it is free. 

We've heard that: 

"Instead of rolling with the 
punches — duck!" 

"Happiness happens... one smile 
at a time." 

"We will make a world of 
difference — one act of kindness 
at a time." 

Those times when we laugh 
with our whole being, our smile 
stretches wide across our face and 
we're filled with joy. If we could 
just laugh a few more times each 
day, a small change, think of the 
difference it would make. Those 
moments are worth experiencing 
daily. They're worth cherishing 
and remembering. 

Joy is such a precious gift. It's 
not as spontaneous as some may 
think. The source of our joy is 
found in beliefs, values and 
relationships developed over time. 

One of the greatest joys of this 
year was developing relationships 
with FFA members from across 
the country. At the end of 
February, which was about a 
month and a half after the Ohio 

State Buckeyes won the national 
football championship, I found 
myself on a flight to Arizona. One 
afternoon, I had traveled with 
their state president, Brian, to 
Yuma, Ariz., the winter salad bowl 
capital of the world. After visiting 
the three schools in the area, we 
spent the afternoon driving 
around. Now, whether you're a fan 
of Ford, Dodge or Chevy. . .driving 
down the road in a pickup truck 
with the windows rolled down and 
the radio turned up is one of the 
greatest feelings! On this warm 
afternoon we stopped to visit two 
FFA members, Kyle and Mike, 
who showed Brian and me their 
supervised agricultural experience 
programs and offered me a glimpse 
of what brings them joy. 

Kyle began by showing us how 
his family grows celery. I'd never 
really thought about how celery 
was grown. Have you? But over 
the next hour, I discovered not 
only what their operation 
entailed, but also the pride that 
Kyle and his father share. After 
checking out the celery operation, 
Brian, Kyle, Mike and I jumped 
back in the pickup truck and 
drove down the dusty lane. 

As we drove through the lemon 
trees, Kyle explained the irrigation 
system, why the trees were planted 
in this particular pattern and how 
the lemons were harvested and 
the trees pruned each year. With 
excitement in his voice, he 
described his family's plan for the 
expansion of the farm. Just then 
we stopped and got out of the 
truck. I pulled out my camera to 
take a picture by a cactus (a very 
touristy thing to do, but they just 
don't grow like that in Ohio!), 
and I heard Kyle telling Brian that 
this particular cactus was planted 
by his father on the day he was 
born. This farm has been in the 
family for generations, and Kyle's 
dream is to return to the farm 
after college. 

Too soon, Brian and I parted 
with Kyle and his best friend 
Mike. As Brian and I got in his 
car to leave, he struck the palm of 
his hand on the steering wheel 
and exclaimed, "THAT IS WHY 

AGRICULTURE!" He was right, 
there are FFA members who 
believe in the power of their 
dreams ! 

What would happen if we all 
found something to be that 
excited about? What if we all 
found something that filled us 
with that much joy, that much 
pride? A dream to pursue that lit 
the fire within us. What would 
happen if we let our dreams keep 
burning strong, driving us to 
achieve our goals? 

What would happen if we just 
changed our thinking a few 
degrees? If we stopped for 30 
seconds and focused on all of the 
things that fill us with pride and 
an overwhelming sense of joy? If 
we focused on what we do well, 
those unique gifts that are ours 
alone to share with the world? 

No matter what our individual 
gifts or abilities, we've enrolled in 
agricultural education; we've said 
the Creed and earned our jacket. 
But does just putting on the 
jacket make us successful FFA 
members? No more than standing 
in a garage makes us a car! How 
then do we achieve the success 
we dream of? 

We're all programmed for 
greatness! Just as a lighthouse is 
programmed to create a constant 
stream of light that reaches out 
into the darkness, we're gifted 
with abilities that help us to smile 
with joy and pride, that help us to 
achieve success. We'll be 
successful because we expect 
nothing less. 

Like a lighthouse, our light will 
be unwavering, steadfast and 
illuminating; it will give hope to 

What does it take to shine that 
light? Merely altering our course a 
few degrees-laughing a little more 
and believing in our dreams! 

When we love those around us, 
we leave an amazing legacy. When 
our days are filled with joy and our 
focus is on unwavering values, we 
shine the rays that guide someone 
else's path; we're a traveling light. 
Each of us has all the tools and 
resources we need; what we do 
with them is up to us. Don't ever 
forget there's someone who 
believes in you. You have a gift; 
you're one of a kind. God put you 
here so you could shine! 


Retiring Address 

When I was young, there were 
very few things that I enjoyed 
more than Saturday mornings at 
Grandma's. The adventures at 
Grandma's often began when my 
brother Philip and I decided we 

Joel McKie 

Southern Region Vice 

General Session Four 

The Best way to 
Start Your Day 

wanted to spend Friday night 
somewhere other than at home. 
We would head up the road two- 
tenths of a mile, watch television 
well into the night and then sleep 
in the next morning. 

That was when the real fun 
began! Around 9:30, Philip and I 
would wake up and turn on the 
television to our favorite cartoons. 
My grandma, who had been up for 
hours, would hear us in the bed- 
room. She soon would poke her 
head in and ask my favorite ques- 
tion, "What do you boys want for 

"Hot dogs, Grandma! Hot dogs! 
Three of 'em! Just the way I like 
'em — a little ketchup, but no bun! 
Pleeeeaaasssssseeeee!" That's right, 
I firmly believed the best way to 
get-your-morning-started-right was 
to have a nice hot dog! It was my 
breakfast of champions. 

As I grew older, I realized there 
were other options for my morning 
meal. There were pancakes and 
Blackburn syrup, pigs in a blanket, 
ham and eggs and, of course, a 
Southerner's favorite — grits. But I 
soon fell in love with, of all things, 
cereal! There were plenty of trends 
and fads during my cereal-eating 
days. First, it was Rice Krispies, 
then Froot Loops, a brief bout with 
Cap'n Crunch, a few Frosted 
Flakes and then back to Froot 

Now these were just a few of 
my favorite cereals growing up, but 

traveling this year in 
places like Oregon, 
Wisconsin and 
Pennsylvania, I have 
learned that we each 
have our favorites, 
whether in breakfast 
cereals, college football 
teams or tractor color. 

This morning we 
have a huge stage at 
the 2003 National FFA 
Convention to decide 
just what some of those 
favorites are among 
FFA members. Now we 
may NOT be able to 
decide today whether 
the favorite tractor 
color among FFA 
members is red or 
green. We probably can't deter- 
mine whether the Tigers, the 
Cowboys or the Bulldogs are the 
most loved college football team 
in the land. But we can determine 
the favorite breakfast cereal among 
FFA members. 

As a matter of fact, we have 
here with us two of the most popu- 
lar brands. We have a box of 
Lucky Charms and a box of Froot 
Loops. In a moment, on my cue, 
cheer for your favorite cereal. The 
cereal that receives the most 
applause and cheers will be named 
our winner. 

You may choose your favorite 
based on its taste, the look of the 
box or maybe even the personality 
of the mascot. Our sound-o-meter 
will help us determine who our 
winner is this morning. On the 
count of three, stomp your feet, 
put your hands together and raise 
your voices to make sure this 
sound-o-meter is indeed working. 
Ready? One... two... three! 

Sounds great! 

Now that we know the sound- 
o-meter is working, let's begin this 
serious cereal competition! If you 
feel lucky with your Lucky 
Charms, shout out! If you 
absolutely love Froot Loops, make 
some noise! 

Not bad! Let's see who our win- 

ner is. Are you ready to hear the 
winner? I said, are you ready to 
hear the winner? 

Now stop a minute and think 
"why." Why are you ready to hear 
the winner? What inside of you 
makes you want to know whether 
your cereal won or not? — especial- 
ly when we made our decision 
based on the shape of the cereal, 
the mascot or the front of the box. 

Now you're probably thinking, 
"Hey Joel, don't leave us hanging! 
You told me to scream, so I 
screamed! Here I was trying to 
help you out, and now you won't 
even tell me whether my favorite 
cereal won or not!" You're right; I 
did ask you to scream. And it's 
natural to want to know if your 
cereal won! But I brought you to 
this point to share this piece of 

It's normal to want to pit one 
thing against another and see 
which one is better — even with 
something as silly as breakfast 
cereals. We do that same thing in 
our daily lives; we pit ourselves 
against other people and try to fig- 
ure out who's the best. 

Comparing ourselves is not 
necessarily a bad thing, and later 
we will talk about the good that 
can come from comparisons. But 
it's the negative results of compar- 
ing me to you, Sam to Joe, Brenda 


to Kristy that can destroy our self- 
confidence and emotional security. 

When I was young, and even to 
this day, I suffered from perfection- 
ism. During my early school days, I 
came to expect nothing less than 
the best. Now that would have 
been fine to expect my best, but 
rather, I always expected to be the 
best in the class. So any time a test 
or assignment was handed back, I 
would begin looking around the 
room to see how my test score 
stacked up against everyone else. 

Usually, I was in pretty good 
shape, but on occasion, my grade 
was less than the best in the class. 
In those cases, rather than being 
proud of my performance, I felt 
like I had failed. When my class- 
mates recognized my need for 
superior grades, they would some- 
times gloat when their perform- 
ance surpassed mine! 

By comparing myself so much, 
my self-esteem and my perception 
of "who I was" became dependent 
on having the best grade in the 
class. These comparisons began to 
control my life. 

FFA members, comparisons 
happen everywhere! We experi- 
ence them at school, at the mall, 
on athletic fields, on FFA trips and 
even at home with our brothers 
and sisters. Our society has taught 
us that it's the norm to compare 
my looks to your looks, my talents 
to your talents, my house to your 
house, my intelligence to your 
intelligence and my life to your 
life. We might say to our friends, "I 
wish my family had as much 
money as his family does," or "She 
speaks so much better than I do." 

So often when we start making 
comparisons to other people's situ- 
ations, abilities and lifestyles, we 
sell ourselves short and begin to 
believe that we are indeed less for- 
tunate and less gifted. Long-term, 
if we trick ourselves into believing 
that we're not successful because 
we're not the best at something, 
we become insecure and act 
uncomfortable in our very own 

This morning I am not asking 
you to stop comparing yourself to 
other people — that would be near- 
ly impossible. Instead, I am chal- 
lenging you to change your mental 
perspective when you compare 
yourself to others. Rather than 

focusing on whether you're better 
or worse at something than some- 
one else, center your attention on 
how you can best use your talents, 
your ability and your situation. It's 
mental. Your perspective deter- 
mines whether the results of your 
comparisons have a positive or 
negative impact on your life. 

This year God has blessed me 
with five incredible teammates. A 
year ago tomorrow, we came 
together on this very stage for the 
first time. When the excitement of 
our own individual triumph began 
to subside, we soon discovered 
each other's unique talents, per- 
sonalities and, yes, imperfections. 
Naturally, we began to evaluate 
each other's strengths and weak- 
nesses. We recognized Julie's poise, 
Seth's creativity, J.J.'s practicality, 
Dustin's charisma and Tim's logic. 
We all realized our individual roles 
and our place on this team. 

That's the great thing about liv- 
ing in this world full of talented 
people. We are not asked to be the 
best; we are simply asked to do our 
best. We will naturally excel in 
certain areas of our lives, and yet 
in other places, it will be more 
challenging for us to succeed. We 
often discover our strengths and 
growth opportunities by comparing 
ourselves to peers and other pre- 
determined standards. 

That's the essence of math 
tests, athletic competitions and 
FFA career development events. 
These types of comparisons help us 
to understand "what we are good 
at" and thus begin our journey of 
finding our place in this world. 

Many of you came to conven- 
tion in hopes of winning a nation- 
al competition. For those of you 
with these goals, it would be easy 
to leave Louisville thinking that 
you're less simply because someone 
else might have been more this 
week. Some of you look down your 
row of seats and wonder why he or 
she is in a higher office than you. 
Others will go back to school on 
Monday and dream of being beau- 
tiful or handsome so they can 
catch the eye of that special some- 
one. Next weekend, undoubtedly, 
a few of you will sit around and 
talk about who has the best car or 

These are all natural compar- 
isons. But we must consciously 

choose to change our natural reac- 
tion to this method of self-evalua- 
tion. If we can't avoid comparing 
ourselves to others, let's use com- 
parisons as a tool to discover who 
we are and our place in this world. 

I think we can all agree that 
comparing brands of cereal seems 
pretty silly. In the grand scheme of 
things, though, isn't the idea of 
comparing cars, hair, houses, 
clothes or talents just as ridiculous? 
The idea of letting the compar- 
isons we make rule our lives in a 
negative way is simply outrageous. 

But it happens. People you 
know are already suffering from it. 
Maybe you are. Maybe the nega- 
tive results of comparisons are 
keeping you from being the real 
Brett, the true Jessica or the 
unique Tiffany. You may be search- 
ing for "who you are" in all the 
wrong places because you believe 
you're not good enough to be the 
person you truly are. 

FFA members, the result of 
comparing yourself can be good or 
bad, worthwhile or wasteful, 

frf Mm cmtt mmti 
comparing ourselves to 
others, let's use 
comparisons as a tool to 
discover who we are and 
our place in this world. 

healthy or unhealthy. It's your 
decision! It is a choice that you 
make on a daily basis. Just as you 
step out of bed, dress, brush your 
teeth and eat breakfast every 
morning, make it a habit to look 
in the mirror and promise yourself 
you'll only make healthy compar- 

Then you'll realize that striking 
out in an important game doesn't 
make you a poor baseball player. 
You'll understand that not winning 
the local creed-speaking event 
actually allowed you to grow. You 
might not be the best dressed, but 
you could be the best read. Find 
your inner-self amid the scars of 
defeat and the triumphs of victory. 
Use comparisons to define "who 
you are" and to discover your place 
in this world. FFA members and 
guests, that's the best way to start 
your day! 


Retiring Address 

Wow, what a ride! 

Taking a leap out of a moving 
aircraft from 2.5 miles above the 
Earth, free falling for 45 seconds, 
then coasting down to Earth for 
four to five minutes. Now that is 
what I call an experience of a 

Dustin A.G. Clark 

Western Region Vice 

General Session Seven 

Live. ..Right.. .Now 

How many of us are just waiting 
for that experience of a lifetime ? 
How many of us are waiting to 
wake up one day and just be blown 
away with the awesome things that 
are going on in our lives? I am 
willing to bet all of us are. 

You know what? So was I — and 
this is what led me to pursue such a 
crazy act as skydiving. 

As I prepared for the dive, I 
realized that three things would be 
critical to the success of that jump. 
I had to Live. . .and make the 
decision myself, not letting anyone 
else dictate my actions. 

I had to Live Right. . .once I was 
in the air, I had to give every bit of 
my attention to the people who 
were around me. 

I had to Live Right Now. . .1 
knew that when I was about to 
jump out of that airplane, I 
couldn't let hesitation stand in my 

When I first had the idea to go 
skydiving, it was met with fierce 
resistance. But I've always liked to 
do my own thing. 

Just like when I was in junior 
high — I was just like every other 
junior high student. I had one 
desire, and that was to be cool. You 
know what I am talking about... so 
cool that I was above taking my 
lunch to school. So cool that I 
would only sling my backpack over 
one shoulder. When I was asked 
why do I do these things, I would 

always reply, "Because 
it's cool." 

My desire to be cool 
reached a peak one 
night when my best 
friend Brian and I were 
hanging out. We 
decided it was time to 
take the lead at school 
by starting a new fad. 
We brainstormed and 
brainstormed, but 
couldn't come up with 
any ideas. Then Brian 
said, "Dude, we need to 
get some Dickies." I 
said, "Some Dickies?" 
He said, "Yeah, you 
know those overalls 
people wear." Those 
overalls were what my 
grandad wore! Brian suggested we 
get them really, really big. Aha. I 
finally got it. We were on to 
something. So we begged and 
begged my stepmom to take us to 
Wal-Mart so we could buy some 

Before I knew it, we were in the 
middle of the aisles trying on 
overalls. Finally I found my pair. I'd 
like to show you the Dickies that I 
bought, but you need to 
understand something about me 
first — I had a 32-inch waist. I was 
skinny. I am talking I was so skinny 
that I had to jump around in the 
shower to get wet. So, I bought a 
size 40. 

After buying them, I couldn't 
wait to wear them to school the 
next morning. So I woke up, put 
them on and went to school. As I 
walked into the school, I had a 
new limp and a new lingo. I saw 
the captain of our basketball team 
and I said, "Hey, what up dog?" He 
just left me hanging. But, I was 
like, it's okay, because up walked 
the girl that I had a crush on for 
two years. I just knew that she was 
going to ask me to go to 
homecoming. She approached me 
and said, "Will you... let me borrow 
your biology book?" I was so 
disappointed. Then I turned 
around because I heard a group of 


- *m 






M> ' 




* ' V ^ 

\ f 


i ~^~~^ 




people laughing hysterically at 
something, so I looked to see what 
they were laughing at... and 
realized it was me! 

I was crushed, humiliated and 
broken. The group of "cool" people 
that I was trying to fit in with just 
laughed at me even more. 

I had failed in my attempt to be 
cool and impress "the in crowd" 
with my big Dickies. As I failed 
there, I also failed myself. As much 
as I was trying to please other 
people, I lost sight of pleasing 
myself. Not only did other people 
not like me, but I didn't like me! I 
wasn't living; I was pretending. 

Then I tried just going back to 
living my life... liking country 
music, wearing Wrangler 20X 
jeans, going spotlighting on the 
weekends, watching 
"SportsCenter," driving a tractor 
and staying home on Friday nights. 

Now none of these things ever 
got me voted best dressed, most 
popular or most likely to succeed. I 
got something much sweeter 
though — I got an inner peace and 
happiness. That happiness came 
from simply being myself, not 
because I was "popular." 

So you ask, What does it mean 
to live? To live is to let absolutely 
no one's opinion dictate who you 
are. Be proud of your faith; be 
proud of your taste in clothes; be 


proud of having a clean vocabulary; he 
proud of wearing your official dress 
through the hall; be proud of daring to be 
the one that makes his own decisions. I 
promise that you will be rewarded. This is 
what it is to live. 

Back to the day that I risked my life — 
no, I'm not talking about my first date, 
rather my skydiving experience. To 
ensure the safety of the jump, I 
mentioned that I had to focus on those 
two people who were around me. Not 
only was I living that day, I knew by 
doing this, I would live right. 

We can learn a lot from a guy who I 
hold close to my heart. When Jesus was 
only 30 years old, He was making His 
way to Jerusalem. Throughout the day, 
He would teach, preach and then heal 
people who had broken bones, leprosy or 
were dying of cancer. Many people would 
run to Him and want Him to perform 
miraculous works and, of course, it they 
had faith, He could heal them. 

The 12 disciples who were traveling 
with Him witnessed all of this. One 
afternoon, in the midst of all His healing, 
teaching and preaching, a group of 
children approached Jesus. But the 
disciples told them to go away — Jesus 
didn't have time for them. Jesus was 
greatly displeased and said, "Let the little 
children come to me and do not forbid 
them." So the children came to Him. He 
took them up in His arms, laid His hands 
on them and they were blessed. 

Two significant things happened 
there. Jesus made time for the children 
when He already had His hands full with 
teaching, preaching and healing. 
Secondly, He didn't say a word to them. 
He simply accepted them. FFA members, 
this pure example of care is a great model 
of how to LIVE RIGHT. This is the root 
of all success — to take care of other 

As FFA members, we are called to a 
higher calling than many others our age. 
We have chosen roles in which we are 
expected to be people of positive 
influence. We are called to change the 
lives of people around us. Some people 
would argue that the only people who 
can change lives are the state officers or 
chapter officers or someone who has been 
given a position of leadership. I don't 
believe that. I believe that EVERY 
person in Freedom Hall tonight can 
influence another. 

How? you might ask. It's quite simple. 
It begins with understanding one thing — 
everyone wants to be wanted and needs 
to be needed. 

Think about it. You are happiest when 

people accept you. We feel the best when 
people laugh at our jokes, want to listen 
to our stories or when they want to ride 
in our car. Because of this need, we turn 
to alcohol so that our peers accept us. We 
turn to premarital sex because that one 
person shows us that we are wanted. So 
what greater way to change a person's life 
than to show them that they are needed 
and wanted ? 

Here is the bottom line: We will 
change people's lives by doing exactly as 
Jesus did in the example I shared. All we 
must do is show a genuine interest in 
other people. How do we do this? By . . . 

Asking people, whether they're our 
friends or not, how their day was. . .and 
really caring about their answer. 

Sitting at the lunch table with the 
person who eats alone every day. 

Simply asking questions that show 
that you are interested in other people's 

We don't have to teach, preach and 
heal. To live right, all we must do is let 
people know that we care about them. 

So the second thing I learned that day 
was that I had to focus on those around 
me. This is what it is to LIVE RIGHT. 

When I was in that airplane 13,500 
feet over the Earth, tear overwhelmed me 
and I considered not jumping. But then 
the others I was with said, "If you are 
going, it's now or never!" I knew that if I 

To live is to let 
absolutely no one's 
opinion dictate 
who you are. 

wanted to experience skydiving, I had to 

Now or never. 

My teammates and I were stepping 
onto American soil after an amazing trip 
halfway around the world to Japan. We 
were all tired from the 14-hour flight and 
couldn't wait to talk to friends and family 
and tell them of our incredible 

The first thing I did in the airport in 
San Francisco was turn on my cell phone 
and check my voicemail. When 1 learned 
I had 19 new messages, I quickly grabbed 
a pen and paper and began writing down 
everyone who had called me. Then I 
went to work, returning all of the phone 
calls. As I was close to getting all of the 

calls made, I heard that it was time to 
board our next flight so 1 realized I didn't 
have time to call one person back that 
day. It was Jessica, a state officer and a 
great friend. I thought she was just calling 
to say hello. 

Well, one tomorrow turned into 
another tomorrow and another, and 
before I knew it, two weeks had passed. 
When I tried to call her, she didn't 
answer her phone. I called another friend 
to ask if he had talked to Jessica, and he 
said, "Oh Dustin, you haven't heard? She 
is in the hospital. She tried to commit 

I'll never ever forget the feeling that I 
had at that very moment. I was so mad at 
myself! I had put off calling her back 
when she really needed me. I couldn't 
help but wonder... if I had called her back 
sooner and shown her how much I care 
for her, would she still have tried to take 
her own life? I hated myself for waiting. I 
would have given anything to have those 
two weeks back to call her back sooner. 

We live in a world where everyone 
points to tomorrow. Our role models tell 
us to dream about tomorrow and focus on 
the future to achieve success. My 
personal experience tells me otherwise. I 
have learned that the successes of 
tomorrow depend upon the actions of 

Hear me... we will not be successful 
tomorrow it we do not act today! On 
your way home, write one word on a 
piece of paper, your convention program 
or the little bag that you find in the 
seatback pocket on the airplane. Write 
the word "now." When you get home, put 
it on your mirror in your bathroom, your 
locker or the dash of your car, just 
somewhere you will see it every day. 
Then whenever you ask yourself when 
should I do this or when should I do that, 
the answer is in front of your eyes. 

The time to act is now! It's not when 
we get home from national convention; 
it's not when we graduate. It's now. It's 
pretty simple in my mind. Someone has 
got to stand up and be proud of who they 
are. Then we have got to reach out and 
let others know that they belong. And 
when's the time to do that ? The time to 
do that is NOW. That's right, LIVE 

Whisper that with me; say LIVE! ! ! ! ! 


Say NOW! 


Now as loud as you can! Live Right 



Si National Chapter Awards 

Sponsored by Cargill and Land O' Lakes Foundation as a special project of the National FFA Foundation |" J| fQQ S t3 f 

Top FFA chapters from across 
the country put their programs 
up against one another in hopes 
of winning a national chapter 
award. With innovation as the 
common theme, 30 chapters 
competed to he named a Model 
of Innovation award winner in 
one of three areas: community, 
student or chapter development. 
Awards are based on a chapter's 
Program of Activities (POA) 
and how those activities 
advance the FFA mission. From 
the national finalists, an overall 
winner was chosen in each cate- 
gory. Middle school chapters 
competed for the outstanding 
middle school award. 

Models of 



Blanchester FFA, Ohio 

Members from the 
Blanchester FFA Chapter in 
Ohio succeeded in developing 
students by implementing a 
"Student of the Quarter" 
recognition program and par- 
ticipating in PALS (Partners 
in Active Learning Support). 
Through the PALS program, 
FFA members tutored 27 at- 
risk elementary students. 
Blanchester members also 
focused their efforts inward 
when they started a Big 
Brother and Big Sister 
Mentoring Program, in which 
all first-year FFA members 
were connected with a chapter 
officer or senior member. 

Brooksville Senior FFA Chapter proudly accepts the Models of 
Innovation Award for Community Development. 

Garretson FFA, South 

The Garretson FFA 
Chapter of South Dakota 
sought to expand members' 
agricultural knowledge and 
participation and increase 
chapter publicity. In a "Sell 
What You Grow" project, 
members sold soy, corn, 
cheese and meat products as 
a fundraiser to learn about 
value-added products. 
Members also promoted 
activities for the chapter's 
50th anniversary through 
window displays, a state fair 
booth and recognition of past 
members at sporting events. 
Through their efforts, the 
chapter received positive 
publicity in 32 articles about 
the chapter that appeared in 
local, regional and state 

Brooksville Senior FFA, 

Making a difference in the 
local community has been a 
top priority for the Brooksville 
Senior FFA Chapter of 
Brooksville, Fla. Chapter 
members cleaned their high 
school campus for a month as 
part of "Operation PRIDE," a 
countywide program promot- 
ing community development. 
The chapter also raised more 
than $1,500 for the Angelus 
House for Developmentally 
Handicapped. In addition, 
members logged more than 
900 hours of service for the 
Hernando County 
Cattlemen's Rodeo, saving the 
organization money by setting 
up bleachers, working conces- 
sion stands and managing 
trash removal. The rodeo 
donated the saved money to 
local youth programs. 

Colorado: Briggsdale Idalia, Liberty, 

Florida: Brooksville Sr., Fort White 
Middle, Pine Ridge, Suwannee 
Middle, Suwannee Senior 

Georgia: Franklin County, Jackson 
County, Montgomery County 

Idaho: Cambridge, Kuna 

Illinois: Mt. Vernon, Newark, 
Seneca, Somonauk-Leland 

Indiana: Carroll at Flora, 

Iowa: Alburnett, Anamosa, Benton 
Community, Creston, Harlan, 
Hawkeye, Manson Northwest 
Webster, Monticello, Rocktord, 
Wapsie Valley 

Kansas: Arkansas City, Chapman, 
Holton, Linn 

Kentucky: Apollo, Central Hardin, 
Meade County, Nelson County, 
Oldham County, Spencer County 

Michigan: Byron, Lowell, Springport 

Minnesota: Chaska, Perham, United 
South Centtal 

Mississippi: Biggersville 

Missouri: Aurora, Troy 

Nebraska: Centennial, Franklin, 
Laurel-Concord, Norris, Ravenna, 
Seward, Sutton 

North Dakota: Finley-Sharon, 
Napoleon, Wahpeton 

Ohio: Anna, Blanchester, Bowling 
Green, Canal Winchester, Miami 
East, Mississinawa Valley, National 
Trail, Otsego, Versailles 

Oklahoma: Atoka, Central High, 
Chickasha, Elgin, Elk City, Glencoe, 
Guthrie, Jenks, Moore, Stillwater, 

Oregon: Perrydale 

South Dakota: Garretson, McCook 

Texas: A&.M Consolidated, Snyder, 
The Woodlands 

Washington: Colton, Yelm 

Wisconsin: Lodi, Oconto Falls, 
Prairie Farm, Spencer, Waupaca, 


Two Star 

Alabama: Enterprise, Fort Payne, 

Arizona: Chino Valley, Gilbert, 
Parker, Peoria, Willcox, Yuma 

California: Firehaugh, Norco 

Colorado: Delta, Flagler, Hotchkiss, 
McClave, Merino 

Connecticut: Lyman Hall, Suffield 
Regional, Woodbury 

Delaware: Smyrna, Sussex Central 

Florida: Armwood, Baker County Sr., 
Coral Reef, Cottondale, Crusaders, 
Deltona Senior, Fort White Senior, 
Heritage Middle, Lafayette Jr., 
Lafayette Sr., Marianna, New Smyrna 
Beach Middle, North Marion Sr., 
Okeechobee Brahman, Orlando 
Colonial Senior, Santa Fe, Sebring 
Senior, South Lake Senior, Vanguard 
Sr., West Orange Sr. 

Georgia: Bainbridge, Coffee, Colquitt 
County, Franklin County Middle, 
Hutto Middle, Jeff Davis Middle 
School, Screven County 

Hawaii: Leilehua 

Idaho: Castleford, Meridian, Midvale 

Illinois: Amhoy, Ashton, Athens, 
Bluford, Bushnell-Prairie City, 
Chicago Ag Sciences, Cissna Park, 
Eastland, Franklin Center, Highland, 
Liberty, Marissa, Midland, Monticello, 
Mt. Carroll, Olney, Paxton-Buckley- 
Loda, Payson, Pinckneyville, 
Roanoke-Benson, ROWVA, Sullivan, 
Sycamore, Taylorville, Valmeyer, 

Indiana: Adams Central, Carroll Fort 
Wayne, Delphi, Eastbrook, 
McCutcheon, Mt. Vernon, North 
Newton, Rensselaer Central, South 
Adams, Southmont, Switzerland 
County, Tippecanoe Valley, Tri- 
County, Western Boone, Woodlan 

Iowa: Charles City, Colo-NESCO, 
Glidden-Ralston, Indianola, 
Maquoketa Valley, Mid-Prairie, North 
Fayette, Osceola Big Chief, Rockwell- 
Sheffield, Sibley-Ocheyedan, Tri-Star, 
Vinton-Shellsburg, Waverly-Shell 

Kansas: Atwood, Buhler, Hillsboro, 
Jefferson West, Marysville, Mission 
Valley, Norton, Riverton, Solomon, 
Southeast of Saline, Stockton, 

Kentucky: Breckinridge County, 
Caldwell County, East Carter, 
Jessamine County, Larue County, 
Scott County, Taylor County, Wolfe 

Louisiana: Bogalusa, Hathaway, 
La.S.A.S., Mt. Hermon, North 
Central, Ponchatoula High, Ruston, 
Springfield, Welsh 

Michigan: Allegan County Tech & Ed 
Center, Bronson, Corunna, Sanilac 

Many outstanding chapters were honored with one, two and three star 

Minnesota: Alden-Conger, Battle 
Lake, Benson, Blue Earth Area, 
Buffalo Lake-Hector, Forest Lake, 
Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted, 
Litchfield, Montevideo, New London 
Spicer, New Ulm, Stillwater, Tracy 
Area, Winona, Zumbrota-Mazeppa 

Mississippi: Carthage, Forest-Scott, 
Lawrence County 

Missouri: Ashland, Boonville, 
Bowling Green, Carthage, Centralia, 
Clopton, Dadeville, El Dorado 
Springs, Eldon, Gallatin, Glasgow, 
I . igan-Rogersville, Mays\ ille, 
Meadville, Milan C-2, Miller, Monroe 
City R-l, North Shelby, Owensville, 
Salem, Salisbury, South Shelby, 
Stratford, Union, Warrenton, Willow 

Montana: Bainville, Big Timber, 
Clarks Fork, Conrad, Flathead, Park, 
Shields Valley 

Nebraska: Imperial, Lakeview, 
Schuyler, Superior, Syracuse-Dunbar- 
Avoca, Wilbur-Clatonia 

New Jersey: Allentown, Penns 
Grove, Warren Hills Regional 

New Mexico: Artesia, House, Mesa 
Vista, Moriarty 

New York: Medina, Pioneer 

North Carolina: Cape Fear, Eastern 
Randolph, Piedmont, Randleman, 
South Rowan, Southern Nash, Sun 
Valley, West Carteret 

North Dakota: Divide County, 
Garrison, Kindred, Rugby, Turtle 

Ohio: Amanda-Clearcreek, Ansonia, 
Clyde, Crestview, Delphos, East 
Clinton, Elmwood, Fayetteville, 
Greenville, Hardin Northern, 
Hillsboro, Lynchburg-Clay, Madison 
Plains, Margaretta, Miami Trace, 
Northeastern, Preble Shawnee, River 
Valley, Talawanda, Tri-Village, Twin 
Valley South 

Oklahoma: Achille, Adair, Altus, 
Amber-Pocasset, Arnett, Billings, 
Calera, Canton, Claremore, Dickson, 
Durant, Geary, Grove, Indianola, 
Kiowa, Madill, Mooreland, Okemah, 
Perry, Prague, Ripley, Strother, Vinita, 

Oregon: Dayton 

Pennsylvania: Big Spring, 
Brothersvalley, Cedar Crest, Cloister, 
Conococheague/James Buchanan, 
Cumberland Valley, Greenwood, 
Manor, Middleburg, Spud Growers, 
Twin Valley 

South Dakota: Elkron, Harrishurg, 
West Central 

Tennessee: Bradley Central, 
Dyersburg, East Robertson, Muntord, 
Portland, Riverside, White House 

Texas: Alvarado, Alvin, Anderson- 
Shiro, Aubrey, Bonham, Burleson, 
Calallen, Caney Creek, Cedar Park, 
Childress, Columbus, Crosby, Dayton, 
East Central, Gilmer, Grandview, 
Hallsville, Hamshire-Fannett, 
Humble, Jackshoro, Katy, Kingwood, 
Krum, Lampasas, Livingston, 
Mansfield, Motley County, Navasota, 
Normangee, Northwest, Pearland, 
Quanah, Robinson, Rockdale, Rusk, 
Sheldon, Tidehaven, Waskom, 

Utah: North Summit, Spanish Fork, 
Uintah, Wasatch 

Virginia: Beverley Manor Middle, 
Buffalo Gap, Carroll County High, 
Central, Central Middle School, 
Christiansburg Middle, Edward W. 
Wyatt, Essex, King William, Nelson 
Senior, Park View Middle School, 
Peter Muhlenberg, Randolph-Henry, 
Sherando, Signal Knob, Turner Ashby 

Washington: Cathlamet, Chelan, 
Evergreen, Franklin Pierce, 
Goldendale, Grandview, Heritage, 
Ritzville, Rochester, Wenatchee, 
White River, Winlock, Zillah 

West Virginia: Doddridge County, 

Wisconsin: Barron, Beaver Dam, Big 
Foot, Bonduel, Cambridge, Chippewa 
Falls, Clear Lake, Cochrane-Fountain 
City, Fort Atkinson, Marshall, 
Montello, New Holstein, New 
Richmond, Randolph-Cambria- 
Friesland, Sauk Prairie, Stevens Point, 
Stratford, Waupun, Wauzeka, 

Wyoming: Bow River, Lyman, Pine 
Bluffs, Powell 

One Star 

Alabama: Brantley, Eufaula, 
Geraldine, New Brockton, Randolph- 
Roanoke CTC 

Arkansas: Melbourne, Ola, Prairie 
Grove, Searcy 

California: Dinuha, Fresno-Central, 
Hollister, Imperial, La Puente Valley 
ROP, Lemoore, Norte Vista, Quartz 
Hill, Riverside-La Sierra, Sacramento- 

Florida: Clewiston, East Bay, Moore 

Georgia: Berrien, Central of Carroll, 
Jeff Davis, Miller County, Swainsboro, 
Upson-Lee, West Laurens 

Maine: Presque Isle 

Maryland: Easton 

Mississippi: Alcorn Vocational 
Technical Center, Neshoba Central 

Nevada: Ruby Mountain, Silver Sage 

New Mexico: Hagerman 

North Carolina: Bartlett Yancey, 
Bunker Hill, Fairmont, Forest Hills, 
Hobbton, Lumberton, North Iredell, 
North Lenoir, Princeton, Purnell 
Swett, Southern Guilford 

Pennsylvania: Danville, Hans Herr, 
Northern Lebanon 

South Carolina: Aiken, Belton 
Honea-Path, Crescent, Laurens, Loris, 
Manning, McBee 

Tennessee: Cosby, Covington, 
Crockett County, Jefferson County, 
Johnson County, Lebanon, Lexington, 
Loretto, McMinn, Mount Juliet, 
Powell Valley 

Texas: Arlington, Axtell, Boerne, 
Bowie-Austin, Brownsboro, Bryan, 
Cleburne, Coleman, Fairfield, 
Garland, Greenville, lola, Leander, 
Mary Carroll, McGregor, Midlothian, 
Pilot Point, Sinton, Tom Bean, 

Utah: Bear River, Morgan 

Vermont: Bennington 

West Virginia: Ravenswood, Roane 
County, St. Marys, Tyler 


Membership Recognition 

The agricultural education 
model consists of three compo- 
nents: classroom, FFA and super- 
vised agricultural experience pro- 
gram (SAE). These components 
make agricultural education 
stand out. In order to receive the 
maximum benefit, students 
should be involved in all aspects 
of agricultural education. Several 
states have met that objective by 
having 100 percent FFA mem- 
bership for all students enrolled 
in agricultural education courses. 
States that have recorded 100 
percent membership include 
California and Oklahoma. There 
are 29 states that are working 
toward this goal and have 
increased membership numbers. 

A representative of the South Carolina FFA Association accepted a plaque 
recognizing the state's growth in FFA membership over the past year. 









North Carolina 







Rhode Island 


South Carolina 










Virgin Islands 






West Virginia 

New Mexico 


New York 


VIP Citations 

JANE BAGLEY has provided 10 years of 
service to support FFA. A rancher in 
Dimmit, Texas, Bagley's primary roles 
have been associated with national horse 
career development events (CDEs). 
Through these CDEs, she has been an 
integral part of ensuring the success of 
students and upholding the events' high 

JAMES C. BOREL has been a key player 
in expanding the relationship between 
FF A/agricultural education and the 
DuPont Company and its business 
subsidiaries. Now chairman of the board 
of directors of CropLife America, Borel's 
leadership and vision have led to major 
gift contributions to support the New 
Century Farmer program and the "1 
Believe in the Future" capital campaign. 
This Wilmington, Del., resident has also 
been on the National FFA Foundation 
Sponsors' Board, served as president of 
the Asia-Pacific Crop Protection 
Association and performed as a board 
member tor Griffin LLC, a DuPont 

MARTIN L. MITCHELL, now retired, 
has devoted 36 years to FFA and 
agricultural education. His service 
includes having been state FFA advisor 
and agricultural education supervisor, an 
agriculture teacher, a member of the 
National FFA Organization Board of 
Directors and a trustee of the New 
Hampshire FFA Foundation. Mitchell, of 
Dover, N. H., is responsible for having 
begun numerous agricultural education 
programs at high schools and vocational 
centers throughout New Hampshire 

JOHN P. MUNDT of, Idaho and 
professor emeritus, taught high school 
agriculture for 13 years, led as state FFA 
supervisor for six years and instructed as 
professor of agricultural and extension 
education at the University of Idaho for 
16 years. His professional and academic 
service include roles with the Association 
for Career and Technical Education 
Professional Development Committee, 
the National FFA Board of Directors, the 
National Vocational Agriculture Teachers 
Association and the Agiicidtwal Education 

JOHN W. PARRIS is currently the 
director of public affairs for the South 
Carolina FFA Association. More 
noteworthy is the fact that Parris has 
indeed given a lifetime — 67 years — to 
South Carolina agricultural education. 
His service spans having been a classroom 
instructor to associate executive director 
of the South Carolina Soil & Water 
Conservation Commission to editorship 
of AgriBij. At each level ot Parris' career, 
he has maintained direct connection with 
agricultural education and FFA by 
providing educational opportunities. 
Some of his past honors include the 

Centennial Distinguished Ag Alumni 
Award - Clemson University, the South 
Carolina Ag Educators Society 
Distinguished Service Award and the 
South Carolina Honorary State FFA 
I )cgrec 

known as a reformer. As a result of his 
role in the Washington State Commis- 
sion on Student Learning, FFA and 
agricultural education became an integral 
part of the school reform process. Pearson, 
of Oakville, Wash., has given that along 
with several years of committed service to 
FFA and agricultural education. Other 
recognitions received by him include 
being named Teacher of the Year in 1981, 
Youth Leader of the Year in 1982 and 
Daily World's Citizen of the Year in 1985. 
He currently serves as president of the 
Washington State FFA Foundation. 

BENNY REN1CK of South Charleston, 
W. Va., is a former FFA member who 
continues to play an important role for 
agricultural education and FFA. Now 
zone manager for Kroger Mid-Atlantic, 
Renick has involved Kroger in numerous 
local junior livestock shows/fairs. In 
addition, he has been a business partner 
with the West Virginia FFA, participated 
in the Governor's Visioning Conference 
on Agricultural Education, provided 
processing equipment for local programs 
and hosted state FFA officer teams during 
their business tours. Awards he has 
received include Honorary State and 
American FFA Degrees. 

JOHN W. ROSE of Hickman, Term., for 
several years has been a huge supporter of 
FFA, financially, physically and 
politically. Former co-owner of 
Transender Corporation, his financial 
support has made possible an executive 
director position for the Tennessee FFA 
Foundation, an endowment at Tennessee 
Technological University for a state FFA 
officer each year and grants to FFA 
alumni affiliates. His physical support 
includes having served on the nominating 
committee for state officers as well as on 
the Tennessee FFA Foundation Inc. board 
of directors. In addition, he has served as 
commissioner of the Tennessee 
Department of Agriculture, president of 
the Tennessee Alumni Council and a 
political advocate for the restoration of 
Camp Clements, a state FFA camp. 

JOSEPH SABOL of San Luis Obispo, 
Calif, is a retired teacher educator. He 
has fulfilled various academic roles. A 
former high school teacher, community 
college agriculture teacher and college 
dean, his service has extended beyond 
America to Costa Rica, Pakistan, New 
Mexico and Australia. In these countries, 
he has presented workshops on effective 
teaching. In recognition of his 
outstanding achievements and 

contributions as an educator, Dt. Sabol 
has received the Monsanto Agriculture 
Faculty Award and the California 
Agriculture Teachers' Association 
Teacher of Excellence Award. 

JOHN D. TODD is a man of devotion 
and leadership. During the more than 40 
years he has devoted to agricultural 
education and FFA, Dr. Todd has 
provided leadership to the agricultural 
teacher education program at the 
University of Tennessee, served as a board 
member and president of the Tennessee 
FFA Alumni Foundation and initiated 
several successful fundraising programs to 
support statewide FFA events and 
activities. This professor emeritus from 
Knoxville, Tenn., has other 
accomplishments that include the 
Overton Teaching Award and having a 
scholarship established in his name at the 
University of Tennessee. 


James C. Borel accepted a VIP Citation jor his many years 
of service to FFA. 

WALTER E. UPTON, area supervisor 
for agricultural education in Little Rock, 
Ark., takes pride in having dedicated his 
life to young people and agricultural 
education for more than 40 years. He is 
an Arkansas Honorary State FFA Degree 
recipient. Other accomplishments he has 
to his honor include having served as the 
state FFA supervisor for Arkansas, having 
been a National FFA Organization 
nominating committee coordinator and 
having served as an active member of the 
National Association Supervisors of 
Agricultural Education Inc. 


Honorary American FFA Degree 


The Honorary American FFA Degree is the highest 
honorary degree of the National FFA Organization. It 
honors teachers and other individuals who have given 
continuous service to FFA and are committed to 
advancing agricultural education. Because of their strong 
support, FFA is one of the nation's elite youth 
organizations, impacting the lives of many students. 
Contributions from these supporters help FFA instill in 
students the time-honored legacies of premier leadership, 
personal growth and career success. Each of the 181 adults 
who received the award was honored on stage with a 
medal and certificate and recognized at an award 

Ellen Williams was 

recognized for her 

commitment to FFA 

and agricultural 

education . 

Alaska: Sam Harrel, Al 

Arizona: Andrew Groseta, Mike 
Olsen, Dave Perey 

Arkansas: Donald Brown, Alice 
Eason, Robert Fitz, Gary 
Keathley, Bill Rue, J. Saldana 

California: Jim Brabeck, Robert 

Florida: Marty Bowen, Charles 
Bronson, Frankie Hall, William 
"Nick" Nichols, Ron 

Georgia: Randy Dill, Terry 
England, Teresa Hamlin, 
Maynard Iverson, Alan Powell 

Idaho: Anna Davis 

Illinois: David Stille, Gary 
Taets, Nelson Thorp, Ron 

Indiana: Jim Armbruster, Lynn 
Campbell, Janet Davies, Jan 
Ferris, Melinda Findley, Rosalie 
Hunsinger, Frank Saldana, Ellen 

Iowa: David Blecha, Tom Davis, 
Sonny Deke, Kenneth Larson 

Kentucky: William (Bill) 
Cherry, John Cotton, Peter 
Dreisbach, Larry Faue, Luther 
Hughes, Roy Hunt, Ron Peters, 
Mike Richey, Cara Sariscsany, 
Greg Webb 

Louisiana: Linda Bordelon, 
Lynda Danos 

Maryland: Clayton Lenhart, 
Harold Roderuck, 

Massachusetts: Eugene 
Longfield, Jerome Myers 

Michigan: Douglas Darling, 
Jennifer Decker, Eddie Moore, Jo 

Minnesota: Guy Doud, Brant 
Groen, Steve Koziolek, Peter 
Neigebauer, Lyle Westrom, Alan 

Mississippi: Timothy Chamblee, 
Connie Coker, Margaret Greer, 
Mary Ladner, Dixon Mills, Suzi 

Missouri: Don Copenhaver, 
Daryl Oldvader, Thomas Payne, 
Frederick Worman 

New Hampshire: James 
McConaha, Stephen Taylor 

New Jersey: John Hannum, 
Deborah Pomroy-Moyer, Liz 

New Mexico: Brian Moore, Jack 

North Carolina: Joshua Bledsoe, 
Horace Johnson, Matthew 
Keefer, Dave Zerfoss 

North Dakota: Anissa Wilhelm 

Oklahoma: Greg Ramsey, Brett 
Ramsey, Curtis Shumaker, Ken 
Starks, C. Waldner 

Oregon: Dennis Ettestad, 
Clayton Fox, Loree Fox, Larry 
Grosjacques, Greg Thompson 

Pennsylvania: Steven Crawford, 
John Hall, Sheila MUler, Russell 
Redding, Wayne Zeigler 

Rhode Island: Donald Kettle 

South Carolina: Gary 
Goodman, John Kelly, Jack 
Mercer, David Winkles, William 

Tennessee: Linda Byler, 
Rhedona Rose 

Texas: Gordon Davis, Steve 

Virginia: Janet Bray, Benny 
Guill, Stuart Moffett, David 

Washington, D.C.: Kimberly 
Green, P. Smith 

Wisconsin: Gary Connell, 
Richard Daluge, Rodney 

Wyoming: Lesley Jeffres 


Agriculture Teacher 

Alabama: Aubrey Barrow, 
Smiths Station 

Arizona: Dennis Bushong, 

California: Kathy Bibby, Santa 
Ynez Vly.; Michael Clifford, 
Lompoc; Joe DiGrazia, Turlock; 
Don Dyer, El Capitan; Holly 
Egan, Lassen Union; Laura Goss, 
East Nicolaus; Gina Gravatt, 
Firebaugh; Ron King, Lemoore 
Union; Kenneth Martin, Placer; 
Ralph Mendes, Foothill; Chad 
Oilar, Cottonwood-West Valley; 
James Polly, Mc Kinleyville; Kip 
Proctor, Tracy; Bobbi Roderick, 
Carpinteria; Doug Sehnert, 
Fallbrook Union 

Colorado: Rich Siegfried, Holly 

Georgia: Steve Bass, Colquitt 
Co.; Michael Turner, Harris Co.; 
Larry Williams, Dade Co. 

Idaho: John Davis, Vallivue 

Kansas: Larry Goering, 

Michigan: Dale Johnson, 
Wexford-Missaukee Career 
Center; Robert Sollman, Sanilac 
Career Center 

Montana: Du Wayne Wilson, 
Wolf Point 

Nebraska: Lynn Gloystein, 
Henderson/Bradshaw; Tim 
Laughlin, Lawrence/Nelson 

New Mexico: Jerry Franklin, 

North Dakota: Brian Schneider, 

Oklahoma: Bruce Akins, 
Comanche; Abraham Warren, 

Oregon: Ted Tesconi, Redmond 

Pennsylvania: Michael Kennis, 

South Carolina: James Ulmer, 


Tennessee: Harvey Burniston, 
Johnson Co.; Mark Gregory, 

Texas: Bobby Andrew, Valley 
View; Joe Kaspar, Mary Carroll 

Virginia: Deborah Birge Barker, 
Laurel Park; James Craddock, 
Chatham; Robert Walton, 
Powhatan Voc Ctr. 

Wisconsin: Roger Hooker, La 
Farge; Steven Zibell, Oregon Sr. 

Wyoming: Ty Berry, Frontier 

Officer Parents 

Cleve & Susan Clark 

John & Laurie Gillespie 

Jim & Joyce Hammerich 

Everett & Mary Heinert 

Larry & Diane Jones 

Eddie & Kay McKie 

Mike & Lora Tyson 



Retiring National FFA Board 
of Directors, Trustees and 

Gerald Brase 
Jack Elliott 

Horacio "Lacho" Garza 
Patricia Natusch 

Parents of Star Finalists 

Star in Agribusiness 

Indiana: Debbie 6k Doug DeSchepper 
Minnesota: Diane & Alan Zeithamer 
Oklahoma: Susan & the late Jay Henricks 
Wisconsin: Annmarie 6k Edward Wolf 

Star in Agricultural 

California: Cecillia 6k John Parsons 
Illinois: Dawn 6k Daniel St. Peters 
Ohio: Cynthia 6k Ronald Hilton 
Wisconsin: Karen 6k Roger Blaser 

Star in Agriscience 

California: Patty Esau 6k Scott Wohlgemuth 
Minnesota: Patricia A. 6k Del W Swanson 
South Dakota: Aileen 6k Gary Brunner 
Wisconsin: Carol Beyer-Makuski 6k Craig Beyer 

Star Farmer 

Kansas: Mary 6k Kevin Holle 

Minnesota: Jane 6k Larry Wellens 

New Jersey: Diane F. 6k William N. Brooks Jr. 

Oklahoma: Gayla 6k Chris Ledbetter 


National FFA Alumni Convention 

Wl HEiV ™trac 


hat i-n cm j t Ad dom! 

Former members come together at the FFA Alumni convention to renew their commitment to the FFA mission. 

After taking off their FFA 
jacket for the last time, many 
former members go on to suc- 
cessful careers — but their 
involvement in the FFA stays 
with them long after the blue 
corduroy is stored away, for FFA 
gives them skills and experi- 
ences to lead them through life 
and leaves a lasting impression 
in their hearts. Through the 
National FFA Alumni 
Association, former members 
and other supporters have the 
opportunity to give back to the 
organization that has given 
them so much, as they come 
together to ensure that the FFA 
legacy continues in future gen- 

In conjunction with the 2003 
National FFA Convention, the 
National FFA Alumni 
Association held its 31st con- 
vention, themed "Doing 
Together What We Can't Do 
Alone." During the convention, 
Oct. 29-31, the alumni organi- 
zation conducted its annual 
business session, elected the 

Each state association submitted a basket containing items that represented their 
state, FFA, and FFA alumni, in a contest sponsored by the National FFA Alumni 
association. The top three winning baskets were a hot item at Friday night's auction. 


2003-2004 national council 
and national ptesident, Dale 
Beaty of Milton, Wise, and 
hosted a silent auction to raise 
money to benefit FFA mem- 
bers through scholarships for 
the Washington Leadership 

An awards session was also 
held, recognizing this year's 
Outstanding Achievement 
Award recipients: David 
Bishop of Ashland, Ohio; 
Raymond Cockrum of 
Guthrie, Okla.; and Patrick 
Igl of Antigo, Wise. 
A live auction was held Friday 
evening, bringing in nearly 
$88,000. Items auctioned 
included a John Deere Gator 
4x2, an E-Z-Go Yard Tractor 
and a 2004 Chevy Silverado. 
Another big ticket item was a 
cast-iron FFA emblem, weigh- 
ing 1,100 pounds and stand- 
ing over six feet tall, donated 
by Southwest Graphix. In 
addition to WLC scholar- 
ships, auction proceeds go 
toward scholarships for future 
agriculture teachers and fund 
local chapters through grants. 
This year, the alumni awarded 
approximately $20,000 in 
grants to chapters across the 

The mission of the 
National FFA Alumni 
Association is to secure the 
promise of FFA and agricul- 
tural education by creating an 
environment where people 
and communities can develop 
their potential for premier 
leadership, personal growth 
and career success. 

Members and guests took home some great items from the FFA Alumni Association's 
silent auction, and benefited FFA members ivith WLC scholarships in the process. 

The National FFA Alumni auction raised over $88,000 for WLC, collegiate and agriculture teacher 
scholarships. This Chevy truck was the big-ticket item of the event. 


Foundation Sponsors 

The National FFA Foundation plays an integral role in the success of FFA and agricultural education. For the 
38th consecutive year, the foundation set a record level of support, raising $8,701,682. Through the support of its 
generous corporate and individual donors, more than $130 million has been raised to develop curriculum, fund 
programs and recognize members. Through the foundation's contributions, FFA is able to offer a wide range of 
leadership and development opportunities for members and teachers while advancing agricultural education. 
With more than 1,700 sponsors, the foundation continues to invest in the future of FFA members, striving to 
make a difference in the lives of students. 

Distinguished Service Citations 

The National FFA 
Organization presented the 
Distinguished Service Citation 
to three companies that have 
spent years providing opportu- 
nities for FFA members and 
agricultural education students 
to achieve success. 
Representatives from the 
California Farm Bureau 
Federation, Kroger Mid- 
Atlantic and PotashCorp 
accepted the honor on behalf 
of their organizations during an 
onstage ceremony held at the 
2003 National FFA 

The California Farm Bureau 
Federation in Sacramento, 
Calif., has been an incredible 
supporter of and advocate for 
FFA and agricultural education. 
Their commitment and vision 
has been consistently demon- 
strated though their annual 
sponsorship of career develop- 
ment events, proficiency 
awards and scholarships at all 
levels. The bureau's dedication 
to developing talented and suc- 
cessful leaders has been clearly 
manifested by the training 
assistance and educational 
resources it has provided to 
state FFA officers and other 
agriculture students. The 
bureau's advocacy for FFA 
through letter writing and 
phone calling campaigns was 
instrumental in uniting legisla- 
tors as well as the agricultural 
industry to support the FFA 
delivery system in California. 
We honor the California Farm 

Bureau Federation 
for its immeasurable 
support of FFA and 
agricultural educa- 

Kroger Mid- 
Atlantic has been a 
long-time friend to 
the West Virginia 
FFA Association. 
Kroger is an annual 
sponsor of parlia- 
mentary procedure 
CDE and national 
chapter awards for 
West Virginia. In 
addition, Kroger Mid-Atlantic 
cooperates with several agricul- 
tural education departments to 
provide training sites for expe- 
riential learning. The FFA mis- 
sion is to provide premier lead- 
ership and personal growth 
opportunities for its youth. 
Kroger, as a result of its spon- 
sorships and scholarships, has 
been a crucial partner in fulfill- 
ing that mission. Not only 
have financial resources 
enriched the learning and 
training opportunities of agri- 
culture students, but also the 
industry tours state FFA officer 
teams have taken with Kroger 
management. We celebrate 
Kroger for the invaluable ways 
it has made a life-long differ- 
ence in the lives of youth in 
FFA and agricultural educa- 

As a sponsor of the National 
FFA Foundation, PotashCorp 
over the past 13 years has con- 
tributed $314,000. This fund- 

Bob Lane of John Deere, celebrating its 60th year of 
supporting FFA, presented a check to the National FFA 

ing enabled the National FFA 
Organization to inspire, chal- 
lenge and grow teachers within 
agricultural education through 
our Agriscience Teacher of the 
Year award program. Potash's 
financial support also enabled 
the National FFA Organization 
to provide resources to 
enhance projects belonging to 
the diversified agricultural pro- 
duction proficiency. We thank 
and recognize PotashCorp for 
the excellence in FFA and 
agricultural education that has 
been cultivated as a result of 
their relationship with us. 

The Distinguished Service 
Citation is the highest award 
presented to an organization, 
agency, business or other group 
by the National FFA 
Organization. A limited num- 
ber of citations are awarded 
annually. The award recognizes 
outstanding contributions 
made to agricultural education 
and FFA. 


Executive Council 

2003 Chairman 
Gerald Brase 

Senior Vice President Merchandising 
Tractor Supply Company 

2004 Chairman-Elect 
John Rakestraw 
President & CEO 
ContiBeef LLC 

2005 Chairman-Elect 
Dwight Armstrong, Ph.D. 

President & CEO 

North American Nutrition Companies Inc. 
Representing the Brands of Akey, SCA, Sunglo 6k 

Past Chairman 2002 
James C. Borel** 

President, DuPont Crop Protection 
DuPont Company 

Sponsors' Board 

Alan Ayers, Ph.D.* 

Director, State Affairs/Stewardship 
Bayer CropScience 

Emmett Barker 


Emmett Barker and Associates 

Kathy Cornett 

McCormick Company 

Laurence M. Crane, Ph.D.* 
Director, Education & Training 
National Crop Insurance Services 

Beth Cross 


Ariat International Inc. 

Tom Davis** 

Successful Farming 

Douglas C. DeVries 

Sr. Vice President, Worldwide 
Mktg. , Worldwide Agricultural 
Equipment Division 

Deere 6k Company 

William C. Fleet* 

Vice President, hloth America 
Sales , Pioneer and Crop Protection 
Sales & Marketing 

DuPont Agriculture & Nutrition 

Dave Geiman* 


New Dominion Farms 

Mark Good 

Director of Sales, West Region 
New Holland North America 

Richard C. Hahn 

President & CEO 

Farmers National Company 

Sharon G. Haines, Ph.D* 

Director, Sustainable Forestry and 
Forest Policy 
International Paper 

Thomas J. Hedge 

Area Vice President Operations - 
Kraft Foods North America Inc. 

Dirk Hejnal 

President & CEO 
Westfalia*Surge Inc. 

E.C. "Murph" Henderson Jr. 

Senior Consultant - Feed Industry 
AgriCapital Corporation 

Bill Howard 


Fastline Publications 

Michael Jackson 


Agri Business Group Inc. 

Thomas D. Larson 

Executive Vice President, Member 
& Public Affairs 

Phillip McAdams 

President, Wrangler Western Wear 

Dean Mefford* 

Mefford Consulting 

Elin Miller 

Vice President, Global Pest 
Management Business Unit 
Dow AgroSciences LLC 

Paul Mulhollem* 

President & COO 
Archer Daniels Midland 

Matt Musselman 

Director, Feed Sales 
Land O'Lakes Farmland Feed 

Ed Nicholson 

Director of Media & Community 

Tyson Foods Inc. 

Greg Nickerson 


Bader Rutter & Associates Inc. 

Vince Palasota* 

Vice President, Business 
Performance Awards Center 

J. Pearson 

President & CEO 

Carry-On Trailer Corporation 

Carl J. Peters* 

Director of Training & Education 

The Lincoln Electric Company 

Kerry Preete** 

Vice President, U.S. Branded 

Keelan W. Pulliam** 

Group Head, Syngenta Professional 

Gerald Puppe** 

Vice President, Loss Adjustment & 

Insurance Products Division 
National Crop Insurance Services 

Stephen L. Rhea 

President & CEO 
Rhea and Kaiser Marketing 

Chuck Roth** 


Farm Progress Companies 

Doug Scott 

Truck Group Marketing Manager, 
Ford Division 
Ford Motor Company 

Albert A. Smith Jr.* 

Corporate Manager - Strategic 
Toyota Motor Sales USA 

Glenn Stith* 

Vice President, U.S. Branded 

Boh Van Schoick 
Senior Director - Sales , Large 
Animal Products 

Rick Van Genderen 

Director, Sales and Marketing 
Creativity Center 

Jack L. Warren, Jr. 

Senior Manager, Dodge Truck 

Marketing Plans 
DaimlerChrysler Corporation and 

Dodge Trucks 

Thomas G. West** 
Vice President 

Pioneer Hi-Bred International 

R.M. "Mac" Whisner 

Director of Truck Advertising & 

Sales Promotions 
Chevrolet Division, General 

Motors Corporation 

Alan D. Willits 

Commercial Leader, Cargill 
Cargill, Incorporated 

David R. Zerfoss** 


Husqvarna Forest and Garden 


* retiting 


Year Sponsors 
60 Year 

John Deere 

50 Year 


Pfizer Animal Health 

35 Year 

Blue Seal Feeds Inc. 
Goodyear Tire and Rubber 

25 Year 

Arnold B. Cordes 

Paul 6k Rita Day 

Don Dye Company Incorporated 

High Plains Journal 

McCormick Farms 

Fred A. Nelson 

Royster-Clark Inc. 

Victor V. Voight 

Ron 6k Chris Wilson 

15 Year 

Joseph H. Alwan 

Emmett 6k Barbara Barker 

Bruner-Ivory Handle Company 

Cequent Consumer Products 

David M. Coffey 

Cresline Plastic Pipe Co. Inc. 

Cross Manufacturing Inc. 

Dairy Association Company Inc. 

Dee Zee Manufacturing Co. 

Jimmy Dillon 

Farm Credit Leasing Services 

The Fox Foundation 

John T. Everett and Company 

Kikkoman Foods Inc. 

John H. May 

McLaughlin Body Company 

MetLife Foundation 

Mid-States Wool Growers 

Cooperative Association 
Jeff Moss 
NC+ Hybrids 
Primedia Business Magazines and 

M. James Robertson 
J. Glyndon Stuff 
Dean K. Webster 
R. Lynn Wells 
Woodstream Corporation 
Homer |. Yokum 


FFA National Agricultural Career Show* 

Approximately 50,000 FFA 
members, parents and advisors 
flooded the South Wing of the 
Kentucky Fair and Exposition 
Center during convention to 
take part in the FFA National 
Agricultural Career Show. More 
than 340 exhibitors, including 
representatives from universities 
and technical schools, military 
branches, organizations and 
commodity groups, supplied 
attendees with information on 
careers in agriculture. 

One of the biggest highlights 
of the career show was the line- 
up of country music stars, 
including Terri Clark, Jo Dee 
Messina and Joe Nichols, who 
were on hand to sign autographs 
for attendees. Another special 
exhibit was the FFA museum 
display, which celebrated the 
75th anniversary of the organi- 
zation through historical docu- 
ments, photos and artifacts. 

The career show is also the 
site for the Hall of States — pro- 
viding the perfect location tor 
delegates to learn about agricul- 
ture in other areas, as well as 
gather signatures from represen- 
tatives of 47 associations. 

The career show allowed students to explore a vast array of agricultural careers and 
post-secondary education programs. 

Over 340 exhibitors shared information with students about opportunities within the 
agriculture field. 

Hall of States 

Alabama Association 
Alaska Association 
Arizona Association 
Arkansas Association 
California Association 
Connecticut Association 
Delaware Association 
Florida Association 
Georgia Association 
Hawaii Association 
Idaho Association 
Illinois Association 
Indiana Association 
Iowa Association 
Kansas Association 
Kentucky Association 

Louisiana Association 
Maryland Association 
Massachusetts Association 
Michigan Association 
Minnesota Association 
Mississippi Association 
Missouri Association 
Montana Association 
Nebraska Association 
New Hampshire Association 
New Jersey Association 
New Mexico Association 
New York Association 
North Carolina Association 
North Dakota Association 
Ohio Association 

Oregon Association 
Pennsylvania Association 
Puerto Rico Association 
Rhode Island Association 
South Carolina Association 
South Dakota Association 
Tennessee Association 
Texas Association 
Utah Association 
Vermont Association 
Virginia Association 
Washington Association 
West Virginia Association 
Wisconsin Association 
Wyoming Association 


Si Exhibitors 


Agricultural Consortium of Texas 

Agricultural Marketing Resource Ctr. 

AgnScience Institute - DuPont Classroom 

AgriScience Institute -Texas Instruments 

AgriScience Institute - Veterinary Science Inst 

Mat. Classroom 
AgriTechZone by Ouestech Inc 

Alabama Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Alaska Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity 
American Angus Association 
American Association for Lab Animal Science 

American Association for Vocational Instructional 

Materials (AAVIM) 
American Dairy Goat Association 
American Farm Bureau Federation 
American National Cattlewomen National Beef 

Ambassador Program 
American Paint Horse Association 
American Quarter Horse Youth Association 
American Shorthorn Association 
American Simmental Association 
American Tractor Pullers Association 
American Veterinary Medical Association 
Animal Agriculture Alliance 
Animal Health Publication 
Animal Place 
Applied Technologies 
Aquacenter Inc. 
Aquatic Eco Systems 
Archer Daniels Midland Co. 
Arkansas Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Atlas Greenhouse Systems 
Auburn University 
Bekaert Wire 
Berne Apparel 
Black Hawk College 
Blue Freedom Farm Market 
Boone FFA 
Breaking New Ground 
Briggs & Stratton Corporation 
Burley Tobacco Growers 
BWI Companies Inc. 

California Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
California Polytechnic State University 
Carhartt Inc. 

CARQUEST Corporation 
Case IH 

Caterpillar - Think Big 
Cave City Tourist & Convention Center 
Ceres International Women's Fraternity 
CEV Multimedia 
Chevron Texaco 
Chevy Trucks 
Christian Kropf Inc 

Clemson University 
CMA Publications Inc. 
College of the Ozarks 
Colorado State University 
Colorado State University Masters of Agriculture 

- Integrated Resource Management 
Connecticut Association Hall ot States Exhibitor 
Cornell University 
Crosman Airguns 
Cummins Inc. 
Dee Zee Manufacturing 
Delaware Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Delaware State University 
Delaware Valley College 
Delmar Learning 
Depco Inc. 

Diversified Fund Raisers Inc 
Dodge Division and Daimler-Chrysler 

Corporation Fund 
Dordt College 
Dow AgroSciences 
Durango Boot 

Eastern Kentucky University 
Eastern New Mexico University 
Empire Southwest 

Equine Industry Program/University of Louisville 
Exotic Hibiscus 
Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education 

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids 
Farmers for Christ. International 
FarmHouse Fraternity 

Fastline Publications 

Fellowship of Christian Farmers International 

Ferrum College 

Firestone Agricultural Tire Company 

Florida A&M - Tallahassee 

Florida Association Hall of States Exhibitor 

Florida Farm Bureau Marketing Division 

Florida Fruit Association Inc 

Ford Trucks Built Ford Tough 

Friends Inc 

Garst Seed Co. 

GBC Customized Calendars 

Georgia Agriculture and Ag Education 

Georgia Boot 
Golf Course Superintendents Association of 

Grad Break Escape 
Graduate Study at Purdue University 
Greater Louisville Inc.. The Metro Chamber of 

Hanson Aggregates Midwest Inc. 
Hawaii Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Hawkeye Community College 
Hobar Publications/Finney Company 
Hobart Welders 
Hormel Foods Corporation 
Hummert International 

Idaho Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Illinois Agricultural Universities 
Illinois Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Illinois Central College 
Indiana Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Indiana Soy Products 
Ingersoll Rand/Bobcat/Club Car 
Instructional Materials Lab University of Missouri 
Instructional Materials Service Texas A&M 

International Greenhouse Company 
International Truck and Engine Corp. 
Iowa Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Iowa FFA Foundation Inc. 
Iowa State University College of Agriculture 
Iowa State University - Horticulture Dept 
Iowa Western Livestock Judging Contest 
John Deere 

Johnson and Wales University 
Joliet Junior College 
Justin Boot Company 

Kansas Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Kansas State University 
Kentucky Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Kentucky Department of Agriculture 
Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance Companies 
Kentucky Soybean Association 
Kentucky State University 
Keystone Steel & Wire Company 
Kosair Charities 
Kraft Foods 
Lake Land College 
Land Grants of the Palouse 
Land O'Lakes 

Langdon Barber Groves Inc. 
Lehi Valley Trading Co. 
Lexington Convention & Visitors Bureau 
Lincoln Electric Company 
Lincoln University 
Linn State Technical College 
Louisiana Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Louisiana State University 
Ludy Greenhouse Manufacturers 
Maple Grove Distributing Inc. 
Maryland Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Mason County Fiscal Court 
Massachusetts Association Hall of States 

Michelin North America 
Michigan Association Hall of Slates Exhibitor 
Michigan State University 
Mississippi Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Mississippi State University 
Missouri Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association 
Missouri Welding Institute 
Moltan Company 
Monsanto Company 

Montana Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Morehead State University 
Morton Salt 

MTD Products Inc./Cub Cadet 
Murray State University 
NAPA Auto Parts 
Nashville Auto-Diesel College 

National 4-H Council 

National AgrAbility Project and Easter Seals 
National Antique Tractor Pullers Association 
National Association of Agricultural Educators 

National Association of Farm Broadcasters 
National Bison Association 
National Children's Center for Rural Ag Health & 

National Cutting Horse Association 
National Education Center for Agricultural Safety 
National FFA Agriscience Fair 
National FFA Agriscience Student Award 

Program Displays 
National FFA Alumni Association 
National FFA History Display 
National FFA Organization Education Programs 
National Grange 

National High School Rodeo Association 
National Junior Swine Association 
National Pork Board 
National Reining Horse Association 
National Rifle Association of America 
National Shooting Sports Foundation 
National Tractor Pullers Championships 
National Wild Turkey Federation 
Nebraska Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture 
Nebraska Consortium 
Nestle Purina Pet Care Company 
New Hampshire Association Hal! of States 

New Jersey Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
New Mexico Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
New York Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
North American Limousin Foundation 
North American Salt Co. 
North Carolina A & T State University 
North Carolina Association Hall of States 

North Carolina State University 
North Dakota Association Hall of States 

North Dakota State College of Science 
North Dakota State University 
Northeast Iowa Community College 
Northerner Boots 

Northwest Missouri State University 
Ohio Agricultural Technical Institute 
Ohio Curriculum Materials Service 
Oklahoma Curriculum & Instructional Materials 

Oklahoma Panhandle State University 
Oklahoma State University 
Oklahoma State University - HEVI 
Oregon State University 
Owens Community College 
Pat Mooney Co. - The Saw Company 
Pee Jay's Fresh Fruit 

Pennsylvania Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Prentice Hall - Interstate Publishers Inc. 
Preston Farms Popcorn Company 
Progressive Agriculture Foundation 
Project Food, Land & People 
Puerto Rico Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Purdue University 

Purdue University Agronomy Department 
Ranger Boats 

Rhode Island Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Rimol Greenhouse Systems Inc. 
Roper Apparel and Footware 
Rose Acre Farms Inc. 
Rotary International District 6710 
Safari Club International Foundation 
San Joaquin Delta College 
Shaffer's Goldrush 
Sigma Alpha Sorority 
Society of American Florists 
Society of American Foresters 
South Carolina Association Hall of States 

South Dakota Association Hall of States 

South Dakota State University 
South Georgia Technical College 
Southern Arkansas University 
Southern Heritage Fundraising 
SouthWest Graphix 
Southwest Missouri State University - Collegiate 

Sports Turf Managers' Association 
St. Louis Community College 
Stihl Inc. 

Stone Manufacturing & Supply Company 
Stuppy Greenhouse Manufacturing Company 

SUNY Cobleskill 

Superior Growers Supply 

Tendersticks LLC. 

Tennessee Association Hall of States Exhibitor 

Texas Association Hall of States Exhibitor 

Texas Instruments 

Texas State Technical College 

The American Phytopathological Society 

The Davey Tree Expert Company 

The Fraternity of Alpha Zeta 

The Humane Society of the United States 

The Ohio State University 

The Ohio State University Dept. of Food, Ag. & 

Biol. Engr. 
The Ohio State University School of Natural Res 
The Pennsylvania State University 
The University of Maine 
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America 
The Nature Conservancy 
Freedom's Answer 
The National Arbor Day Foundation 
Tractor Supply Company 
Tulsa Welding School 
Tyson Foods Inc. 
U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service 
U.S. Army Recruiting Command 
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency 
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 
U.S. Marine Corps 
U.S. Navy Recruiting Command 
U.S. Rubber Reclaiming 
Unity College 

University of Alaska Fairbanks * SALRM 
University of Arkansas 
University of California - Davis 
University of Delaware. Agricultural and 

Technical Education 
University of Delaware College of Agriculture & 

Natural Resources 
University of Florida 

University of Illinois - ITCS Instructional Material 
University of Kentucky 
University of Kentucky Distance Learning 

University of Minnesota Twin Cities 
University of Missouri Columbia, College of Ag.. 

Food & Natural Res. 
University of Missouri-Columbia. College of 

Veterinary Medicine 
University of New Hampshire 
University of Northwestern Ohio 
University of Tennessee - Knoxville 
University of Tennessee - Martin 
University of Wisconsin - Madison 
University of Wisconsin - River Falls 
USDA Agricultural Research Service - 

Information Staff 
USDA Cooperative State Research, Education 

and Extension Service 
USDA Economic Research Service 
USDA Farm Service Agency 
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service 
USDA Marketing and Regulatory Programs 

USDA National Agricultural Statistics 

USDA National Animal Disease Center 
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 
USDA Risk Management Agency 
USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service 
Utah Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Venturing Division, Boy Scouts of America 
Vermont Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Vidalia Sweet Onions for Education Program 
Virginia Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
Virginia Tech, Agricultural and Extension 

Visual Impact Imaging 
Ward's Natural Science 

Washington Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
West Virginia Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
West Virginia University 
Western Kentucky University 
Winchester Ammunition-Olin Corporation 
Wisconsin Association Hall of States Exhibitor 
WIX Filters Products Division of Dana 


Education Center 
Wyoming Association Hall of States Exhibitor 

Yavapai College - Agribusiness 


*j& Courtesy Corps 

A dedication to true service made up the heart of 
the 2003 National FFA Convention courtesy corps. 
FFA members and advisors from all over the coun- 
try volunteered their time and effort to assist con- 
vention staff in a variety of activities. From helping 
out in the awards office to securing the doors, cour- 
tesy corps was a vital part of behind-the-scenes 
work. The experience of serving proved to be 
worthwhile for many members. "The courtesy corps 
makes you feel like you're part of the FFA — like you 
actually did something and got involved," said 
Brittany Harrington of the Bucklin FFA Chapter in 

FFA thanks those who participated in the cour- 
tesy corps. Each volunteer helped make national 
convention a success. 

From ushering members to their seats m the arena to stuffing 
envelopes , Courtesy Corps members are the embodiment of 
"living to serve." 

Alabama: Marhury FFA 

Arizona: Mesquite FFA 

Arkansas: England FFA 

California: McFarland FFA 

Colorado: Brighton FFA 

Connecticut: Lyman Hall FFA, 
Mattaheset FFA, Trumbull 
Regional FFA 

Delaware: Caesar Rodney FFA, 
Lake Forest FFA 

Florida: Auburndale Sr. High 
FFA, Bartow Middle FFA, 
Brooksville Sr. FFA, Haines City 
Sr. FFA, J.M. Tate Senior FFA, 
Kennedy FFA, Lake Butler FFA, 
Lake Gibson Senior FFA, 
Lakeland FFA, Lakewood Ranch 
FFA, New Smyrna Beach FFA, 
Northview FFA, Southeast 
Manatee FFA 

Georgia: Etowah High School 
FFA, Lowndes FFA, Oconee 
County FFA 

Idaho: Kendrick FFA 

Illinois: Chicago Ag Sciences 
FFA, Georgetown-Ridge Farm 
FFA, Liberty FFA, Minooka FFA 

Indiana: Indian Creek FFA, 
North Newton FFA, Rossville 
FFA, South Ripley FFA, 
Woodlan FFA 

Iowa: Akron- Westfield FFA, 
Cascade FFA, DeWitt Central 
FFA, Fairfield FFA, Louisa- 
Muscatine FFA 

Kansas: Goessel FFA, Neodesha 

Kentucky: Apollo FFA, Butler 
County FFA, John Hardin FFA, 
LaRue County FFA, Lincoln 
County FFA, Mason County 
High School FFA, Nelson 
County FFA, Nicholas County 
FFA, Ryle FFA 

Louisiana: Bogalusa High 
School FFA, Fifth Ward Junior 
FFA, Franklinton FFA, Jena 
High FFA, Loranger High FFA, 
Mount Hermon FFA, Pearl River 
FFA, Pine High School FFA, 
Raceland Middle FFA 

Maine: Ashland FFA 

Maryland: Gaithersburg FFA 

Massachusetts: Essex Chapter 

Michigan: Unionville Sebewaing 
Area FFA 

Minnesota: Dassel Cokato FFA, 
Sibley East FFA, Southwest Star 
Concept High School FFA, 
Stillwater FFA 

Mississippi: Weir FFA 

Missouri: Belle FFA, Bucklin 
FFA, Carl Junction FFA, 
Dadeville FFA, Galena FFA, 
Gallatin FFA, Greenfield FFA, 
Hamilton FFA, Hermann FFA, 
Higginsville FFA, Koshkonong 
FFA, Linn Co. R-l FFA, 
Mansfield FFA, Meadville FFA, 
Mount Vernon FFA, North 

Central Career Center FFA, 
North Daviess FFA, Smithville 
FFA, Union FFA, Verona FFA, 
Walnut Grove 

Nebraska: Blair FFA, Bloomfield 
FFA, Broken Bow FFA, Fillmore 
Central FFA, Hartington FFA, 
Pawnee City FFA 

New Jersey: Warren Hills FFA 

New Mexico: Las Cruces FFA 

New York: Letchworth FFA 

North Dakota: Beulah FFA, 
Carson FFA, Kenmare FFA, 
Larimore JE Eastgate FFA 

Ohio: Edgewood FFA, Fort Frye 
FFA, Lakota FFA, Morgan FFA, 
New Lexington FFA, Pickaway- 
Ross FFA, Ross FFA, Talawanda 
FFA, Warren FFA/Ohio District 
10 Officers, Wauseon FFA, 
Waynestield-Goshen FFA 

Oklahoma: Altus FFA, Elk City 
FFA, Jenks FFA, Tecumseh FFA 

Oregon: Helix FFA, Perrydale 

Pennsylvania: Big Spring FFA, 
Cumberland Valley FFA 

South Carolina: Edisto FFA 

South Dakota: Centerville FFA, 
Florence FFA, Gettysburg FFA, 
Newell FFA 

Tennessee: Bolivar Central FFA, 
Hendersonville FFA, Mark 
Twain FFA 

Texas: Academy FFA, Aledo 
FFA, Athens FFA, Aubrey FFA, 
Bellaire FFA, Bland FFA, 
Bremond FFA, Bridgeport FFA, 
Bryan FFA, Chico FFA, 
Columbus FFA, Crowley FFA, 
Decatur FFA, Duncanville FFA, 
Era FFA, Franklin FFA, Freer 
FFA, Goldthwaite FFA, 
Greenville FFA, Hartley FFA, 
Huntsville FFA, Kirbyville FFA, 
Lone Oak FFA, Madisonville 
FFA, Mansfield FFA, Mt. 
Pleasant FFA, Palacios FFA, 
Piano East Senior High FFA, 
Quinlan FFA, Roscoe FFA, Sam 
Rayburn FFA, Snyder FFA, 
Tuloso-Midway FFA, Weimar 
FFA, Yoakum FFA 

Virginia: Blacksburg High 
School FFA, Essex FFA, Signal 
Knobb Middle FFA 

Washington: Evergreen FFA, 
Ferris FFA, Moses Lake FFA, 
Mountain View FFA, Reardan 

Wisconsin: Wauzeka FFA 

Wyoming: Chief Washakie FFA 


Official Delegates 

Delegates shared their ideas for the betterment of the organization at a business session in Freedom Hall. 

Taking a lesson from 
Mohandas Gandhi, who once 
said, "You must be the change 
you wish to see in the world," a 
group of FFA members from 
across the nation arrived early 
the week of convention to take 
part in delegate committees. In 
a format similar to that of our 
nation's Congressional hearings, 
475 students served on commit- 
tees to evaluate suggested 
changes to the organization's 
policies, which were compiled 
at the State Presidents' 
Conference in Washington, 
D.C., in July. 

The process begins as delegates 
are divided into their respective 
committees, where they listen to 
testimonies and review provided 
information, as well as discuss 
their own findings with the 
group. From this, a committee 
recommendation is formed and 
submitted to the entire delega- 
tion for a vote. These delegate 
recommendations are then for- 
warded to the National FFA 
Board of Directors, who will 
review them in January 2004- 

Issues considered this year 
included the size of the national 
otticer team, the selection 
process of the national officer 
nominating committee and mid- 
dle school student participation 
in CDEs. 

Alabama: Matt Barton, Hannah 
Beam, Brittany Beasley, David 
Bryant, Ashleigh Butts, Cody 
Eiland, Whitney Griffin, Jennifer 
Himburg, Alex Popwell, Joanna 
Stewart, Margaret Trione 

Alaska: Brad Hayes, Jessica Nolin 

Arizona: Jerrod Alcaida, Anna 
Marie Groseta, Malorie Lewis, 
Josh Morgan, Richard Sivils 

Arkansas: Jason Clenney, 
Monica Coker, Cody Comeaux, 
Corey Davis, Nikki Evans, Joe 
Garner, Miranda Haywood, 
Jessica Hickmott, Tim Lewis, 
Bryan Powell, Casey Simpson, 
Shellie Umphries, Allisyn 
Woodrow, Bobby Yarbrough 

California: Kourtney Aboudara, 
Mark Aguiar, Nicole Amaral, 

Meghan Barker, Breanna Bell, 
Kimberley Bennett, Kelly Bishop, 
Kelsey Blagg, Tyler Blagg, Nicole 
Borges, Thomas Bottoms, Megan 
Brownell, Jazmyn Chandler, 
Phillip Chism, Amber Cleaver, 
Carrie Crane, Kristy Crow, Beth 
Cundiff, Sumiko DeLa Vega, 
Audrey Denney, Mark Diener, 
Anne Marie Diener, Bryan 
Dodson, Brian Fiorini, Erica 
Flores, Kelly Forsythe, Carey 
Galliani, Lisa Hammerich, Erik 
Holland, Sarah Hubbart, Andrea 
Jue, Alex Lopez, Megan Marques, 
Kyle McCullough, Kristen Mejia, 
Hallie Muller, Cody Penfold, 
Jimmy Pierce, Domenica 
Prestininzi, Nicolina Prestininzi, 
Katie Robertson, Colette Rose, 
Natalie Ryan, Ashley Smith, 
Katy Teixeira, Erin VanPeer, 
Lindsay Walsh, Janelle Williams 

Colorado: Melanie Calderwood, 
Anthony Mengel, B.J. New, 
Linsey Pollart, Benjamin Weber 

Connecticut: Missy Chick, Gina 
Gambino, Stephen Russell, Fred 



Delaware: Krissy Keeler, 
Jonathan Snow, Mollie 

Florida: Kelly Aue, Laura 
Fowler, Aaron Giorgi, Melissa 
Hinton, Amy Keyser, Kristine 
Lally, Stephanie Mack, Kelvin 
Moreno, Stacy Revels, Justin 
Sharpless, Jordan Sims, Kristina 
Sims, Gina Watters 

Georgia: Charity Brown, 
Audrey Collins, Shelby Corhett, 
Brian Elrick, Justin Grimsley, 
Dathan Harbert, Hope Hatcher, 
Alex Hicks, Michael Maw, 
Ransom McArthur, Rachael 
McCall, Nathan McLeod, Katie 
Murray, Rodney Redd, 
Constance Saxon, Ashley 
Seamon, Cathy Strickland, Cliff 
Tippens, Candace Williams, 
Amanda Zittrouer 

Delegates debated many important issues in committee 

Hawaii: Jackie Akuna, Danielle 

Idaho: Jason Fellows, Katie 
Jenkins, John Meyers, Trent Van 
Lueven, Matt Woodington 

Illinois: Kacy Baugher, Rachel 
Baum, Kirk Builta, Rich 
Chappie, Brian Dallam, Cliff 
Dolbeare, Jeffrey Evers, Bruce 
Frank, Kristina Gerber, Becky 
Littlefield, Maurey Peterson, 
Ryan Robinson, J aye Snyder, 
Wade Vangilder, Stephanie Witt 

Indiana: Amber Ebbert, Jessica 
Geisler, Timothy Green, Shane 
Hageman, Micah Haltom, Mikki 
Marshall, Michael McDaniel, 
Jennifer Shepard, Jill Steiner 

Iowa: Derek Balk, Kally Boehmer, 
Danny Dreher, Kyle Maas, Jenna 
Maubach, Alana McNutt, Betsy 
Ratashak, Sheena Spurgin, Aric 

Kansas: Clint Blaes, Clint Bryant, 
Melissa Hildebrand, Lucas Maddy, 
Emily Schmeidler, Justine Sterling 

Kentucky: Eric Adams, Coty 
Back, Justin Bailey, Katie Clark, 
Molly Fields, Brian Hopkins, 
Jenna Hougen, Adam Johnson, 
Josh McCubbins, Sara Riggs, 
Tonya Sexton, Drew White, 
Lindsay Williams 

Louisiana: Matthew Babcock, 
Morgan Bertrand, Blake Brignac, 
Josh Dahlem, C.C. DuBois, 
Jordan Guice, Karli Mizell, Ashley 
Passman, Veronica Penalber, Cory 

Maine: Jeffrey Blackstone, 
Micaela Hotham 

Maryland: Chris Brosch, Daniell 
Holter, Jeanna Prather 

Massachusetts: Tiesha 
Hernandez, Danielle Poirier, 
Timothy Roy 

Michigan: Seth Earl, Jason Jaekel, 
Katie Marchal, Ryan McBride, 
Ryan Peterson, Michael Sheridan 

Minnesota: Krystal Anderson, 
Luke Becker, Ken Deal, Megan 
Kappers, Mary La Valla, Dawn 
Luhmann, Kristin Rieman, Eric 
Sawatzke, Kristyna Schultz 

Mississippi: Dana Barber, John 
Adam Greenlee, Kristy Mayo, 
Daniel Moore, Cory Smith 

Missouri: Casey Blevins, Nicki 
Busdieker, Brook Carder, Jess 
Cheever, Gina Eckler, Blake 
Harper, Chase Holcumbrink, 
Ryun Morris, Sara Muri, Heather 
Shauck, Marin Summers, Rachel 
Whitener, Brian Worthington, 
Allison Yarnell 

Montana: Branden Braaten, 
Amanda Cloud, Patrick 
Hackley, Halsey Wallace 

Nebraska: Ryan Becker, Jill 
Klepper, Beau Klug, Miranda 
Koepke, Megan McElfresh, 
Becky Small, Adam Wollenburg 

Nevada: Casey Bieroth, Rachel 
Gattuso, Lauren Landa 

New Hampshire: Carrie 
Bascom, Joe Meallo, Melanie 

New Jersey: Cynthia Anthes, 
Catherine E. Bell, Jenelle P. 
Montilone, Jennifer Wilson 

New Mexico: Mia Armstrong, 
Tessie Emond, Ginger Goodan, 
Rachel Lueras, Ashley Riley 

New York: Dustin Bliss, 
Miranda Clayson, Sarah Hinz, 
Amanda Koszewski, Michael 

North Carolina: Taylor Best, 
Neil Correll, Isaac Davenport, 
Holly Deal, Camber Howard, 
Daniel Locklear, Caroline Long, 
Jade Love, Ted Clayton, William 
Pence, Jason Thornton, Lendy 
Yeaman, Ashley Yopp 

North Dakota: Ryan Hauck, 
Adam Little, Amy Nolan, 
Ashley Vangsness, Riston Zielke 

Ohio: Whitney Beck, Lindsey 
Calhoun, Ryan Curtis, Mike 
Derringer, Pete Dinius, Rose 
Dudgeon, Todd Endsley, Becky 
Gibbs, Trisha Kick, Jeremiah 
Logsdon, Andrea Maurer, Ben 
Stoller, Dan Wendt, Cassie 
Yantis, Abby Yochum 

Oklahoma: Kelly Barnes, Travis 
Jett, Dallas Krout, Amber Rose, 
Tallie Stewart, Chase Turner, 
Shanelle White 

Oregon: Shannon Berrett, Tyler 
Bradley, Dan Corn, Seth Klann, 
Anna Sheperd 

Pennsylvania: Amber Frank, 
Laura Grove, Becky Hedges, 
Amy Kaucher, Jason Klouser, 
Brian Oberholtzer, Eric 
Rubenstein, Heather Sisto 


Puerto Rico: Karlai Acevedo, 
Idalys Reyes, Warys Zayas 

Rhode Island: Shane Jacques, 
Joe Procopio 

South Carolina: Alex D. 
Gleason, Lauren Holden, John 
A. Lesaine, Bryan W. Lowman, 
Rachel McLeod, Christopher 
Moss, Allison Waggoner 

South Dakota: Chelsea Budde, 
Shane Deranleau, Jess Geih, 
Jesse Larson, Crystal Nielson 

Tenessee: Ashley Baker, Adam 
Carlton, David Erwin, Mark 
King, Laura McCrary, Rachel 
Paschall, Leann Quinn, Daniel 
Rogers, Allie Shrum, Chris 
Vessell, Chelsey Warfield, Tyler 

Texas: Grant Alkire, Kyle 
Anderson, Matt Anderson, 
Sarah Barron, Eric Bitner, 
Dyllan Bryant, Courtney 
Bullock, Katherine Byrd, Jessica 
Carter, Chase Cockerell, Monica 
Cordova, Brian Corley, Chris 
Cumhy, Blaze Currie, Lacy 
Davidson, LaRenda Douglas, 
Nick Dow, Heather Evans, Kati 
Gilliam, Nick Gonzales, Blaine 
Gwinn, Aaron Henderson, 
Jessica Housley, Justin Johnson, 
Jerod Justice, Tyler Koch, Monty 
Middleton, Stephanie Miles, 
Megan Mitchell, Zac Morris, 
Kelly Murdock, Travis Orms, J. P. 
Parkerson, Scotty Pearson, Kyle 
D. Pinkerton, Ansen Pond, 
Tohin Redwine, Ashley Sawyer, 
Kyle Shipley, Erin Smith, 
Samantha Srp, Joe Stan, Travis 
Sullivan, Kellie Swanberg, 
Brandi Taylor-Christ, Matthew 
Townsend, Wil Wiederhold, 
Jason Wilhelm, Kayla Williams, 
Justin Yancey 

Utah: Tiffany Clegg, Bill 
Munns, Todd Kelly, Tanya 
Vanderstappen, Cash Williams 

Vermont: Renee Audet, Patrick 

Virgin Islands: Emily Clark 

Virginia: Lindsay Charity, Eliot 
Daniels, Cindy Green, Heather 

Members had opportunities to speak their minds at delegate hearings 

Delegates listened carefully one another's input, in order to make informed decisions. 

Keagy, Mike Langford, Ed 
McCann, Greg Osborne, Josh 
Stephens, Virginia Watson 

Washington: Eric Dobbins, 
Laura Kowalkowski, Candice 
Kurka, Anne Meyer, Randi 
Nickels, Joe Patterson, Stacy 
Pickett, Ben Tucker 

West Virginia: Lacy Kimble, 
Brent McClung, Sidney Phelps, 
Ashby Ruddle, Amber Taylor, 
Amy VanCamp 

Wisconsin: Steve Boe, Keith 
Christen, Julie Felix, Adam 
Freis, Jamie Hagenow, Angie 
Kringle, Kevin Larsen, Christine 
Lepple, Kim Miller, Jackie 
Mundt, Chris Ritscher, Alexis 
Schank, Matthew Schleusner, 
Nicole Schmidt, Kayla 

Wyoming: Tara Bolgiano, Josh 
Cooper, Bryttni Westlake 


Committee Reports 

j~L^ Issue Committee: Size of the National Officer Team 

Matt Barton, AL 
Alex Popwell, AL 
Malorie Lewis, AZ 
Tim Lewis, AR 
Meghan Barker, CA 
Thomas Bottoms, CA 
Carrie Crane, CA 
Audrey Denney, CA 
Erica Flores, CA 
Kelly Forsythe, CA 
Hallie Muller, CA 
Missy Chick, CT 
Mollie Stevenson, DE 
Aaron Giorgi, FL 
Stacy Revels, FL 
Charity Brown, GA 
Rachael McCall, GA 
Jason Fellows, ID 
Kacy Baugher, IL 
Brian Dallam, IL 
Amber Ehhert, IN 
Micah Haltom, IN 
Kally Boehmer, IA 
Katie Clark, KY 
Ryan McBride, MI 
Megan Kappers, MN 
Kristy Mayo, MS 
Brian Worthington, MO 
Lauren Landa, NV 
Mia Armstrong, NM 
Isaac Davenport, NC 
Camber Howard, NC 
Dan Wendt, OH 
Seth Klann, OR 
Chelsea Budde, SD 
Daniel Rogers, TN 
Chelsey Warfield, TN 
Kyle Anderson, TX 
Jessica Carter, TX 
Blaine Gwinn, TX 
Aaron Henderson, TX 
Megan Mitchell, TX 
Brandie Taylor-Christie, TX 
Justin Yancey, TX 
Tanya Vanderstappen, UT 
Mike Langford, VA 
Sidney Phelps, WV 
Keith Christen, WI 
Kim Miller, WI 
Matthew Scheusner, WI 
Josh Cooper, WY 

Whereas, Public Law 105-225, our national charter, could he adversely 

Whereas, additional officers would require an increase in the national officer 

Whereas, the selection process of additional officers is ambiguous 

The following support leads this committee to believe these recommendations 
are needed: 

The charter could be altered in any way Congress sees fit; therefore, it could be 
dispelled if desired. 

With the increase of the national officer team, the budget could be increased, which 
in turn would take away funds from other ventures of the National FFA Organization. 

Increasing the size of the national officer team would lead to further questions, i.e., 
alignment, charter, positions. 

Respectfully submitted on this 29th day of October by: 

Committee Chair: Katli Mizell, LA 

Committee Vice Chair: Pat Deering, VT; Cliff Tippens, GA 
Committee Secretary: Joe Patterson, WA; Justine Sterling, KS 
Committee Sentinels: Ben Weber, CO; Abby Yochum, OH 

Discussion Chairs: 

Alex Gleason, SC 
Eric Ruhenstein, PA 
Sata Riggs, KY 
Kelly Barnes, OK 
Garret Hylton, NV 
Jessica Hickmott, AR 
Dustin Bliss, NY 

Bonded by the realization of a common goal, the newly 
elected national officers joined together. 


Committee Reports 

Issue Committee: Selection of the National Officer 
Nominating Committee 


Lacy Kimble, WV 
Todd Endsley, OH 
Stephanie Miles, TX 
Jimmy Pierce, CA 
Chris Moss, SC 
Anne Meyer, WA 
Travis Jett, OK 
Ashley Smith, CA 
Heather Shauck, MO 
Cory Smith, LA 
Cathy Strickland, GA 
Jason Wilhelm, TX 
Lindsey Williams, KY 
Tyler Wilson, TN 
Derek Balk, 1A 
Neil Correll, NC 
Ken Deal, MN 
Margaret Trione, AL 
Kevin Larsen, WI 
Katie Murray, GA 
Laura Grove, PA 
Rich Chappie, IL 
Lisa Hammerich, CA 
Ashton Caves, MS 
Cash Williams, UT 
Ashley Sawyer, TX 
Katy Teixeira, CA 
Bruce Frank, IL 
Tessie Edmond, NM 
Brian Elarick, GA 
Seth Earl, Ml 
Eliot Daniels, VA 
Nick Dow, TX 
Nicole Schmidt, WI 
Ashley Vangsness, ND 
Melanie Calderwood, CO 
Ashley Yopp, NC 
Mikki Marshall, IN 
Clint Blaes, KS 
Melissa Hinton, FL 
David Bryant, AL 
Bryan Dodson, CA 
Kelly Murdock, TX 
Chase Cockerell, TX 
Kyle Shipley, TX 
Megan Brownell, CA 
Kimherely Bennett, CA 
Adam Johnson, KY 
Becky Small, NE 
Casey Simpson, AK 
Mike Sidoti, NY 
Chase Holcumbrink, MO 

Whereas, it was recommended to 
add a policy to not allow national 
officer nominating committee 
members to be selected from the six 
states currently represented by 
national FFA officers. 

Whereas, it was recommended to 
add a policy to not allow a person 
who has served on the national 
nominating committee to run for 
national office. 

Be it resolved that the National FFA 
Delegate Committee on Selection of 
the National Officer Nominating 
Committee recommends the 

That there be no change to the current procedure. 

That the National FFA Board of Directors direct the national staff to further 
research strategies on the diversification of the selection of the nominating 
committee members. 

Respectfully submitted on this 29th day of October by: 

Committee Chair: 
Committee Vice Chain 
Committee Sectetary: 
2nd Vice Chair: 

Discussion Leaders: 

Jessie Geib, SD 
Casey Bieroth, NV 
Lindsey Calhoun, OH 
Ashley Baker, TN 
Amanda Cloud, MT 
Danielle Poirier, MA 

Ryan Robinson, IL 

Cody Comeaux, AR 

Anna Groseta, AZ 

Matt Babcok, LA 

Jotdan Sims, FL 

Brad Hayes, AK; Idalys Reyes, PR 


Committee Reports 

jTL^ Issue Committee: Participation in National CDEs by 
1 ^ Middle School FFA Members 

Laura Fowler, FL 
Ashley Passman, LA 
Cody Tenfold, CA 
Veronica Penal her, LA 
Monty Middleton, TX 
Miranda Clayson, NY 
Bryan Powell, AR 
Todd Kelly, VT 
Michael Maw, GA 
Erik Holland, CA 
Angie Kringle, Wl 
Pete Dinius, OH 
Virginia Watson, VA 
Laura McCrary, TN 
Whitney Griffin, AL 
Kristin Reiman, MN 
Joe Stan, TX 
Taylor Best, NC 
Amher Cleaver, CA 
Marin Summers, MO 
Amanda Zittrouer, GA 
Rachel McLeod, SC 
Kelsey Blagg, CA 
Courtney Bullock, TX 
Ryan Becker, NE 
Ryan Curtis, OH 
Blaze Carnie, TX 
Lucas Moddy, KS 
Edward McCann, VI 
Maurey Peterson, IL 
Tallie Stewart, OK 
Becky Hedges, PA 
Erin Smith, TX 
Stephanie Witt, IL 
Blake Harper, MO 
Katie Marchal, MI 
Betsy Ratashak, IA 
Kristine Lally, FL 
Nathan McLeod, GA 
Rachel Whitener, MO 
Matt Anderson, TX 
Natalie Ryan, CA 
Rachel Paschall, TN 
John Adam Greenlee, MS 
Candise Kurka, WA 
Jamie Hagenow, WI 
Justin Bailey, KY 
Kourtney Ahoudara, CA 
Jennifeur Wilson, NJ 
Brandon Braah, MT 
Zac Morris, TX 
Lacy Eiland, AL 
Shellie Umphries, AR 
Jesse Larson, SD 

Whereas, this committee feels we need to find equal opportunities for dues- 
paying middle school members. 

Whereas, we feel there is not sufficient information on middle school 
agricultural education and FFA members. 

Be it resolved that the National FFA Delegate Committee on Middle School 
FFA Members Participating in National CDEs recommends the following: 

Convene a middle school task force to find more information and statistics on this 

Evaluate the information and provide it to a future delegate committee. 

The following support leads this committee to believe these recommendations 
are needed: 

Our committee feels it is important to find information on the following: middle school 
statistics, statistics on agricultural education teachers instructing high school and middle 
school, the Discovery Degree's objectives and productivity, as well as the number of 
states with winning teams as middle school members. We also are looking for any other 
statistics and information that would better able the committee to reach a 

Respectfully submitted on this 29th day of October by: 

Committee Chair: Matthew Woodington, ID 

Committee Vice Chair: Bryttni Westlake, WY; Tyler Bradley, OR 

Committee Secretary: Jessica Geisler, IN 

The ummers of the Model of Innovation Middle School Chapter 
award, prove that students can benefit from FFA early in their 
scholastic careers. 


Committee Reports 

issue Committee: Expansion and Diversification of 
Career Development Events 

Nicolina Prestininzi, CA 
Nikki Evans, AR 
Joe Garner, AR 
Josh Morgan, AZ 
Mark Aguiar, CA 
Breanna Bell, CA 
Carey Gallani, CA 
Kristen Mejia, CA 
Janelle Williams, CA 
BJ New, CO 
Krisrina Sims, FL 
Gina Watters, FL 
Audrey Collins, GA 
Rodney Redd, GA 
Ashley Seamon, GA 
Kyle Maas, 1A 
Rachel Baum, IL 
Cliff Doulbeare, IL 
Michael McDaniel, IN 
Emily Schmeidler, KS 
Drew White, KY 
Morgan Bertrand, LA 
Tiesha Hernandez, MA 
Michael Sheridan, MI 
Krystal Anderson, MN 
Eric Swatzke, MN 
Brooke Carder, MO 
Allison Yarnell, MO 
Daniell Moore, MS 
Holly Deal, NC 
Amy Nolan, ND 
Beau Klug, NE 
Catherine Bell, NJ 
Ashley Riley, NM 
Whitney Beck, OH 
Trisha Kick, OH 
Shanelle White, OK 
Danielle Hotter, MA 
Shannon Barrett, OR 
Karlai Acevedo, PR 
Allie Shrum, TN 
Grant Alkire, TX 
Eric Bitner, TX 
Lacy Davidson, TX 
Kati Gillian, TX 
Nick Gonzales, TX 
Jerrod Justice, TX 
Wil Wiederhold, TX 
Heather Keagy, VA 
Greg Osborne, VA 
Randi Nickels, WA 
Steve Boe, WI 
Brent McClung, WV 

Whereas, it is vital that the National FFA Organization meet the needs of stu- 
dents from all backgrounds; and 

Whereas, state associations are more able to identify student backgrounds and 
their needs; and 

Whereas, state and national career development events play an integral role in 
the FFA experience; and 

Whereas, the expansion and diversification of current career development 
events for future FFA members will prepare students for premier leadership, per- 
sonal growth and career success. 

Be it resolved that the National FFA Delegate Committee on the Expansion 
and Diversification of Career Development Events recommends the following: 

To collect and analyze data of the State Career Development Events Survey to deter- 
mine the demand for expansion and diversification of national career development 

The National FFA Organization compile a list with the descriptions of state career 
development events, including the following: space, time, volunteers, participation 
level, sponsors and budget. 

Send a follow-up report on the survey results and identify states willing to participate 
in potentially new national CDEs. 

Expand and diversify future CDEs using the survey results as a guide. 

The following support leads this committee to believe these recommendations 
are needed: 

Proven by testimony, it is apparent that members of the National FFA Organization 
desire further expansion and diversification of career development events. This expan- 
sion and diversification will not only continue the legacy of student success, but also 
better prepare FFA members for career success in the diverse agricultural industry. 

The following examples demonstrate this need: 

1) Expanding Parliamentary Procedure to include Opening Ceremonies; 

2) Expanding Agricultural Mechanics to include a small engines and welding section; 

3) Adding a National Agriculture Discussion Meet contest; 

4) Adding a Small Animal Care/Vet Tech contest; 

5) Adding a Turf Grass Management contest. 

Respectfully submitted on this 29th day of October by: 

Committee Chair: Jackie Mundt, WI 

Committee Vice Chair: Fred Scoville, CT; Tiffany Clegg, UT 

Committee Secretary: Jeffrey Blackstone, ME; Carrie Bascom, NH 



Committee Reports 

j"L^ issue Committee: Review Criteria for Collegiate FFA 
1 ^ Membership 

Gina Eckler, MO 
Dana Barber, MS 
Lendy Yeaman, NC 
Hannah Beam, AL 
Jonathan Snow, DE 
Riston Zielke, NO 
Josh Stevens, VA 
Cindy Anthes, NJ 
Laura Kowalkowski, WA 
Allisyn Woodrow, AR 
Bohby Yarbrough, AR 
Kelly Bishop, CA 
Tyler Blagg, CA 
Nicole Borges, CA 
Philip Chism, CA 
Alex Lopez, CA 
Domenica Prestininzi, CA 
Lindsay Walsh, CA 
Gina Gambino, CT 
Kelly Aue, FL 
Stephanie Mack, FL 
Candace Wiliams, GA 
Jackie Akuna, HI 
Kirk Builta, IL 
Kristina Grebner, IL 
Jill Steiner, IN 
Jenna Maubach, IA 
Molly Fields, KY 
Brian Hopkins, KY 
Danielle Hoter, MD 
Jason Jaekel, MI 
Luke Becker, MN 
Ryun Morris, MO 
Halsey Wallace, MT 
Miranda Koepke, NE 
Joe Meallo, NH 
Rachel Lueras, NM 
Caroline Long, NC 
Becky Gibbs, OH 
Andrea Maurer, OH 
Dallas Krout, OK 
Anna Sheperd, OR 
Heather Sisto, PA 
Allison Waggoner, SC 
Leann Quinn, TN 
Chris Cumby, TX 
Tyler Koch, TX 
JP Parkerson, TX 
Kyle Pinkerton, TX 
Arisen Pond, TX 
Samantha Srp, TX 
Matthew Townsend, TX 
Ashby Ruddle, WV 
Adam Freis, WI 

Whereas, collegiate FFA guidelines currently limit membership to students 
enrolled in agricultural courses or who are pursing career objectives in the industry 
of agriculture. 

Whereas, expanding membership has the potential to increase agricultural 
literacy on a national basis. 

Whereas, collegiate FFA currently eliminates potential contributors who have 
never had the previous opportunity to join the FFA. 

Whereas, there are no current dues that support national collegiate FFA 

Whereas, there are no current national bylaws and constitution set up for 
collegiate FFA. 

Be it resolved that the National FFA Delegate Committee on Collegiate FFA 
recommends the following: 

1 . Amend Article V, Section D of the Constitution so that it will read: Collegiate 
membership — Collegiate membership shall be open to students who are enrolled in 
agricultural courses, who are pursuing career objectives in agriculture, or have an interest 
in the future welfare of the agriculture industry at a two- or four-year postsecondary 
institution having a collegiate FFA chapter. 

2. Collegiate FFA members will pay dues to the National FFA Organization specifically 
supporting collegiate FFA. An optional fee will be made by individuals who want the 
New Horizons magazine. We also recommend that New Horizons magazine include a 
collegiate insert highlighting state and national activities. 

3. There is no current national collegiate FFA constitution; therefore, this committee 
resolves that the National FFA Organization develop a constitution, bylaws and mission 
statement to help provide guidance for collegiate FFA membership, to be voted upon at 
the 2004 National FFA Convention. 

The following support leads this committee to believe these recommendations 
are needed: 

Increase membership and participation in collegiate FFA. 

The collegiate FFA members will receive return value from their investment into the 
collegiate FFA. 

The collegiate FFA programs and advisors will obtain structure and guidance through 
established constitutions and bylaws. This would establish conformity among the existing 
collegiate FFA programs and facilitate the construction of future collegiate FFA programs. 

Respectfully submitted on this 29th day of October by: 

Committee Chair: Chris Ritscher, WI 

Committee Vice Chair: Chris Vessell, TN 

Committee Secretary: Hope Hatcher, GA; Shane Jacques, RI 


Committee Reports 

issue Committee: Increased Public Awareness of 
the FFA 


Ryan Hauck, ND 
Bill Munns, UT 
Jason Clenney, AR 
Miranda Haywood, AR 
Alanna McNutt, 1A 
Monica Cordoua, TX 
Scotty Pearson, TX 
Jessica Housley, TX 
Kayla Williams, TX 
Brian Corley, TX 
Katherine Byrd, TX 
Rose Dudgeon, OH 
Mike Derringer, OH 
Cassandra Yantis, OH 
Daniel Locklear, NC 
Ted Clayton, NC 
Cindy Greeen, VA 
David Erwin, TN 
Coty Back, KY 
Rachel Gattuso, NV 
Eric Dobbins, WA 
Kelvin Moreno, FL 
Amy Keyser, FL 
Amber Rose, OK 
Mark Diener, CA 
Anne Diener, CA 
Brian Fiorini, CA 
Erin Peer, CA 
Kristy Crow, CA 
Aric Yaw, IA 
Casey Blevins, MO 
Mary La Valla, MN 
Patrick Hackley, MT 
J aye Snyder, IL 
Becky Littlefield, IL 
Randsom McArthur, GA 
Alex Hicks, GA 
Shelby Corbett, GA 
Ashleigh Butts, AL 
Sarah Hinz, NY 
Anthony Megel, CO 
Alexis Schank, WI 
Christine Lepple, WI 
Josh McCubbins, KY 

Whereas, the members of the National FFA Organization seek to find more operable 
and personable forms of media awareness and involvement tools. 

Be it resolved that the National FFA Delegate Committee on Increased Public- 
Awareness of the FFA recommends the following: 

1 . To establish training workshops at national convention, NLCSO, WLC and other 
national conferences concerning resources available and other methods of promoting 
awareness of FFA. 

2. To include a recommendation for the national organization to provide a pamphlet or 
a brochure or a newsletter for chapters to develop a website that will increase the public 
awareness of FFA in their communities and also add a "visitor's page" to 

3. That the national FFA send to state and local associations more user-friendly 
programs and formats for news releases, media releases, televised broadcasts and all 
other forms of advertisement. Furthermore, these programs need to be able to be 
manipulated and personable. 

4- That the national FFA publish an article in New Horizons magazine on how chapters 
can increase the public awareness of FFA in their local communities through 
newspaper, radio and TV public announcements, news/press releases, National FFA 
Week and chapter tours. 

5. That the national FFA have cooperation with their sponsors through their own 
advertisements in order to encourage corporate sponsorship to help promote the FFA 

Respectfully submitted on this 29th day of October by: 
Committee Chair: Megan McElffresh, NE 

Committee Vice Chair: Melanie Sanborn, NH 

Committee Secretary: Tara Bolgiano, WY 

Publicizing chapter activities helps ensure continued support of the organization. 


Committee Reports 

j"L^ Issue Committee: FFA— What does it stand for? 

Jennifer Himhurg, AL 
Joanna Stewart, AL 
Eric Adams, KY 
John LeSaine, SC 
Richard Sivils, AZ 
Jenna Haugen, KY 
Crystal Nielson, SD 
Monica Coker, AR 
Blake Brignac, LA 
Adam Carlton, TN 
Corey Davis, AR 
Josh Dahlem, LA 
Mark King, TN 
Nicole Amaral, CA 
Micaela Hotham, ME 
Dyllan Bryant, TX 
Beth Cundiff, CA 
Jeana Prather, MD 
LaRenda Douglas, TX 
Andrea Jue, CA 
Timothy Roy, MA 
Heather Evans, TX 
Megan Marques, CA 
Ryan Peterson, MI 
Justin Johnson, TX 
Kyle McCullough, CA 
Dawn Luhmann, MN 
Travis Orms, TX 
Katie Robertson, CA 
Jesse Cheevet, MO 
Travis Sullivan, TX 
Stephen Russell, CT 
Jill Klepper, NE 
Kellie Swanherg, TX 
Justin Sharpless, FL 
Jenelle Montilone, NJ 
Renee Audet, VT 
Justin Grimsley, GA 
Ginger Goodan, NM 
Lindsay Charity, VA 
Dathan Harbert, GA 
Jade Love, NC 
Stacey Prickett, WA 
Constance Saxon, GA 
William Pence, NC 
Ben Tucker, WA 
Jeffrey Evers, 1L 
Adam Little, ND 
Amber Taylor, WV 
Timmothy Green, IN 
Jeremiah Logsdon, OH 
Julie Felix, WI 
Jennifer Shepherd, IN 
Ben Stollet, OH 
Kayla Woolever, Wl 
Danny Dreher, IA 
Chase Turner, OK 
Linsey Pollart, CO 
Sheena Spurgin, IA 

Bernadette Nace, PA 
Katie Jenkins, ID 
Wade Vangildet, IL 
Krissy Keeler, DE 

Whereas, Article I of the national constitution states, "The name of 
the organization shall he the National FFA Organization"; and, 

Whereas, recognized units of the organization may officially use the 
letters "FFA" and/or the words "Future Farmers of America" to desig- 
nate the organization, its units and/or members; and, 

Whereas, Public Law 105-225 states that the name of the organiza- 
tion is the "Future Farmers of America"; and, 

Whereas, per 1998 National FFA Board of Directors minutes, the 
following technical amendment was made to the National FFA 
Constitution: "The name of the Future Farmers of America organiza- 
tion shall be known as and shall do business as the National FFA 
Organization"; therefore, 

Be it resolved that the National FFA Delegate Committee on FFA — 
What does it stand for? recommends the following: 

1 . No change be made to the name of our organization. 

2. National FFA Organization and state FFA associations make members 
more aware that the letters "FFA" still stand for Future Farmers of America. 

Respectfully submitted on this 29th day of October by: 

Committee Chair: Nicki Busdieker, MO 

Committee Secretary: Amber Frank, PA; Amanda Koszewski, NY 

Delegates carefully deliberated over the decision not to 
change the meaning of "FFA." 


Committee Reports 


C^ /*> 

.-*».>' v. 1 

11 . \a, '.':' 



i U,- 1 ' 

1;;K/ ' 

- T 1 M .1 l|i«l 

f- ' ,: 

> , -• '■■':■' 



'If/ 'iv4i 

Hfi|K. ^^^^r ' 


|§]m 1 11 4 ^j£^~~ ■- 


. --■■- ■ 

|K»%: " 


/i jk I 

The nominating committee had a tough job to do and spent long days reviewing the 
candidates and discussing the new national officer team . . . 


We, the nominating committee, have given careful and deliberate 
consideration to all applicants running for a national office. The com- 
mittee nominates the following slate of candidates to the delegates at 
the 2003 National FFA Convention to serve as national officers for 
the year 2003-2004. 

Central Region Vice President: Amy Rasmussen, Nebraska 
Eastern Region Vice President: Anne Knapke, Ohio 
Southern Region Vice President: Christy Windham, Mississippi 
Western Region Vice President: Casey Hogan, Texas 
National Secretary: Stacia Christine Berry, Wyoming 
National President: Javier Moreno, Puerto Rico 

Respectfully submitted: 

Stuart Joy (Chair), New Mexico 

Kenan Peters (Vice Chair), Illinois 

Rachel Chillas, Delaware 

Mindy Crane, Connecticut 

Erica Der, Florida 

Arne Harstad, South Dakota 

Meredith McCurdy, Mississippi 

Brandon McEndaffer, Colorado 

Chancey Redgate, Oklahoma 


...however, they still managed to have some fun while building lifelong friendships and 


P^ ML ^" ' 


& - -^1' '^^JjMjj/^a ■ f"" ""l^ 

' -^fe its 

■ Hjr ' ^B^^— - ^^Br ^**. WET 

, HV i 

**^'"-< c^B Vtf V*^^3 ^* 

|V -** 


P* V^B 

k."jf ■ Iff it 


B : '^ 

Id I i r ~ *'P ~ 




HflHL^'JH _ HiV^ ! "W ' irL'_i 




BP^^^i fs ^a^l. 


I #ifli iff »v^^ 

* % jjnl 

■dSB a '■ ^fl Hun i9^ 

-a-*" 2 — -—'__." j; . _ 


... ■^■■■W rflHHI 



2003-2004 National FFA Officer Team 


Javier Moreno 


93 Troy Avenue 
Lebanon. PA 1 7046 
Voicemail: 317-802-434] 

Age: 20 

FFA Chapter: S.U. Antonia Serrano FFA 

Fnterprise: Vegetable and fruit production 
State FFA Office: 1999-2000 Puerto Rico Vice 

High School Activities: FFA, student council. 
National Honor Society, chorus 
FFA Awards: H.O. Sargent Award, chapter 
scholarship, public speaking, parliamentary pro- 

College and Major: Penn State, agricultural 

College Activities: Alliance Christian 
Fellowship, Ag Advocates, EARTH House. 
Ballroom Dance Club 

Career Goal: To become an agricultural educa- 
tion teacher and FFA advisor 

Stacia Berry 


3000 County Road 225 
Cheyenne. WY 82009 
Voicemail: 317-802-4346 

Age: 19 

Chapter: Cheyenne FFA Chapter 
Enterprise: Market and breeding beef and mar- 
ket swine 

State FFA Office: 2002-2003 Wyoming 

High School Activities: DECA, speech and 
debate, varsity volleyball. National Honor 

FFA Awards: 2002 National Extemporaneous 
Speaker; 2000 National Parliamentary Procedure 
Team; 2001 Third place National Poultry 
Evaluation; 1999 National Bronze Emblem Creed 

College and Major: University of Wyoming, 
animal science 

College Activities: SPURS (sophomore academ- 
ic honorary), Alpha Zeta (agricultural academic 
honorary). Delta Delta Delta. Ag Ambassador 
Career Goal: To represent the agricultural 
industry in the public arena in a positive manner 

Anne Knapke 

Eastern Region Vice 

P.O. Box 83 1 
Oxford, OH 45056 
Voicemail: 317-802-4343 

Age: 20 

Chapter: Talawanda-Butler Tech FFA Chapter 
Enterprise: Job placement, market steers, mar- 
ket barrows, home improvement 
State FFA Office: 2001-2002 Ohio Vice 

High School Activities: Class vice president, 
student council vice president. National Honor 
Society. St. Mary's youth group 
FFA Awards: Third place state meats evaluation 
team, state extemporaneous public speaking, star 
chapter farmer, star chapter greenhand. Third 
place state cooperative education CDE 
College and Major: The Ohio State University, 
agribusiness and applied economics 
College Activities: University Ambassador, Ohio 
Staters Inc., Campus Crusade for Christ, Saddle 
and Sirloin Animal Sciences Club 
Career Goal: To work in a challenging career 
combining my love of agriculture and interna- 
tional relations 

Amy Rasmussen 

Central Region Vice 

1 133 County Road Q 
Mead, NE 68041 
Voicemail: 317-802-4342 

Age: 20 

Chapter: Mead FFA Chapter 
Enterprise: Diversified crop production and 
beef production 

State FFA Office: 2001-2002 Nebraska Vice 

High School Activities: National Honor Society, 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, varsity volley- 
ball and basketball, student council 
FFA Awards: Star greenhand, state creed speak- 
er, state extemporaneous speaker, star chapter 
farmer, DeKalb award 

College and Major: University of Nebraska, 
agricultural education 
College Activities: College of Agriculture 
Ambassador, Navigators, Ag Ed Club, intramural 
sports, Chi Omega 

Career Goal: To teach agricultural education to 
junior high and high school students 

Casey Hogan 

Western Region Vice 

440 Avalon Lane 
Coppcll. TX 75019 
Voicemail: 317-802-4345 
E mail ' 

Age: 20 

Chapter: Arlington-Martin FFA Chapter 
Enterprise: Breeding beef heifers, meat goats 
and agricultural communications 
State FFA Office: 2001-2002 Texas Vice 

High School Activities: Varsity volleyball man- 
ager, youth group 

FFA Awards: American Degree, star chapter 
farmer, star greenhand. FFA officer of the year. 
DeKalb award 

College and Major: Tarleton State University, 
agricultural education 

College Activities: Alpha Gamma Rho. student 
government, collegiate FFA, interfraternity coun- 
cil officer 

Career Goal: To be an agricultural science 
teacher and then a member of state or national 
FFA staff 

Christy Windham 

Southern Region Vice 

199 Triangle Drive 
Laurel, MS 39443 
Voicemail: 317-802-4344 

Age: 19 

Chapter: Northeast Jones FFA Chapter 
Enterprise: Sheep production, beef production 
and work experience at the Mississippi 
Department of Agriculture and Commerce 
State FFA Office: 2001-2002 Mississippi Vice 
President and 2002-2003 Mississippi President 
High School Activities: Future Leaders of Jones 
County, student council, show choir, varsity soc- 

FFA Awards: State extemporaneous speaker, 
second in state creed speaking 
College and Major: Jones County Junior 
College, agricultural development 
College Activities: Choir. College Republicans 
Career Goal: To serve the agricultural industry 
in a corporate setting by lobbying for legislation 


One Mission: Student Success 

The FFA Mission: FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of stu- 
dents by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal 
growth and career success through agricultural education. 

The Agricultural Education Mission: Agricultural Education prepares 
students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the 
global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resources systems. 

The National FFA Organization is a resource and support organization 
that does not select, control or supervise state association, local chap- 
ter or individual member activities except as expressly provided for in 
the National FFA Organization Constitution and Bylaws. 

The National FFA Organization affirms its belief in the value of all 
human beings and seeks diversity in its membership, leadership and 

staff as an equal opportunity employer. 

© 2003 National FFA Organization 

The 2003 National FFA Convention PROCEEDINGS was printed by 


as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. 



Julian Garcia 

FFA member 1987-1989 

Who'd have thought corduroy could take you so far? 

You've come a long way since you wore that blue jacket. And the lessons of teamwork and 
leadership you learned in it have served you well. On its 75th anniversary, FFA is asking former 
members to reconnect with the organization that gave them so much. 

Share your story and be an advocate for FFA and agricultural py^I 

education. Visit or call 1-888-433-2674. ||| a ! f j 

After all, where would you be without the blue jacket?